• How to add a custom domain in Github Pages – Tutorial 2
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    How to add a custom domain in Github Pages – Tutorial 2

    Hi Guys, this is sharath again, so in the last video what we did was we created a web page on Github and hosted using Github Pages. It generated a URL. The URL was redgadget.github.io/test and then again a ‘/’. So as I said this, this really looks ugly so let’s say you have a custom URL that you want to use it on this page. So what do you have to do for that? So that is simple as well to all you need is a domain name. So i hope you have bought one from somewhere maybe namescheap or godaddy anywhere. I prefer godaddy because it’s cheap here.…

  • How to create a website on Github Pages – Tutorial 1
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    How to create a website on Github Pages – Tutorial 1

    hi guys my name is Sharath so today we are going to see how to host a simple website on GitHub that’s for free. So GitHub is a, is not meant for hosting websites GitHub is actually a platform where you can manage your code so let’s say you have a single you know single project which has some code on it and there are like four or five people working on it so it’s very hard to manage the code when it’s been edited by many people so it’s really hard to manage if you’re doing it on your own but GitHub provides a very good solution for that…

  • 1.10: Git Remotes – Git and GitHub for Poets
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    1.10: Git Remotes – Git and GitHub for Poets

    (dinging) – Hello, this is another video, which is a tutorial about working with git and GitHub, and in this tutorial, I’m going to talk about remotes. (laughs) So, I’m in the middle of livestreaming and I’m working on this project that has to do with this Flappy Bird clone, and I’m going to train a bot using a genetic algorithm and a neural network to play Flappy Bird, and I have a wonderful pull request from GitHub user KeeghanM, who has added this particular image to be the Flappy Bird, and this particular background to be the background of the Flappy Bird game. I really want to accept this…

  • วิธีการฝากเว็บฟรี ไว้กับบริการ github pages
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    วิธีการฝากเว็บฟรี ไว้กับบริการ github pages

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