• What Is a CMS? Which One Should You Use for Your Website?
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    What Is a CMS? Which One Should You Use for Your Website?

    – What is a CMS, and which one should you use? We’re talking about it on “The Journey.” – All right, so today we have a special guest, Alycia from Sucuri. Thank you so much for coming on today. – Yeah, thanks I’m happy to be here. – Awesome, so we’re talking about what is a CMS and which one should you use for your website. Can you tell us a little bit about what a CMS is? – So CMS stands for content management system, and it’s basically an easier way to put pages live on your website, or blog post, manage your image media library, all that kinda…

  • What Is an SSL Certificate? Do You Need One?
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    What Is an SSL Certificate? Do You Need One?

    – So what is an SSL and why do you need one? We’re talking about that on The Journey. All right, today we have a special guest, Alycia from Sucuri. She is the security expert today to talk to us about what are SSLs and should we actually need one? Let’s just jump in. What is an SSL? – So an SSL is a certificate for your website that allows you to use https in the address bar and that actually allows you to encrypt the traffic between the visitor and your website, basically protecting any communication in transit – Okay, so tell us a little bit more about that…

  • Set Up a GoDaddy Website – and Make a WP Blog!
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    Set Up a GoDaddy Website – and Make a WP Blog!

    Hey You Guys it’s greg welcome to this Video Where We’re Going to set up a website With Godaddy So if You Just Bought a godaddy Domain Name and you aren’t sure what to do next to get a beautiful blog or Website live For the World Then This Video Is perfect for you Or if You don’t even Have a domain Name and You’re Going to start at Godaddy and Buy One Which is a great Idea in my Opinion then this Video is also perfect for you So what are We going to Make today, well why, don’t we Check it out? you In This Video you’re Going…

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    Bluehost Web hosting Tutorial | A Quick Review

    So it’s pretty self-explanatory when you go onto the Bluehost website after you’ve clicked on the sponsored link below you just click on the get started now button here and Then you can choose a plan now If you’re gonna get your domain name with Bluehost I definitely recommend if you don’t already have your domain name just to keep your life simple to go ahead and sign up for it with the same company that you have hosting with just because that way you don’t remember where Is my domain name hosted with and who is my website hosted with it’s all just in one place so if if…

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    setting up godaddy hosting

    This is Doctor Michael Haley with www.seowebmeeting.com and this is a quick video. We are going to go to your GoDaddy I’m assuming that you have already created an account at GoDaddy and have already purchased uh hosting. Hopefully the delux hosting and you have at least one domain name. So your at your GoDaddy Log in. and you’ll see you’ll be on the tab, on the “my account” tab. Well, don’t click on that but instead go all the way over here to where it says “hosting” Now, your’s will look something like this, but chances are it does not say “manage account”. I actually can not show you…

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    4 How to get a free domain. – Webhost Course for beginners.

    hello guys this is Ansab and you’re watching nerdy ansab YouTube channel so in this video I will tell you how to get a free domain for your hosting so as this is just a tutorial so I am going to use a free domain so yes I’m going to save my money over here yeah so let’s start so for this you need to go to a website called free NomCom FR e n o m dot c o and to center so what is this free gnome so free no you can see free and no fee them so it describes a registered a domain for free it…

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    How to swap/switch addon domain with primary domain(GoDaddy+WordPress)

    This is Yasir from WPHowKnow and in today’s video I will show you how to swap add-on domain with primary domain along with the websites and their data in 5 simple steps and I will also cover the points that are important while swapping the domains So let’s begin. I am already logged into my GoDaddy account here You can see two two means that I want to swap Both of these websites are running on WordPress. This domian yasirworkfolio is the primary domain and the domain WPHowKnow is the add-on domain. First, let’s see what is the content on our primary domain which is yasirworkfolio and here you can…