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    Roll-2-Roll Web Guide: Simple, Quick and Easy Installation

    In this video we show how quick and easy it is to install an ARIS Web Guiding System. Unpack the box and lay down all the components such as the cables, web guide mechanism, the web position sensor and power supply. The compact web guiding system is pre-wired for easy installation. All that is required is a single allen wrench tool to fasten the web guide to your machine frame using the mounting holes at the bottom of the web guide. We even provide the 6 millimeter mounting screws with spacers to make it really quick and easy for you. Carefully unscrew the four mounting screws and spacers from the…

  • How to create an email on cPanel
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    How to create an email on cPanel

    Login to your cPanel account using your username and password Navigate to email accounts under the email section You will then be presented with the add email account form Start by populating the email field with the desired email alias Next, set the password fields We recommend using the password generator to make a strong password Remember to copy and save the password to a safe place Then set the mailbox quota, this is the space limit the mailbox can use We suggest setting this 1024 or higher Click the create account button The email account is now setup and can be used

  • How to create an addon domain in cPanel
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    How to create an addon domain in cPanel

    Login to cPanel Click on addon domains, under domains Enter the name of the domain Click on the subdomain field The subdomain field and document root field will auto populate You can change the document root if necessary If you want to create an ftp account, tick the box Enter a user name Click the password generator Save the password somewhere safe and click use password Click add domain

  • How to install WordPress on cPanel
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    How to install WordPress on cPanel

    To get started, login to cPanel account, using your username and password Scroll down to the Softaculous app installer If you can see the WordPress installer, then just click install Otherwise, use the search area on the left to find the WordPress install Then, choose a protocol, either http, or https your domain and directory to install WordPress to You can set the directory field to blank to install WordPress in the root directory Set your site name and site description, and make sure the enable multisite check box is not selected Set an admin username, password and email You should make a note of these details, as you will…

  • The Witcher 3 video review
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    The Witcher 3 video review

    Greetings Gameworld.gr friends and welcome to our video review for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The third chapter of the series focuses on Geralt and Ciri stories. After the end of The Witcher 2, Geralt or Rivia learns that Wild Hunt, a group of enemy mobs, is hunting his stepdaughter once again. Your goal is to search for her across the land and find her as she can’t work alone against the blood-thirsty army. During your search for Ciri you will face many challenges. Drowners and Nackers will attack you from marshes, bandits will steal you and kings would like to use you to fulfir their own desires. On the…

  • How to Embed an Outlook Calendar into Your Website – Office 365
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    How to Embed an Outlook Calendar into Your Website – Office 365

    Hi and welcome to a Pen Publishing Interactive Office 365 Video. In this video I will be covering how to embed an Outlook calendar into your website. So let’s get started. First off you will need to log into office in a browser. The easiest way to do that is to go to portal.office.com Once you are there and logged in you’ll be at this screen. One thing to note, I’m going to assume you already have an Outlook calendar made for the purpose of this video and now we need to publish that. So first click the Settings button here in the top right. Now go down to the…

  • How to backup a WordPress site on cPanel
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    How to backup a WordPress site on cPanel

    First, log into your site via your ftp client Select all of the files in your WordPress directory Create a folder on your desktop and name it Drag the selected files from your ftp client into the folder on your desktop. This may take a while, depending on the size of your site. If you get any duplicate file warnings, then select overwrite, always use this action, apply to current queue only, and then OK. Once the files have completed downloading, open the folder. Open the wpconfig.php file. In here, you can find the name of the database that your WordPress site uses. We will need this for the next…

  • Add 360 spins & 3D spins to your WordPress website
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    Add 360 spins & 3D spins to your WordPress website

    Want gorgeous 360 spins on your WordPress site? Well there’s a plugin for that! Magic 360 How can I try it? It’s easy… Go to: www.magictoolbox.com>Click ‘Magic 360’ Click ‘Extensions’ dropdown menu Click ‘WordPress’ icon You are now on the ‘Magic 360 for WordPress’ page Click ‘Download WordPress plugin’ button Make sure ‘Save File’ option selected>Click ‘OK’ The Magic 360 zip file will download to your computer Go to: Dashboard>Plugins>Click ‘Add New’ Click ‘Upload Plugin’ 1. Click ‘Browse’; 2. Find zip file on your computer; 3. Highlight zip file; 4. Click ‘Open’ Click ‘Install Now’ Click ‘Activate Plugin’ Simple! Magic 360 is now installed What next? Check your images are…