• How to install the simple and easy Roll-2-Roll Web Guide
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    How to install the simple and easy Roll-2-Roll Web Guide

    As a real plug-and-play system, ARIS adapts to any material, requires no calibration, and very little set-up time. First plug in the sensor to the 12 prong outlet in the back of the machine, using the guide notch that aligns the plug to the outlet. Once the sensor is plugged in, tighten the lock collar to hold the sensor cord in place. Slide the sensor into the sensor guide rail. Make sure the middle of the sensor is aligned with the material’s edge. Once connected to a 24 volt power supply, the user operator interface featuring language independent icons will come. A green sensor indicator will verify an operable sensor.…

  • There Are More Than Two Human Sexes
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    There Are More Than Two Human Sexes

    [♪ INTRO] In high school biology, we usually learn that the sexes in humans are fixed and concrete. Whether you’re male or female is black-and-white and rooted in your DNA: your 23rd pair of chromosomes is either two X chromosomes or an X and a Y. That’s it. End of story. And that’s essentially what scientists thought, too. But it turns out that sex isn’t that straightforward. In fact, biologists today are saying sex is a spectrum. And the scientific community is still working on understanding and respecting the people who fall in the middle of that spectrum. To get this out of the way right up front: we’re not…

  • Green Computing at UH
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    Green Computing at UH

    Hello, I’m Jim Bradley, I’m the Interim Executive Director for Technology Support here at the University of Houston, and I’m here to talk to you today about some things you need to know about Green IT. The great thing about Green IT is that it’s an issue for some people of conscience and it’s an issue for some people of wallet. But whichever one it is for you, we all get to the same place where we’re concerned about making sure that we’re taking care of the University’s resources and the environment. There’s really a continuum of things you need to know about when you’re thinking about Green IT. The…

  • The Future of Computing
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    The Future of Computing

    My name is Christof Teuscher. I’m a professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering at Portland State University. So, machine learning is, if you go back 50 years or so, the challenge was to build machines that can do things that humans can’t do or that humans can do well like playing chess or something like that. These are solved problems, but in those days machine learning is more about pattern recognition and doing things in a smart and adaptive way where human intelligence basically fails or basically our brain is too small to solve these problems, right? Maybe a good example is airline reservations systems where you…

  • OVH.COM : How our servers come to be (in North America)
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    OVH.COM : How our servers come to be (in North America)

    OVH.com s global stock of servers passed the 150,000 mark in the first quarter of 2013, a figure which reflects the increasing needs of its customers. The European web hosting leader’s exponential growth has further increased with the official launch, at the beginning of the year of BHS, its North American datacentre,. One of the most appreciated advantages is the high availability of machines, a server ordered on OVH.com is available just one hour later. This impressive delivery time is because every machine is assembled and tested in our production facility. It’s here at the production facility, located within the BHS (Beauharnois) datacentre in southern Montreal, that OVH.com manufactures servers…

  • Tomato Report: Varieties, Strategy, Harvest, Taste Test, Recipe | Late Bloomer | Episode 14
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    Tomato Report: Varieties, Strategy, Harvest, Taste Test, Recipe | Late Bloomer | Episode 14

    I’m Kaye and I’m a late bloomer. (whistling logo) You know how much I love tomatoes, but this is the last day in July and probably the last week of good production on my tomato vines. I’m gonna take you through my process this year, discuss my strategy, see how well it worked out, compare my nine varieties on my seventeen vines, we’ll do a taste test, and, we’re going to make Italian spaghetti sauce, so don’t you dare go away, ha, ha. I was determined to do things a a little differently this year, to save time and energy. For the first time, I had a grow light and…

  • 6 Gems and Minerals Much Rarer (and Cooler) Than Diamonds
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    6 Gems and Minerals Much Rarer (and Cooler) Than Diamonds

    Thanks to Skill Share for sponsoring this episode of SciShow As the pun goes, geology rocks — but it isn’t all about rocks. Because rocks are usually made of minerals, and minerals are just plain cool in their own right. They have a pretty specific definition, but for the most part, minerals are solid compounds and inorganic elements whose atoms form an orderly, repeating pattern. Geologists have managed to identify over 5000 types of them, and while there’s a huge range of abundances, more than half of those 5000 are so rare that they’re found in five or fewer places. Those rare minerals aren’t things like diamonds or sapphires, either…

  • Futuristic Spy Tech Self-Destructs in Sunlight | SciShow News
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    Futuristic Spy Tech Self-Destructs in Sunlight | SciShow News

    [ ♪INTRO ] It’s basically right out of a spy movie: a glider swoops into enemy territory at night, lands with some sort of secret message or item, and then vanishes without a trace in the pink light of dawn. “Now where did this come from?” our unwitting villain says, bending down to pick it up… Okay, okay, I might be getting overexcited. But as of this week, a disappearing plane could really exist. At a meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers announced that they have created a material that vaporizes in sunlight. It’s all thanks to the incredible power of chemistry. The material is a polymer known as…