• WordPress Post Vs Page
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    WordPress Post Vs Page

    Hello and welcome to another video in our WordPress series I’m going to quickly explain the difference between posts and pages in WordPress Because often WordPress beginners get confused between posts and pages by default WordPress comes with two content types Posts and pages, as a beginner you are probably wondering What is the difference between them it seems to have similar fields in the dashboard it seems to look the same on the website Why do I need both? When should I use posts? And when should I use pages? In this video I’m going to explain the difference between posts and pages in WordPress If you’re using WordPress…

  • What is a Website?
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    What is a Website?

    People visit many different websites every single day, but not everyone knows what they really are. So let’s talk about that. To understand what the websites are, you need first understand what a web page is. In short web page is a text file with bunch of code in it it’s nothing special, really. Web pages are written with following three languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To make their functions more understandable I’ll use an analogy with the a… erm… T-rex, yeah that will do. HTML is used to describe the structure of the web page, to create the skeleton for our your T-rex what parts should the page be…

  • The Most Useless Websites On The Internet
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    The Most Useless Websites On The Internet

    the useless web what if i was seventy years old and i’d be like yeah the web is very useless you kids we have to go to the library you know like older people always say we didn’t have this technology we always had to go to the library it’s like okay I get a grandpa but like now I can just google whatever i want but to them it seems so useless it’s like no if you want to get educated you’ve got to go to the LIBRARY! what is alien machine you got here what is this thing i cant i cant convince him grandpa you don’t want…

  • This Website Can Find Your Twin Part 2
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    This Website Can Find Your Twin Part 2

    So not too long ago I actually made a video about a website that claimed it could find my twin and it was so simple you upload an image and apparently it scans it for facial recognition and has a facial recognition software and it was going to search its data base to find a similar photo Well apparently it didn’t work out like that yes yes yes yes *HIGH PITCHED* what! im not gonna lie I was pretty disappointed and kind of frustrated *cries* so a lot of you guys actually emailed me the next day and you told me to check this website out twin strangers i’m not…

  • There Are More Than Two Human Sexes
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    There Are More Than Two Human Sexes

    [♪ INTRO] In high school biology, we usually learn that the sexes in humans are fixed and concrete. Whether you’re male or female is black-and-white and rooted in your DNA: your 23rd pair of chromosomes is either two X chromosomes or an X and a Y. That’s it. End of story. And that’s essentially what scientists thought, too. But it turns out that sex isn’t that straightforward. In fact, biologists today are saying sex is a spectrum. And the scientific community is still working on understanding and respecting the people who fall in the middle of that spectrum. To get this out of the way right up front: we’re not…

  • The Try Guys Lip Sync Battle Drag Queens
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    The Try Guys Lip Sync Battle Drag Queens

    Hello VidCon When I was asked to come referee this particular act, I couldn’t say no because it involves some of my favorites and fiercest people in the world and I’m always down to watch a good natured fight But read my lips, it’s going to be one hell of a battle Are you ready to meet your surprise performers? in this corner for sickening iconic and legendary Queens who have slayed our televisions and stages around the world from RuPaul’s Drag Race Give it up for drag royalty Derrick Barry, Morgan McMichaels… …Delta Work, and Kimora Black And in this corner four weird… …adventurous and hilarious guys who try…

  • Blue’s Clues: The Search for the New Host & Best Friend! 🎞️ | Nick
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    Blue’s Clues: The Search for the New Host & Best Friend! 🎞️ | Nick

    [music playing] We are trying to find the new host for Blue’s Clues. Best friend of Blue, somebody who can connect to the camera and be the new voice for the new generation. We have over 1000 people have come today to try out for Blue’s Clues. It’s like our own American Idol and even 100 people are allowed to come in and just walk on and try out. – Milk! – Yes, yes, yes! – Blue’s Clues! – Blue’s Clues! Blue’s Clues! [music playing] This is exciting! We want someone genuine and authentic and real who respects kids. The new person really becomes part of the family and so…