• Easily Accessing the Hidden Deep Web
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    Easily Accessing the Hidden Deep Web

    >>VIEWER-SUBMITTED CCBRIAN: So the deep web is different from the dark web? JASON: Yes, the dark web is a subset of the deep web where you find pornography that is illegal on most planets, and sorcery, and drugs. BRIAN: So if the content is not illegal and generally frowned upon — — Generally frowned upon… that’s not harsh enough… Evil? JASON: Evil! And frowned upon. BRIAN: But the deep web itself is just like – it’s an internet under the internet? JASON: Yeah, it’s not indexed by any search engines. It’s on a DNS server. BRIAN: It’s not like you go to badsite.URL or something. JASON: Correct, yeah, you can’t…

  • How to check the Website is Genuine or Not | How to check the Website is real or fake
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    How to check the Website is Genuine or Not | How to check the Website is real or fake

    Hi everyone, This is hero from hero studio. In this video I’m going to show you how you an knowing the safety of the any website, running your web browser. This work with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera. First you need to open your web browser Here I’m using Chrome in this tutorial. First search in the google Wot Web of Trust Then go to second link and select you browser and click the download button and Add this extension to your browser After succesfull install you will see this icon Now we will see how this extension work example I’m open 3 website to explain to you. Firstly…

  • 18 Strangest North Korean Websites
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    18 Strangest North Korean Websites

    Hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and today we’re going to be looking at the 18 strangest North Korean websites North Korea is a very very mysterious place they have very tight and secure censorship but recently North Korea accidentally leaked it’s only websites the domain for North Korea is dot KP kind of like how in America they have dot-com but there are only 28 websites under dot KP and only 18 of them are accessible outside of North Korea and those are the ones we’re going to look at today but before I get taken away to some work camp for making this video why not subscribe…

  • Bị dân truy xét – Trọng, Phúc, Lâm cố “né” Đồng Tâm
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    Bị dân truy xét – Trọng, Phúc, Lâm cố “né” Đồng Tâm

    Rejecting police information, activists affirm that Dong Tam case was “crime” Two activists Nguyen Quang A and Trinh Ba Phuong called on independent investigators and journalists to take action to clarify the case, or at least pressure the Vietnamese government to provide trustful information on the case, and stressed that last month’s Vietnamese police raid on Dong Tam was “a very big crime.” Freelance journalists Nguyen Lan Thang and Thao Theresa in Hanoi to survey the scene “Technical pit where the Ministry of Public Security said there 3 police officers were killed by fire The crackdown on Jan 9 was essentially a crime. It can be said that. the government…

  • What Happens When You Hit Enter? Episode 1 – Websites
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    What Happens When You Hit Enter? Episode 1 – Websites

    – A tech recruiter calls outta nowhere, and they say, “Hey, do you wanna interview “at this big, famous software company?” And you go, “Yeah, that’s kinda cool.” And they would ask you this crazy question. They would say, “Okay, so imagine you’re at a browser “and you type in www.redhat.com, and you hit enter. What happens?” And you’re now left to kind of try to answer this really tough open-ended question, not really ever knowing whether you’re answering it right. And so, we’re gonna explain what actually happens. (techno music) – Yeah, okay so, soon as you hit that enter button and you begin your journey to developers.redhat.com, there’s…

  • Como surgiu a internet e o que é Deep Web? [+16] ( subtitled )
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    Como surgiu a internet e o que é Deep Web? [+16] ( subtitled )

    Welcome to Entretenimentos Diversos. Let’s find out how the internet came about and what the Deep Web is! Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how the internet came about or what is the Deep Web? Not? So let’s know this and other curiosities! Attention: The video is for informational purposes only! The internet and the Deep Web: The internet is a global interconnection system, through networked computer systems, which use their own set of protocols, called TCP / IP, with the purpose of progressively serving users all over the world. Deep Web, on the other hand, is a division of the standard internet content, being considered a hidden web,…

  • WordPress Community’s Top Security Tips #WebsiteSecurity #WordPress #Sucuri #WCUS
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    WordPress Community’s Top Security Tips #WebsiteSecurity #WordPress #Sucuri #WCUS

    (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] What are your thoughts on website security with WordPress? (groans) – Make sure you have it. (laughing) – It’s important. (laughing) – It’s essential and crucial. – Website security is usually the last thing on people’s minds until it’s the first thing on people’s minds right? It is one of the first things people should be thinking about when they’re looking at putting a site together. – Well I run a nonprofit supporting mental health within the workplace community. Because of the nature of the content and the subject matter around mental health, I’d say we need to be very very conscious and aware of, of…