• Trump Turns Away Hurricane Dorian Evacuees
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    Trump Turns Away Hurricane Dorian Evacuees

    >>Evacuees from the Bahamas have been stranded by the, right now, it’s actually unclear who they’ve been stranded by, because they were told by a ferry, that was supposed to bring them to Florida, that they would not be allowed into the United States unless they had US visas. Now, the individuals who worked at this ferry, said that they received this notice from US Border Patrol. However, US Border Patrol is saying, no, no, no, no, no, we didn’t give them that kind of message. We didn’t give them that kind of note. Now, a local investigative reporter from Florida spoke to these evacuees to get a sense of…

  • Trump LASHES OUT At Fox News
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    Trump LASHES OUT At Fox News

    >>Donald Trump is lashing out at Fox News again. Honestly, he has had a series of tweets going after them. He’s very upset that they had a spokes person from the DNC on. I’m tired of reading his tweets. Whatever, I don’t care. So, I’m going to go ahead and tell you about the reaction from Fox, because I think that’s been far more interesting. Now, Trump believes that Fox should be his news organization, they should be working for him. And if they’re not going to constantly do positive coverage on him, well, then he’s gonna have to look for a different cable news channel. He said that. Now,…

  • Trump Being A Category 5 IDIOT
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    Trump Being A Category 5 IDIOT

    >>Hurricane Dorian has already claimed the lives of five individuals in the Bahamas. It was a category five storm as it was battering the Bahamas, and the death toll is expected to rise as we get more and more reports. It’s really a devastating story to say the least, but what’s even more devastating. Is the type of reaction that we’re getting from someone who’s supposed to represent us, Donald Trump. Now Donald Trump lashed out at ABC news reporter Jonathan Karl for fact-checking him. And what did he fact-check him on? Well, the statements that he’s gonna make is in this next clip, take a look.>>We don’t know where…

  • Right-Wing Zealot Says THIS Will Stop Mass Shootings
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    Right-Wing Zealot Says THIS Will Stop Mass Shootings

    >>Following the shooting in Odessa, Texas which claimed the lives of seven individuals and injured dozens more. The right wing is of course twisting itself in knots in an effort to blame the shooting on anything other than lax gun laws. Now one of those individuals is a well-known right winger. He’s not a politician, but he gets involved in politics quite a bit, Tony Perkins. He’s the head of the conservative Family Research Council. Take a look at what he has to say about why mass shootings are happening so often in America.>>At some point, at some point, we have to realize that we have a, as a nation…

  • Trump Tweets Classified Image of Iranian Site
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    Trump Tweets Classified Image of Iranian Site

    >>Donald Trump shared classified information via Twitter. Which is interesting because he has been going after James Comey hard, for sharing classified information in the form of a memo to one of his confidants. Now in the latest case, Trump was talking about a mishap in Iran and Iranian Safir SLV set to launch a satellite into orbit. But it exploded on the ground at the Semnan Site One facility in northern Iran prior to liftoff. So there was nothing shady going on with Iran, they were just trying to launch this satellite. But there was some sort of technological issue, and as a result, there was an explosion. And…

  • Joe Rogan’s Double Standard For Sam Seder EXPLAINED
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    Joe Rogan’s Double Standard For Sam Seder EXPLAINED

    >>This week, there’s been this huge brouhaha between Carlos Maza of Vox and Steven Crowder who is a professional victim and a one trick pony. And he’s only claim to fame is trying to harass people to the point that they finally take action and try to get YouTube to deplatform him. And then of course, once they tried to deplatform him, he pretends as if his free speech rights are being violated, and that he’s really this great guy and he’s just a comedian. He’s not funny, he’s not talented, again, he’s a one trick pony. We all know this, we covered the story this week. Now there is…

  • Was The ICE Raid Payback?
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    Was The ICE Raid Payback?

    >>We’re actually learning even more about the situation at the chicken processing plant in Mississippi where a 700 workers were detained by ice. Last year, Koch Foods settled a $3.75 million lawsuit for racial discrimination, national origin discrimination, and sexual harassment against its Latinx workers in that very same Morton, Mississippi, facility. And I wanna show you a little bit of what was alleged in the lawsuit, okay? Supervisors touched and or made sexually suggestive comments to female Hispanic employees, hit Hispanic employees, and charged many of them money for normal everyday work activities. Many workers were reportedly either discharged or or subjected to other forms of retaliation when they…

  • Trump Stooge Craps on Statue of Liberty
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    Trump Stooge Craps on Statue of Liberty

    >>If you’ve been watching developments in the Trump Administration immigration policy over the past few years. It’s very easy to see that in this story, we know who the villain is at this point, but they’re not satisfied. And in an attempt to reach a cartoon super villain level, they’re taking issue now with even sympathetic poems about immigrants. Ken Cuccinelli, who’s currently the acting Director of the Citizenship and Immigration Services. Was asked about the famous poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty. They give me your tired, your poor, and take a look at his spin on it.>>Would you also agree that Emma Lazarus’s words etched…