• Hydrogen – the Fuel of the Future?
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    Hydrogen – the Fuel of the Future?

    I think we can all agree: … …the sooner we decrease our reliance on fossil fuels,… …and develop new energy sources, the better. Whether you believe in climate change or not,… …the benefits extend beyond just the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,… …and the supply of oil and gas will inevitably dry. Tesla pioneered our greatest hope in this space to date,… …with the development and popularization of battery technology. But, as we’ve seen, they are struggling to meet… …the enormous half a million pre-orders for the Model 3. Elon Musk’s self-proclaimed production hell has resulted in delay after delay. Bloomberg estimates that Tesla have produced around 12,000 Model 3s…

  • Fusion Power Explained – Future or Failure
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    Fusion Power Explained – Future or Failure

    The fundamental currency of our universe is energy. It lights our homes, grows our food, powers our computers. We can get it lots of ways: Burning fossil fuels, splitting atoms, or sunlight striking photovoltaics. But there’s a downside to everything Fossil fuels are extremely toxic, Nuclear waste is… well, nuclear waste, And, there are not enough batteries to store sunlight for cloudy days yet. And yet the sun seems to have virtually limitless free energy. Is there a way we could build a sun on Earth? Can we bottle a star? [Intro Jingle] The sun shines because of nuclear fusion. In a nutshell, fusion is a thermonuclear process. Meaning that…