• Web Hosting for WordPress Websites:  Tips from a Web Designer
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    Web Hosting for WordPress Websites: Tips from a Web Designer

    When you have your own website you need two things: a domain name and a web hosting account. Your domain name is your website address (also known as your URL). In a previous video I walked you through how to go about registering your domain name.In this quick video I’m going to give you my tips for purchasing web hosting. And I’ll also give you my recommended places for where you can purchase your web hosting from. Hi, I’m Kelly Ward and I help entrepreneurs with both the design and the techie parts of your website and social media so you can stand out online and spend more of your…

  • Eliminan el 50% de la DEEP WEB / Freedom Hosting Sub English/portugu√™s
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    Eliminan el 50% de la DEEP WEB / Freedom Hosting Sub English/português

    The Dark Side of Internet commerce Tor is used by people who want to access the web anonymously (Your IP address hidden). With Tor, Those who try to carry out illegal activities may do so without fear of persecution .. until now. network Tor (The Onion Router) is filled with warnings from users claiming that a large number of hidden server addresses were gone All received messages pointing to a single server as the epicenter of these attacks Freedom Hosting, one of the largest sites hosting the Deep Web, completely anonymous and secret. Malware, or malicious code present in the hosting was scheduled to make public the identities of Internet…

  • Web Hosting from 20i (2018)
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    Web Hosting from 20i (2018)

    Premium SSD web hosting with super-fast high reliability cloud web hosting, backed by expert UK support. From budget-friendly web hosting for small websites and projects to more powerful web hosting with room for your website to grow. Your sites will be blazing fast – powered by Samsung SSDs. What’s more, you can choose from over 70 one-click installs including WordPress and Magento. Every hosting plan comes with the My20i control panel which has been designed by industry experts. It’s slick, easy to use and responsive so you can manage your hosting anywhere regardless of device.

  • Seth Meyers Is Hosting Late Night Live After State of the Union
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    Seth Meyers Is Hosting Late Night Live After State of the Union

    -Seth Meyers, everybody. Seth. Dude, you’re doing a great job over at “Late Night.” -Thank you. -You got great writers up there, very smart, very sharp. I like the bit — Obviously, “A Closer Look.” We love those ones. “The Kind of Story…” -Yeah, a new bit, called “The Kind of Story We Need Right Now.” -I love this. -Well, ’cause politics can be a little depressing, so we try to find a few things to just brighten people’s day. There was a story about a grandmother who killed a bobcat who was attacking her dog. We were like, “That’s the kind of story. You want to hear about that.”…

  • Reseller Hosting Program – Marketing Methods & Models
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    Reseller Hosting Program – Marketing Methods & Models

    Hi, this is ResellerCluster – the leading reseller hosting program. In this video we are going to reveal more about the Marketing Methods offered by our program for a better and more successful promotion of your Reseller Hosting Business. On the first place we want to present and emphasize on the Freemium Model of advertising. This modern type of advertising works simply but very efficiently. Just offer a limited service for free, while charging a fee for the full-featured service. So what’s it. Our Reseller Program offers you the opportunity to become a Free Web Hosting provider. Just enable the Free Web Hosting feature on your store that can bring…

  • Hosting op maat met managed hosting
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    Hosting op maat met managed hosting

    beheer je meerdere websites applicaties of ben je eigenaar van een webshop dan wil je kunnen bouwen om betrouwbare hosting wij begrijpen dat je hier niet te veel tijd en energie aan wil besteden daarom biedt hostnet managed hosting aan een hosting oplossing waarbij wij voor jou de servers beheren [Muziek] bij managed hosting worden je server zo ervaren engineers beheert zijn op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen in de nieuwste technieken op gebied van hosting voordat je het zorgbeheer daadwerkelijk aan een overdraagt stellen wij eerst een vrijblijvend hosting plan for you tijdens een technisch consult wat jouw persoonlijke account manager en en engineer telefonisch met de vloeren…

  • Shared or Managed WordPress Hosting, Which to Choose and Why?
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    Shared or Managed WordPress Hosting, Which to Choose and Why?

    Hi! this Topher with WinningWP. In this video, we’re going to take a look at Shared and Managed WordPress hosting. Which to choose and why? First, let’s start off with some definitions. Shared hosting has many customers on one server sharing all the resources, drive space, memory, processor, et cetera. Whereas managed hosting usually has reserved resources per site so no one site can overwhelm another. Both of these models have their place in the hosting ecosystem and both may apply to you at different times. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each and we can help you decide which one you want to use.…

  • Fixer Upper – An Open Kitchen for Hosting – HGTV
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    Fixer Upper – An Open Kitchen for Hosting – HGTV

    [music playing] The design inspiration in this house was really to create a nice, open space for their family. They love to host a lot of their friends and family. So I wanted to create a space that was open, but where every little nook had a really neat design element that really set it apart. So with the island being as large as it is, I really wanted to create a little more definition here. And so what I ended up doing is adding these architectural elements on both sides. It really helped create more of a center to this entire kitchen. What I like about the backsplash is…

  • Which Hosting Environment Is Best For Your Website?
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    Which Hosting Environment Is Best For Your Website?

    Hi everyone, I’m Chris with Tiny Frog Technologies, the hosting maintenance manager here. And today I want to talk to you a little bit about hosting options. There are quite a few hosting options out there, the first one being shared hosting. Now, shared hosting is kind of like renting an apartment with friends. You share pretty much everything. And the pros and cons of that is, you know, it’s simple, it’s affordable. The cons – well there’s a lot of web sites on the same server and you don’t have full control over this server. The next option would be a VPS which is a virtual private server. This…