• What’s the Best Web Browser? (May 2016)
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    What’s the Best Web Browser? (May 2016)

    Hey guys this is Austin. What’s the best web browser? To find out I gathered the most popular browsers available, while Google Chrome is by far the most used today that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Firefox remains a force to be reckoned with and out of the ashes of Internet Explorer Microsoft has built the surprisingly solid Edge browser. Apple Safari remains a solid option on the Mac side while Opera might be overshadowed by Chrome there’s a new option on the block: Vivaldi. This is also based on Chrome but promises to bring more power user oriented features. To get perspective on both Windows and Mac I’m…

  • What’s the Best Web Browser? (February 2015)
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    What’s the Best Web Browser? (February 2015)

    Odds are you spend a good chunk of your day inside a web browser but which one is fastest? To test we’ve got a midrange PC running the Windows 10 Technical Preview and a 2013 11 inch MacBook Air, both of which are outfitted with SSDs to keep things fair. The reason we’re using Windows 10 is Project Spartan. This is an all new browser Microsoft will be including in Windows 10 to replace Internet Explorer. There’s a very early version of this included in the Technical Preview which you can access by going to about:flags in IE 11 and turning on the experimental features. This should give us a…

  • How to add a Web Panel
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    How to add a Web Panel

    Here’s how to add a new Web Panel in Vivaldi To get started, expand the main Panel by clicking the Show Panel toggle in the Status Bar. In the expanded view, you’ll now see icons for your Bookmarks, Downloads, and Notes. Below that, there is a “plus” sign which can be used to add new Web Panels. Click this plus sign, enter the URL for the site you’d like to add, and hit Enter. Your new panel is live – and will be ready for you whenever you relaunch the browser or open a new window. Web Panels are a great way to keep up with social feeds and messenger…

  • The Companion Web | Internet Explorer
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    The Companion Web | Internet Explorer

    Right now, the birth rate of mobile devices is five times the birth rate of humans. Think about that. For every human that enters the world, five mobile devices are made. And that’s just mobile. Now think about all the other devices in our lives, and how they are increasingly connected to the internet. OK, despite all of this, the way we think about the internet really hasn’t changed much. We still build for the web one device at a time. But why should we? The web isn’t tethered to our devices, it’s our companion, with us everywhere we go. So what happens when we stop building for what we…

  • WebAssembly: A game changer for the Web | Mozilla
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    WebAssembly: A game changer for the Web | Mozilla

    (gentle music) What’s game changing about WebAssembly is that it brings the performance of native applications to the web in a way that’s completly secure, yet enables a full functionality you expect from games, major applications, the entire spectrum of software you can run on a computer. The main problem that WebAssembly is aiming to solve is that while we have JavaScript on the web, which is a great language, it wasn’t really designed to be fast to start up a very large application. WebAssembly is just built as a binary format. It’s very compact to download, and also very efficient to compile and execute. WebAssembly should give us big…

  • The Web We Want: An Open Letter
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    The Web We Want: An Open Letter

    I am not a data point to be bought and sold. I am not a threat. Why are my baby pictures under surveillance? My identity is mine. You don’t own it. I am a citizen. Who lives in the world and on the web. I need rights. Rights I can understand. I need technology I can trust from people who respect me. I’m grateful for what you’ve given the world and scared of how powerful you’ve become. Remember to put me first! Balance commercial profit and public benefit. Keep the web free and open. Give me the tools I need to build the future I dream. The internet is our…