• Manage WordPress Files on Google Cloud Platform
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    Manage WordPress Files on Google Cloud Platform

    Hello everyone – it’s Joe from onepagezen.com. And in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to manage your WordPress files… On your Google Cloud Platform installation. So the first thing we’re going to do is install Google Cloud SDK. You can do that at cloud.google.com/sdk And you’re going to click “install for Windows”. And I’m going to click this link here to launch the installer. [clicks on downloaded file link] [clicks “agree”] [clicks “next”] [clicks “next”] [clicks [“install”] And click “install”. [gcloud init launches] Ok – now you see we have the command line here. After waiting a few seconds we’ll be prompted to log in, so we’re…

  • How to host WordPress website on Google Cloud in 8 Minutes
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    How to host WordPress website on Google Cloud in 8 Minutes

    since google start giving away free credits hosting website on google cloud platform is really interesting especially if you are a small to medium traffic website and this video will show you how to set up a wordpress on GCP in just a few minutes let’s check it out here’s the Google cloud platform and if this is the first time for you you will be asked to create your first project but since I already hosted my website on this platform I’m going to create a new project for this tutorial and we need to wait for a few seconds before we can switch to the new project let’s…

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    Google Cloud FTP Setup with FileZilla

    Hello, everyone its Joe from onepagezen.com and today in this tutorial We’re going to look at how to set up an FTP client to manage our website’s files on Google Cloud platform. Now in this example, we will be using Filezilla as our FTP client and we will also be using Putty as our SSH key generator. So before getting started with this tutorial you should have already installed Filezilla and Putty Key Generator. Now if you haven’t yet downloaded FileZilla or Putty, I’ve included links to websites where you can download both of these applications in the description to this video – so be sure to check those out.…

  • How To Transfer WordPress Domain Name to Google Cloud Hosting
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    How To Transfer WordPress Domain Name to Google Cloud Hosting

    Hello everyone, it’s Joe from OnePageZen.com And today we’re going to look at how to point your domain name to your Google Cloud Platform account. Now this is an especially useful tutorial for you if you were using an old hosting provider such as GoDaddy or Bluehost and you want to move to something more modern like the Google Cloud Platform to host your website. So the first step in this tutorial is to head over to the Google Cloud Platform [typing] cloud.google.com In the upper right hand corner here – click the console tab [sniffles] Before we can proceed, you need to head over to the API Manager and…

  • ? Instalar WordPress Gratis Google Cloud
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    ? Instalar WordPress Gratis Google Cloud

    hola a todos mi nombre es Rafael Jiménez de Pietti.com y en este tutorial aprenderemos a configurar e instalar WordPress en Google Cloud utilizando la versión bitnami de wordpress ejecutar wordpress en google cloud nos permitirá aprovechar toda la potencia de la infraestructura de cloud hosting de google al momento de grabar este tutorial google cloud está ofreciendo 300 dólares o 12 meses gratis en este tutorial vamos a enseñarles cómo tener una página web profesional en wordpress y aprovechar esta promoción para tener nuestro sitio web en uno de los mejores servidores que existen actualmente en la descripción de este tutorial encontrarás links útiles para la configuración de nuestros…