• Azure High Performance Computing
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    Azure High Performance Computing

    Coming up, we explore what is now possible with high-performance computing and Microsoft Azure, including how you can use it for enabling powerful visual simulations and engineering scenarios. Dynamic rendering for GPU intensive work, and compute scenarios for deep learning. Microsoft Mechanics Please join me in welcoming Corey Sanders from the Azure Compute team. It’s great to be here Rick. So high performance computing, this category has kind of been around for a while now, but how’re things involving inside of Azure to be able to support the HPC workload. Using scientific computing for scientific analysis and computation, modeling, it’s definitely not a new thing. It’s been around all the…

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing | IEEEx on edX | About Video
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    Introduction to Cloud Computing | IEEEx on edX | About Video

    Hi I’m Phil Laplante, Professor of Software and Systems Engineering at Penn State. I’m the author and instructor of the introduction to Cloud Computing course produced by IEEE (that’s the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and edX. You know, there’s a lot of confusion and hype surrounding cloud computing. But the truth is that the basic principles and technologies of cloud have been around for almost 50 years – it’s just that these technologies have matured and become more prevalent, and people are finding new ways to utilize cloud computing to solve all kinds of real problems. I’ll be your guide as you explore various cloud computing service and…

  • Dr. Anne Broadbent – Building Secured Quantum Computing
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    Dr. Anne Broadbent – Building Secured Quantum Computing

    [Beaker bubbles up] [Start of music] My name is Anne Broadbent. I’m a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Ottawa. I would like to introduce my team. Rabib Islam, Sébastien Lord, Supartha Podder and Daniel Puzzuoli. Quantum mechanics describes the way that particles behave at the atomic level and physics tells us that at that level or intuition completely breaks down. That is that there are quantum phenomena that are really interesting to study and look at and that’s what we’re doing in our research group. Conventional computers are used in our everyday lives and the basic unit of information for these computers is…

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    Lecture 0: Introduction – Computing 1 – Richard Buckland UNSW

    I’ve got a series of polls to sort of get you in the frame of mind of thinking like a uni student or thinking like a computer scientist , really the first one comes from something my daughter said this morning as she was looking at the biscuits, and we had lots of those biscuits that were pink with little hundreds and thousands on them and she was marvelling at how many there were and she said: i like them so much I would like – she’s just learning big numbers – i would like twenty thousand of them i said “oh, that’s quite a lot”, she said yes “No,…

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    Jeff Hawkins: How brain science will change computing

    I do two things: I design mobile computers and I study brains. Today’s talk is about brains and — (Audience member cheers) Yay! I have a brain fan out there. (Laughter) If I could have my first slide, you’ll see the title of my talk and my two affiliations. So what I’m going to talk about is why we don’t have a good brain theory, why it is important that we should develop one and what we can do about it. I’ll try to do all that in 20 minutes. I have two affiliations. Most of you know me from my Palm and Handspring days, but I also run a…

  • Hydrogen – the Fuel of the Future?
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    Hydrogen – the Fuel of the Future?

    I think we can all agree: … …the sooner we decrease our reliance on fossil fuels,… …and develop new energy sources, the better. Whether you believe in climate change or not,… …the benefits extend beyond just the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,… …and the supply of oil and gas will inevitably dry. Tesla pioneered our greatest hope in this space to date,… …with the development and popularization of battery technology. But, as we’ve seen, they are struggling to meet… …the enormous half a million pre-orders for the Model 3. Elon Musk’s self-proclaimed production hell has resulted in delay after delay. Bloomberg estimates that Tesla have produced around 12,000 Model 3s…

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    BIM Maturity /// Easy as 1, 2, 3 | The B1M

    Lots of people talk about the different levels of BIM, but what do they actually mean? Well the levels run from 0 to 3 and are used as measures of BIM maturity; that is the construction supply chain’s ability to operate and exchange information. Level 0 is essentially the use of computer aided design (or CAD tools) to create drawings and drawn elements using IT software. It’s the first step up from generating information by hand. By contrast levels 1-3 deal with varying degrees of modelling, collaboration and eventually the exchange of fully integrated, interoperable data. Within Level 1, we progress from CAD to generate suites of 2D information, followed…

  • The Girl Powered Workshop hosted by Google
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    The Girl Powered Workshop hosted by Google

    Earlier today as the doors were opening here at our Google event, we saw these girls streaming into the building and you could kind of see that they were a bit nervous you know they don’t know what they’re coming into. When I first came in I was a little frightened but I also felt like really supported because I knew that there’s so many girls all trying to achieve the same goal.   It was kind of weird for me because I saw all those girls and they’re all like just a couple years older than me and I realized that I can do that too! That transformation is…

  • Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git
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    Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git

    MALE SPEAKER: Thank you for coming, everybody. Some of you have probably already heard of Linus Torvalds. Those of you who haven’t, you’re the people with Macintoshes on your laps. He’s a guy who delights in being cruel to people. His latest cruel act is to create a revision control system which is expressly designed to make you feel less intelligent than you thought you were. Thank you for coming down today, Linus. I’ve been getting emails for the past few days from people saying, where’s Linus? Why hasn’t he measured my tree? Doesn’t he love me anymore? And he walked into my office this afternoon. What are you doing…

  • We’ve Just Invented the World’s Fastest Camera
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    We’ve Just Invented the World’s Fastest Camera

    Our scientific world is both expanding and getting more precise every day. We’re pushing the boundaries of what we’d ever thought possible…but that means the way we measure that science has to keep getting more precise too. Are we ever going to hit the limit of what we can see…and therefore what we can discover? Well, new research has now given us the world’s fastest camera–so that’s a step in the right direction. Hashtag ‘no filter’. To give you the whole picture, back in the 1920’s a pioneering electrical engineer named Harold Edgerton made history when he was able to capture images of things that happened on the microsecond scale–that’s…