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    Genesis: A case study for biblical authority (Creation Magazine LIVE! 5-17)

    Genesis chapters 1-11 can be used as a case study for biblical authority. They can be, and will be, this week on Creation Magazine LIVE! Welcome to Creation Magazine LIVE! My name is Calvin Smith and I’m Richard Fangrad. Is the world going crazy? As a Christian it’s likely that you have asked yourself that question. Political leaders, professors, celebrities, educators, people everywhere make statements and advocate positions that are shocking. We ask, “How can they think that way?” It seems that ‘common sense’ isn’t that common any more. Absolutely. Now sadly, in many churches the situation isn’t much different. Church rulings on contemporary issues and opinion pieces in Christian…

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    How We Evolved To Browse The Web

    Hi, this is Kate from MinuteEarth. Let’s find some cat memes! This site looks good – yeah, there’s some funny kittehs and some great cattos on here! But, hmm, not that much…yeah, the pickings are definitely getting slimmer. Maybe we should try another site? But that means we have to FIND another site! And we’re already here… so, should we stay or should we go? Well, it turns out that online, we forage for information just as, say, a chickadee forages for fruit; it has to choose which tree to visit and decide how long to nom there before abandoning it and finding another. Ecologists already have all sorts of…

  • AHHHHHHH!! How Blood-Curdling Screams Affect Your Brain
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    AHHHHHHH!! How Blood-Curdling Screams Affect Your Brain

    A really good scream is a beautiful thing, evolutionarily speaking. It can cause wide-reaching results, and when paired with a threat? Ohhhhh man. Fear can set off what’s called a defense cascade — a set of behaviors that cause you to… run or defend yourself… – freeze because you’re so scared… – or keep you from shouting or moving at all! – sometimes it can cause you to fall over – or even faint to protect yourself! Seriously, fear is really powerful. The source of this emotional response is buried deep in your brain; in a set of neurons called the amygdala. The fear can be emotional like abandonment, or…

  • Fact vs. Theory vs. Hypothesis vs. Law… EXPLAINED!
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    Fact vs. Theory vs. Hypothesis vs. Law… EXPLAINED!

    [MUSIC] We need to get something straight. Evolution by natural selection is a theory. So is climate change. But people keep saying that like it’s a bad thing… [MUSIC] I get it, I understand your frustration. We’re all searching for ultimate hashtag #truth, and complex, challenging ideas don’t always fit nice and neatly in our brains. But what is truth? Are there different levels of truth? Are some truths truthier than others? I don’t know. But I do know this: Science is the absolute best tool we have for understanding how the universe works, and theory is not a 4-letter word. If we’re going to trust science together, the least…

  • 75 Things That Will Restore Your Faith In The Internet | Try Guys Live!
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    75 Things That Will Restore Your Faith In The Internet | Try Guys Live!

    [Applause], [News music] Good evening VidCon and welcome to the closing night finale performance. I’m Cameo McCamerson In world news tonight as usual things appear to be insurmountably terrible, especially online. What was once a delightful digital paradise, bringing people of all backgrounds together has now descended into a perpetual dumpster fire, tearing us all apart. Well let’s discuss this further with Ned Fulmer who’s here to show us the top 75 things that will restore your faith in the internet. Mr. Fulmer joins us as the assistant professor in the department of boops at Doge National University. Nice to have you with us. Wow. Much fighting. Such Angry. So…

  • Stephen C. Meyer: Theistic Evolution
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    Stephen C. Meyer: Theistic Evolution

    [bright gentle music]>>Oh, well, welcome, glad to see so many faces out there this evening, and of course the topic this evening is Did God Need Darwin? And you don’t have to read too long in The Origin of Species to realize that Darwin did not need God but many Christians today wrestle with this relationship. Just how should evolutionary theory and the biblical narrative relate to each other? The answers to this question vary widely even among Christians, from those who totally accept a fully naturalistic evolutionary model and dismiss the bible’s input on origins questions to those who do the opposite, who fully accept a literal biblical narrative…

  • Why Is Blue So Rare In Nature?
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    Why Is Blue So Rare In Nature?

    [PBS Bumper] [OPEN] There are no blue tigers. No blue bats, no blue squirrels, or blue dogs. Even blue whales aren’t that blue. Animals come in pretty much every color, but blue seems to be the rarest. What’s cool, though, is when we do find a blue animal, they’re awesome looking. Nature doesn’t do halfway with blue. To understand why this is, we’re gonna journey through evolution, chemistry, and some very cool physics. But, first we’re gonna need to understand why animals are any color at all, and to do that, we need to go look at some butterflies… because butterflies are awesome… and if you don’t think so, you’re…