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    Early History of House Hohenzollern (1200-1640) | History of Prussia #4

    Welcome to House of History. Last week we’ve looked at the prehistory of the territories that would eventually be united in the state of Prussia and the Teutonic Order, the Warrior Monks that colonized it. Their atrocities left permanent marks on the lands. Yet it was the Teutonic Knights whose Grand Master, Albrecht of Brandenburg-Ansbach, in 1525, decided to use the Reformation as a pretence to secularize and claim the territories for himself and name himself ‘Duke of Prussia’. It was the beginning of a long reign of the territory by the ambitious Hohenzollern clan, already Margraves of Brandenburg. This week, we’ll look at the Hohenzollern dynastic history, how they…

  • Amit Sood: Building a museum of museums on the web
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    Amit Sood: Building a museum of museums on the web

    My name is Amit. And 18 months ago, I had another job at Google, and I pitched this idea of doing something with museums and art to my boss who’s actually here, and she allowed me to do it. And it took 18 months. A lot of fun, negotiations and stories, I can tell you, with 17 very interesting museums from nine countries. But I’m going to focus on the demo. There are a lot of stories about why we did this. I think my personal story is explained very simply on the slide, and it’s access. And I grew up in India. I had a great education — I’m…

  • Searching Chinese serial numbers
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    Searching Chinese serial numbers

    so get a fellow clink like this and today we’re gonna have a look at some Chinese moon B so you’ve got any good serial numbers but here is some coins that we’ve got one you won you won you won and it’s or 2018 and 2019 actually change the coin so it was flour on the back in the coins that you could find in China D so this is a Ito so about 1/10 of a you won so equivalent to bet in since then you got 5 so this is the older version would dial this one is dated 1996 still quite a common coin you know…

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    How We Evolved To Browse The Web

    Hi, this is Kate from MinuteEarth. Let’s find some cat memes! This site looks good – yeah, there’s some funny kittehs and some great cattos on here! But, hmm, not that much…yeah, the pickings are definitely getting slimmer. Maybe we should try another site? But that means we have to FIND another site! And we’re already here… so, should we stay or should we go? Well, it turns out that online, we forage for information just as, say, a chickadee forages for fruit; it has to choose which tree to visit and decide how long to nom there before abandoning it and finding another. Ecologists already have all sorts of…

  • Author Interview with Lauren Markewicz!
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    Author Interview with Lauren Markewicz!

    Erin: Hey all and you welcome to my vlog! My name is Erin and today we’re gonna be doing an author interview with my friend Lauren! Lauren: Hello! E: Who wrote this book! L: I did! E: So tell me a little bit about you. What is your name? What is your job? L: Shouldn’t you know this already? E: I should, they don’t L: That’s fine L: My name is Lauren Markewicz, she of the long Polish last name which is spelled differently than most Poles spell it. I am a historian by training and I have become particularly interested in the history of bison conservation in recent years…

  • Creating a website for the nation
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    Creating a website for the nation

    Hi, I’m Ade Adewunmi. I work at the Government Digital Service, and I’m here to tell you about GOV.UK. We launched GOV.UK in October 2012. It replaced the two big central government websites; Directgov and Business Link. The idea was to make something simpler, clearer and faster; something focused on users. Firstly, we took a careful look and worked out what services and information we actually needed to deliver. We thought, for instance, that we could probably stop spending tax payers’ money telling people how to haggle when abroad or how to identify different kinds of waves. We eliminated thousands of pages that no-one ever visited. Then we made sure…

  • The dark side of the web — exploring darknets | Kyle Terry | TEDxSalem
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    The dark side of the web — exploring darknets | Kyle Terry | TEDxSalem

    Reviewer: Queenie Lee The term “darknet” was coined in the 70s, and it was meant as a way to describe networks isolated from ARPANET. ARPANET eventually became the commercial internet run by the private telecoms we all use today. ARPANET was created by the US Department of Defense, and it was created to share data about their projects in research laboratories, with the universities. And for those of you familiar with networking, it was a first packet-switching Network, which is the foundation to modern networking. Now, we’re not talking about the World Wide Web here. That didn’t show up until 1990, when Tim Berners-Lee set up the first web server…

  • Cracks in the Soviet-Nazi Alliance – WW2 – 065 – November 23, 1940
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    Cracks in the Soviet-Nazi Alliance – WW2 – 065 – November 23, 1940

    November 23, 1940 Germany, Italy, and Japan signed the Tripartite Pact two months ago, creating the Axis Powers. This week, more nations join them. I’m Indy Neidell; this is World War Two. Last week the British successfully attacked Italian ships at port at the Battle of Taranto- an attack which gave inspiration to the Japanese. The Italian air force was also having problems over Britain, while the Italian army was being pushed back by the Greeks. I talked last week about Hitler’s plans for the Soviet Union invasion. British Intelligence has become more and more aware of those plans. By mid November they know that Germany plans to motorize a…

  • CGU Stories – Kiera Peacock and the Paul Gray Personal Computing Museum
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    CGU Stories – Kiera Peacock and the Paul Gray Personal Computing Museum

    (static) – Our concern must be for us. ♪We’re through being–♪ (static) – [Announcer] Cafe Vienna with the spicy– (static) (beep) – [Announcer] From Radio Shack the TRS80 Model 3 and at $200 off, it’s a great value. (static) (tempo music) When we were touring campus the other day, I got to see for the first time something I heard a lot about but hadn’t been able to actually touch and feel and it’s the Paul Gray Computer Museum. – Paul Gray was the founding chair of the programs and information science. The origin of the Paul Gray Personal Computing Museum was his desire to go back and find those…