• Ghost Tutorial: Ghost vs WordPress
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    Ghost Tutorial: Ghost vs WordPress

    This video is one of the the videos in a playlist called Ghost Tutorials, where you will learn everything about Ghost. Check out the description for the link. In this video I we will compare Ghost with WordPress. I have tried WordPress as well as Ghost, I used both of them for a year. But before starting I would like to clarify that I am in no way saying that WordPress is bad or I don’t like it. I like both the platforms equally. Honestly, installing Ghost is a lot easier than installing WordPress because in WordPress you need to create a database and connect it yourself, but in Ghost…

  • CREEPIEST Abandoned Places
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    CREEPIEST Abandoned Places

    From an old church populated by tangible ghosts to a prison of unspeakable suffering, today we look at the Creepiest Abandoned Places. Number 10. Kolmanskop Once a rich diamond field in the Namib desert of Southern Namibia , the town of Kolmanskop is now a half-submerged shadow of the past. Originally settled by the German Empire in the early 20th century upon the discovery of the region’s hidden riches. After the depletion of the town’s surrounding resources, though, the majority moved on to another diamond deposit 167 miles south of the town. Over time, Kolmanskop would transform into a ghost town, with mounds of sand naturally overtaking various buildings and…

  • Ghost Tutorial: 4 Best Ghost Hosting Companies
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    Ghost Tutorial: 4 Best Ghost Hosting Companies

    Hey buddy, after two months of not making a YouTube video, finally I am here. That is because I was learning Linux. Maybe soon, in this channel you will also see some Linux tutorials. With that being said let’s complete the Ghost tutorials playlist which I left incomplete. Today as I said two months ago, I will show you 4 best hosting companies where you can host your Ghost blog and get some good performance. Now if you prefer reading the exact same content which is in this video, please checkout my website where I have written articles for almost all of my YouTube videos. If you are a newbie…