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    Google Cloud FTP Setup with FileZilla

    Hello, everyone its Joe from onepagezen.com and today in this tutorial We’re going to look at how to set up an FTP client to manage our website’s files on Google Cloud platform. Now in this example, we will be using Filezilla as our FTP client and we will also be using Putty as our SSH key generator. So before getting started with this tutorial you should have already installed Filezilla and Putty Key Generator. Now if you haven’t yet downloaded FileZilla or Putty, I’ve included links to websites where you can download both of these applications in the description to this video – so be sure to check those out.…

  • Affordable Video Sharing Sites and Video Hosting Solutions Part 2
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    Affordable Video Sharing Sites and Video Hosting Solutions Part 2

    Hi, it’s Tyrone from Tyroneshum.com. This is part two of showing you best and the most affordable and cheap hosting solutions for videos. In the previous video, I’ve showed you the free solutions or the solutions which doesn’t cost you anything. In today’s video, I want to show you all the solutions that I currently use in my business to host it which cost just a little bit money. They’re very cheap as well to be able to run in service. The reason why you might consider hosting videos and pay for hosting videos is it’s private membership site video information which you don’t want to share with the public…