• MTSS in Motion – The Leadership Domain
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    MTSS in Motion – The Leadership Domain

    Welcome to MTSS in Motion. In this series, we will be examining a Multi-Tiered System of Support framework for meeting the needs of all learners. Today’s topic is the Leadership Domain. Leadership is key to successful implementation of any large-scale initiative. District leadership, such as the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Special Education Director; or the building level leadership team such as the building principal, assistant principal(s), and other school teacher/leaders are critical to implementing MTSS. They engage staff in ongoing professional learning, strategically plan for MTSS implementation, and model a data-based problem-solving process for school improvement. When creating a district or a building level leadership team, it is crucial that there…

  • What is DNS and How Does It Work?
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    What is DNS and How Does It Work?

    Allyson Larcom: It’s like a contacts app for all of the Internet. The domain name system, or DNS, is a naming database that locates and translates internet domain names into IP addresses, similar to a phone’s contacts list, matching names to numbers. Web browsing and most other internet activities rely on DNS to quickly locate an IP address in order to connect and access content. The DNS directory is distributed around the world to account for the millions of domain names listed and accessed every day. Because more than one person can search for the same website at the same time, a domain name can correspond to more than one…

  • Windows Server 2012/R2 Install Requirements
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    Windows Server 2012/R2 Install Requirements

    This video from ITFreeTraining will look at the minimum and recommended requirements for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Making the right choice for the requirements will allow you to get the best performance out of Windows Server for your needs. In order to install Windows Server 2012, you need to meet the following hardware requirements. You require a 1.4 GHz 64bit processor, 512 Megabytes of RAM and 32 Gigabytes of available hard disk space. The minimum requirements listed are for the Essentials edition of Windows Server 2012. Microsoft has not released a general minimum or recommend requirements for Windows Server 2012, as these values would vary depending…

  • How to Buy a Website on Flippa Without Getting Scammed
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    How to Buy a Website on Flippa Without Getting Scammed

    Throughout the past 10 years, I’ve built and sold websites in various niches. Some I’ve built from scratch, but more recently, I’ve been picking up developed websites, driving more traffic and sales, and then flipping them for a profit. Now, when you find a good website, it can save you a ton of time and money, which in my opinion, can beat building one from scratch. But how do you know if a website is worth its asking price? I mean, sellers want to make as much money as possible and as a buyer, you want to get it at the lowest cost. The simple answer is to find undervalued…

  • How to Install and configure Fog project server
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    How to Install and configure Fog project server

    Hi everyone! This is guidelines how to install FOG Project on Linux server This guide is made for version 1.5.7 Check latest version from github Link to github can be found from Fogproject web site And simple installation guide So let’s start installation Login to your Linux server First download fog – installation packages or clone github repo Next extract package Then open Fogproject folder/bin Start installation script by running: ./installfog.sh Installation asks question about configuartion First select our Linux disto I got on this host two network interfaces and i will use second inf for Fog dhcp Next Fog reconfigure apache2 -webserver So remove that before you can run…

  • 10+ Best WordPress Themes For Blogs [FREE]
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    10+ Best WordPress Themes For Blogs [FREE]

    Blogging is for everyone. This message is the reason why WordPress was created in the first place. No matter if you want to blog for personal purposes or for your professional reasons, having a blog can be very effective at helping you achieve your goals. When it comes to blogging, though, to really make it work, you need some quality WordPress themes. Hi, everyone! My name is Robert from ThemeIsle.com and in this video, you will see FREE WordPress themes only, dedicated to bloggers. I will show you demo for every theme so you can see how it looks live and what are the features you may be interested to…

  • SEOPressor Review – SEO Plugin for WordPress
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    SEOPressor Review – SEO Plugin for WordPress

    hi there everybody you found this video because you want to learn more about SEOPressor Connect it’s a wordpress plugin which i’m sure you’re aware which will help you the our SEO now i’ll say right off the bat if you believe that this will help your website and help your business then you are absolutely right, yes it will. I’ve just got out of a meeting from a client actually which prompted me to quickly record this for you whilst it’s still fresh in my mind I’m a Digital Marketer and I’ve been trying to look a good solution for SEO wordpress sites for years it’s a bit of…

  • Hosting via Airbnb: Motivations and Financial Assurances in Monetized Network Hospitality
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    Hosting via Airbnb: Motivations and Financial Assurances in Monetized Network Hospitality

    We examine how financial assurance structures reduce uncertainty for users of network hospitality systems such as Airbnb. We conducted an in-depth qualitative study of Airbnb hosts in the San Francisco Bay Area. We apply the principles of social exchange theory and intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Our study shows that the binding financial transaction reduces uncertainty for hosts and guests, and even acts as a gateway for valued interpersonal interaction.

  • Windows Server 2008: winload.exe is missing or corrupt (ENG / ESP / SVK)
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    Windows Server 2008: winload.exe is missing or corrupt (ENG / ESP / SVK)

    So this is the first part of the “Recovering the server” series. Today I’m going to show you how to solve this error: winload is missing or corrupt Insert the Windows installation disc and Restart your server Press next Click On Repair your computer Open the console It can happen that this command will fail the first time you run it, like it will happen now But you can fix that running this other command Now try again Restart the server one more time and… … this is done.

  • It only does… EVERYTHING! // Synology DiskStation DS216 Review // NAS Server
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    It only does… EVERYTHING! // Synology DiskStation DS216 Review // NAS Server

    For most consumers, a single external hard drive hooked up to their computer might be enough for secondary storage – or maybe hooked up to their router as a pseudo-NAS. But when has “enough” ever really been enough? After amassing a collection of 5 different external WD MyBook & MyCloud drives hooked up to my network switch, I’ve decided to start looking at more advanced and capable solutions. So today, we’re talking a look at the Synology DiskStation DS216 NAS server. [PRE-ROLL] [INTRO] The DiskStation DS216 is a NAS – or Network Attached Storage – server. It takes the traditional concept of an external hard drive with an ethernet port…