• Weebly Review, a first look at the Weebly website builder.
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    Weebly Review, a first look at the Weebly website builder.

    so this is my Weebly review it’s actually my first look at Weebly and sort of a quick unboxing style review of Weebly what are we looking for is how easy it is to use is it fairly intuitive and what you can generally do with it so what I’m doing this year is I am looking at the top easy to use website builders to help you guys figure out which ones are the best and easiest to use so when I’m finished looking at all of these different website builders I’ll link down below to my top recommendations for the best website builders to use so look for…

  • Weebly 2014 – The Easy Way to Build a Website
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    Weebly 2014 – The Easy Way to Build a Website

    Weebly 2014 is one of the top online tools today to make a website. It couldn’t be easier and you can start for free. So lets a look at Weebly, first we’ll look at some Weebly sample sites just to give you a flavor for what you can do with Weebly, and these were created and in Weebly. This is a vegan site, not my cup of tea, but you can see it’s nice clean look with a great menu and this is a site I found that is a yoga side also built with Weebly very simple clean look, nice menus and it’s got a blog contactpage, basically all…

  • How to Build a Website with Weebly
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    How to Build a Website with Weebly

    How to build a website with weebly. Hi, www.local-search-canada.com here, Freddie Fulton here and we are going to walk through the steps of building a basic website using weebly. And this is the free option on weekly and we will begin right away Go to www.weebly.com type in that URL and you’ll come to this page where you can just create your user account i am meyer you do that we’re gonna go start to finish on this and it’s only about eleven minutes long to get uh… that site live on the uh… internet with uh… weekly hosted account so the first uh… thing you need to do is…

  • Why is Website Security Important?
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    Why is Website Security Important?

    – Your website is the anchor to your online presence and often your first contact with customers. But if your site’s not secure then you could be putting your business and your customers at risk. – I’m Darlene and this is Emily and today we’re going to talk about the top three reasons why websites security is crucial to your business success. (upbeat music) – First, like insurance, website security provides business liability protection. While having a website opens up a world of opportunities for your business there are definitely some risks you need to consider. – Look at it this way. If a hacker is able to steal valuable…

  • Why You Need Website Application Firewalls
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    Why You Need Website Application Firewalls

    – Online security is a pressing concern for all websites, especially the small business owner. When your personal integrity’s at stake, as well as your income, making sure that your website is Fort Knox safe should be your top priority. – So, what you need is a wall of security around your website. I’m Joplin. – And I’m London. We’re gonna talk to you a little bit about web application firewalls, or WAF for short. (upbeat music) – A WAF intercepts and analyzes all incoming data and removes malicious code. – A WAF isn’t just a lock on your door, it’s more of a like a bouncer at the front…

  • Using Automatic Scanning and Monitoring to Protect Your Website
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    Using Automatic Scanning and Monitoring to Protect Your Website

    – Without a proactive security strategy, malware infections can escalate quickly. And not reek havoc just on your site, but potentially spread to your customer’s, causing financial and reputational damage. – Being able to quickly detect and remove malware is a critical part of a proactive website security strategy. I’m Darlene and this is Emily, and in this video we’re going to introduce you to the website security tool of Automatic Scanning and Monitoring. (uptempo music) – Using Automatic Monitoring and Scanning on your website is the best safeguard against the spread of malware. – But if your site does get infected, Automatic Scanning and Monitoring Tools quickly alert you…

  • Website Security Basics
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    Website Security Basics

    – In this day and age, you read about sites getting hacked and customer information being stolen and spread all over the internet. – If you’re running an online business, you need to be serious about website security. – Hi, I’m Darlene and in this course, we’re going to explain how website security can make or break your business. (upbeat music) – We’ll also introduce you to our suite of website security tools to arm yourself against the bad guys. – So if you’re ready to talk about website security, join me and let’s get started. (upbeat music)

  • Using Website Backups
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    Using Website Backups

    – Think about how much time, money, effort you put into your site. Now think again for a second. What if all of that disappeared overnight? – Could you easily restore it, or are you gonna have to rebuild everything from scratch, or at best, put it back together with the bits and pieces that are left over from saved work? I’m Emily. This is Joplin, and in this video, we’re gonna talk about website backups. (upbeat music) – A website backup is an exact copy of your website as is, stored in a secure location. – [Emily] I mean, you never know what could cause your site to go…

  • How to Make a Website – Web Design Tutorial
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    How to Make a Website – Web Design Tutorial

    G’day Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Draw With Jazza! I’m Jazza and today we’re going to talk about web design. Having your own website is one of the most important things, when it comes to building your brand, building an audience or serving a product. I’m going to be sharing some tips, tricks and techniques that you can use to make your website stand out that, when applied, will help your website serve it’s core purpose to the best of its ability, be it to sell your product your artwork, to build an audience, so on and so forth. This video is sponsored by wix.com, an amazing place where you…

  • How to Make a Website Quick and Easy with GoDaddy 2019
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    How to Make a Website Quick and Easy with GoDaddy 2019

    How to Make a Website Quick and Easy with GoDaddy 2019 Hey everybody! I’m Emily and in the next few minutes we’re gonna build your website. When we are done here, your site will be live on the internet and ready for your first visitors. Okay, all set to start? Let’s click on the “Get an Account” button and go through the setup process. We will need the usual suspects: email, username and password. Once our account is created, we will be taken into the website builder itself. Today we are going to set up a site for our salon. If we were setting up a site for our accounting…