• Three Easy Ways To Protect Your Website | GoDaddy
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    Three Easy Ways To Protect Your Website | GoDaddy

    If you haven’t thought about your website’s security—or are avoiding the thought, take heart. Keeping your site and your customers safe is less daunting than you may imagine. Your house has locks, right? You may even have a high-tech security system. Or a large low-tech watchdog — whatever it takes to protect your home from thieves and other bad actors. It’s just as important to protect your website and your customers from unsavory cyber characters. If you think that because you’re business is small, or new, or not doing online sales, you can fly under the cyber-crime radar. Sorry…. any website can be a target. But here’s the good news.…

  • How to Make Your Own Website For $1
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    How to Make Your Own Website For $1

    To get our website we are going to use some of the best providers out there, which are GoDaddy & Hostgator, and we are going to use coupons to get the best deals. Whenever you want to make a website you need to understand that there are two parts to it. The hosting, and the domain. You can get them both using the same provider but what we are looking for here is cost effectiveness. So we are going to get them through different authoritative providers. The domain name is the name of your website. And the hosting is where your files are located on a server. Imagine that you…

  • Starting and Planning a Website | GoDaddy
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    Starting and Planning a Website | GoDaddy

    In this video, we’ll give you a few things to think about when developing a plan for your website. First, decide what the goal of your website is? If you’re building a website as a way to create awareness about your business, reach more customers, or make it easier for customers to find you, a simple, straightforward website is all you need. At a minimum, your website should tell people who you are, what you offer, how to contact you, and where to find you. An informational or awareness website for your business is a great place to start your online presence and can even be done on a just…

  • How to Design a Website | GoDaddy
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    How to Design a Website | GoDaddy

    Building a website can seem overwhelming… what pages you need and what should you put on them? In this video, we’ll show you a simple website design that any small business can use. A good small business website is usually made up of five core pages: Home, Products and Services, About Us, Testimonials, and Contact. These pages set the right expectation for visitors and cover your basic business needs. Your Home page is usually the first thing visitors see, so be sure to cover all the important stuff here. Start with the call-to-action; this is your top priority before launching your website. Decide exactly what it is you want your…

  • How to Reset cPanel of GoDaddy.com LATEST!
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    How to Reset cPanel of GoDaddy.com LATEST!

    Hello guys, welcome to the MH4K in this video we’ll be talking about how can you reset the cPanel off your godaddy.com So I’m assuming you guys messed up with your site like me. So how to reset Let’s see because the option for reset process is hidden within godaddy.com and it changes by itself after a specific period of time so as of now it is 2019 and I’m assuming You want to reset? So the button is right just right side of the cPanel admin blue button type over the 3 dot I can click reset account click Next then type reset to confirm the reset process click…

  • How to Add Images to Your Website in Website Builder 7 | GoDaddy
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    How to Add Images to Your Website in Website Builder 7 | GoDaddy

    Adding images is a great way to transform a theme into your personal website. This video shows you how to add graphics in Website Builder 7. If you’re just starting out, your website probably still has some placeholder graphics that were included in the theme you chose – like this one. For some people, the images included in their theme work fine as-is. However, it’s more likely that you’ll want to replace the existing images, or add your own to personalize your site. For example, this placeholder photo of business people working isn’t a good fit for the dog-friendly winery, Molly’s Bark and Wine. Let’s replace it with one that…

  • Where should I buy a Domain? Top 5 compared
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    Where should I buy a Domain? Top 5 compared

    All right friend Welcome to the next episode of my hundred day prosperity challenge. This is Timesha coming at you from the background I’m going to talk to you about domains and how to find a good domain provider And so what is a domain? A domain is Basically an address for your website or your blog. Okay, so Like you have a physical address for your house Your website has to have an address or else people won’t know where to go and people won’t know where to send the bills And the people won’t know where to send the money, right? So you have to have address and…

  • Podcasting Tips for Beginners
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    Podcasting Tips for Beginners

    – Welcome to The Journey. Today we are gonna talk about podcasting tips for beginners. So for the past few years, in case you’ve been living under a rock, podcasts have taken a huge surge in interest. – I take offense to that. (Emma laughs) – But– – He lives under a rock. – 165 million people have listened to a podcast at least once. – Yeah and around like 32% of Americans are actually tuned into a monthly podcast. So Nealy, are you like one of those 165 million people listening to podcast? – I’m actually listening to some right now. – That’s ridiculous. Anyways Nealey, what podcast are…