• Time Domain vs. Frequency Domain, What’s the Difference? – What the RF (S01E02)
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    Time Domain vs. Frequency Domain, What’s the Difference? – What the RF (S01E02)

    Today we will be discussing frequency domain versus time domain. My name is- What’s up everyone? The name is Nick Ben and I’m an engineer here at Keysight and welcome to this episode of What the RF! In the last episode we discussed what a spectrum analyzer or signal analyzer is and the various measurements you can make with it. Today we’ll go into more detail about the difference between the frequency and time domain. Alright, so previously we had briefly mentioned the time domain and frequency domain but what exactly is the difference? And what about the frequency domain tells us more about our signal? Lucky for us I…

  • FA 2 | Computing Fourier series
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    FA 2 | Computing Fourier series

    I’d like to talk to you now about computing Fourier series. Now, just because it’s a computation doesn’t mean it’s routine or boring. In fact the ideas behind computing Fourier series are the start for much deeper ideas in math, and I think they are pretty interesting in their own right and I hope by the end of the video you’ll agree with me. When we get to the key idea of this computation we’re going to need the values of some integrals. So let’s discuss those (in order to prepare for that.) Now these integrals will involve some integers so let’s let ‘k’ and ‘l’ be the positive integers.…

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    Computing Fourier Series | MIT 18.03SC Differential Equations, Fall 2011

    PROFESSOR: Hi, everyone. Welcome back. So today we’d like to tackle a problem in Fourier series. And specifically, we’re just going to compute the Fourier series for a simple function. So the function we’re interested in is f of t, which we’re told is periodic with period 2pi– f of t is 1 from minus pi to 0, and then it’s minus 1 from 0 to pi. So first off, we’re interested in sketching f of t. Secondly, we’d like to compute the Fourier series for f of t. And then thirdly, we’d like to sketch the first non-zero term of the Fourier series. And we can specifically sketch this…