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    Google Cloud FTP Setup with FileZilla

    Hello, everyone its Joe from onepagezen.com and today in this tutorial We’re going to look at how to set up an FTP client to manage our website’s files on Google Cloud platform. Now in this example, we will be using Filezilla as our FTP client and we will also be using Putty as our SSH key generator. So before getting started with this tutorial you should have already installed Filezilla and Putty Key Generator. Now if you haven’t yet downloaded FileZilla or Putty, I’ve included links to websites where you can download both of these applications in the description to this video – so be sure to check those out.…

  • 4.  How To Upload WordPress Using FTP Client
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    4. How To Upload WordPress Using FTP Client

    FTP is another way you can use to access your files on your web host in this video we are going to use FTP to upload WordPress instead of the cPanel whether you use FTP or the cPanel really comes down to personal preference to allows the setup a FTP access we first need the configuration settings we can get these by going to the cPanel and clicking on FTP accounts. This area here is used to create a new FTP accounts, this is useful if you have multiple websites on your web-host but but want to limit someone’s access to only one of the websites. Since you are on…

  • Media Transcription & Closed Captioning: University of Wisconsin Making a Difference
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    Media Transcription & Closed Captioning: University of Wisconsin Making a Difference

    Great. Thanks, Todd. So please feel free to ask questions in the chat window as I go. I’m going to go through all of our slides– there are only about 10 slides. And then I’ll definitely answer questions. So please feel free to ask anything as we go through this. I’d just ask if you’d do that in the chat window and we’ll take note of them and answer them afterwards. Real quick. You’ll see a URL here on the bottom of this page. There’s a lot more information about our services there and even some demos of some of our interactive tools that we’ll talk about. We didn’t want…

  • Affordable Video Sharing Sites and Video Hosting Solutions Part 2
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    Affordable Video Sharing Sites and Video Hosting Solutions Part 2

    Hi, it’s Tyrone from Tyroneshum.com. This is part two of showing you best and the most affordable and cheap hosting solutions for videos. In the previous video, I’ve showed you the free solutions or the solutions which doesn’t cost you anything. In today’s video, I want to show you all the solutions that I currently use in my business to host it which cost just a little bit money. They’re very cheap as well to be able to run in service. The reason why you might consider hosting videos and pay for hosting videos is it’s private membership site video information which you don’t want to share with the public…

  • What is FTP? | GoDaddy
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    What is FTP? | GoDaddy

    Hi there! In this video, you’ll learn what FTP is? FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. What’s a protocol? A protocol is a set of rules used by computers that are connected, or networked together, which specify how the computers communicate or interact with one other. There are a variety protocols that manage interactions at various levels in the networked computing environment we know as the Internet. For example, some Internet protocols are used to govern how data is exchanged between two computers, or hardware devices, while other protocols dictate how data is exchanged at the application, or software level. FTP is a protocol that computers on the internet use…

  • FilleZilla. Установка своего редактора кода. Sublime Text.
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    FilleZilla. Установка своего редактора кода. Sublime Text.

    Всем привет с вами на связи Александр Шулепов и в сегодняшнем коротеньком видео мы с вами подключим свой редактор для правки кода файл или но перед тем как мы приступим я хотел бы чтобы вы подписались на мой канал поставили колокольчики не пропускали новые видео давайте начнем для того чтобы мы могли работ но надо открыть файл силу ищем меню редактирования настройки вот правка файлов и использовать следующий редактор у меня кстати на маке по умолчанию соблазн сам высветился и открывая файл и и sablon меня самой свешивается благодаря ему открывает но на винде я например не надо было делать вот мы ищем редактор нажимаем соблазн текст открыть и всегда…

  • Cómo se publica un sitio web en Internet (3): cliente FTP online
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    Cómo se publica un sitio web en Internet (3): cliente FTP online

    Hola, soy Sergio Luján Mora, profesor de informática de la Universidad de Alicante, y en este vídeo que forma parte del curso “Introducción al desarrollo web”, te voy a explicar cómo puedes publicar un sitio web en Internet. En la primera parte de este vídeo, te expliqué que para que un sitio web se pueda usar, se debe copiar desde el servidor de desarrollo hasta el servidor de producción para que esté disponible para cualquier usuario en todo momento. En la segunda parte de este vídeo, te expliqué que la copia se suele realizar mediante FTP, File Transfer Protocol, el protocolo de transferencia de archivos. Y para realizar la copia…

  • How to Use FileZilla (FTP Tutorial)
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    How to Use FileZilla (FTP Tutorial)

    Hello folks, Welcome to another video tutorial by wpbasics.org. In today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to download, install and configure FileZilla. Step1 Go to your web browser and search for filezilla. Click on the first search result. Click on Download FileZilla client button. This will take you to a screen where you can select the version that you want to download. I will select the Windows 64bit version. Save the file to your desktop or somewhere that will be easy to locate. Step2 Locate your save file and double click to start the installation of FileZilla.. You will be presented with your standard terms and conditions. Read…

  • How to Install WordPress Manually Via ftp
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    How to Install WordPress Manually Via ftp

    How is it going? This is Dino Redwell here from Raqmedia.com. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to install WordPress crate manually using FileZilla welcome back ^_^ so in order to understand a wordpress script into your website manually you need two things to start with first of all you gonna need the wordpress zip file which is discrete it can be downloaded from wordpress.org and the second requirement is you gonna need the file transfer protocol software which is here we’ll be using the FileZilla which is one of the most recommended FTP softwares the links will be provided below the videos or on our website…