• What Is The Dark Web?
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    What Is The Dark Web?

    Facebook recently unveiled a second URL for their site that can only be accessed through TOR, which is a software that allows users to log-in anonymously from nearly anywhere on the planet – even in countries where Facebook is heavily monitored or blocked. This makes Facebook the first major web company to offer a platform on the dark web. So, what is the dark web and why did Facebook join it? First off, it’s important to understand that the internet is vast and constantly growing, and the majority of our daily usage only scratches the surface. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines only show about 4% of the data available…

  • How to Know if a Website is Secure? Experts Answer!
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    How to Know if a Website is Secure? Experts Answer!

    How to know if a website is secure? You type in your username and password, everyone can just listen up those and record them on the network as they go. The “green lock” is just not enough. In the olden days, people were told just to look for that little green padlock that says that the site has a security certificate on it. But that’s not enough these days. So the green lock what it means is that your connection is being encrypted from and to from the website. So if you’re connected to a malicious website, your connection is going to be encrypted but it doesn’t mean a website…

  • Almost All Web Encryption Works Like This (SP Networks) – Computerphile
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    Almost All Web Encryption Works Like This (SP Networks) – Computerphile

    Let’s talk a little bit about encryption and specifically kind of modern encryption and how it works Now before we jump straight into something like the advanced encryption standard. I wanted to talk about SP networks or Substitution-Permutation networks because they are the basis for a lot of modern cryptography — not all of it, but a lot of symmetric cryptography anyway. Dave has done a lot of videos on things like Enigma. Enigma is a kind of classic cipher and it’s a substitution cipher. Just like the Caesar cipher. It’s just that its substitution is a little bit better than the Caesar cipher so with something like Enigma or the Caesar…

  • Three Easy Ways To Protect Your Website | GoDaddy
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    Three Easy Ways To Protect Your Website | GoDaddy

    If you haven’t thought about your website’s security—or are avoiding the thought, take heart. Keeping your site and your customers safe is less daunting than you may imagine. Your house has locks, right? You may even have a high-tech security system. Or a large low-tech watchdog — whatever it takes to protect your home from thieves and other bad actors. It’s just as important to protect your website and your customers from unsavory cyber characters. If you think that because you’re business is small, or new, or not doing online sales, you can fly under the cyber-crime radar. Sorry…. any website can be a target. But here’s the good news.…

  • Secure Web Browsing – Computerphile
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    Secure Web Browsing – Computerphile

    when you’re building this web page and you go the content and banner across the top and a banner across the bottom ads down the side content is being fetched from different servers to fill in all the chunks of that page you might be asked for example and if your isp can replace one of these with the ISPs and server then they’ve essentially kicked out this ad network from the process so that ad network thinks that they’re serving up and out the I the isp is replacing that with their own out which means the and that was kind of paying for something which they’re not getting…

  • EMC Data Domain Encryption Software
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    EMC Data Domain Encryption Software

    Hi – I’m Caitlin Gordon from the EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division. I’m here today to talk to you about the Data Domain Encryption software option, which enhance the security of backup and archive data that resides on Data Domain systems. Today’s we’ll discuss how DD Encryption provides secure data management, inline encryption as well as key management and integrity. EMC Data Domain Encryption software encrypts all incoming data to ensure it cannot be accessed without authenticating and decrypting it. It protects user data against theft of a Data Domain system, loss of the physical storage media during transit, and eliminates accidental exposure during the replacement of failed drives. DD…

  • Bloombase StoreSafe Intelligent Storage Firewall for Storage Spaces Direct on Windows Server 2019
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    Bloombase StoreSafe Intelligent Storage Firewall for Storage Spaces Direct on Windows Server 2019

    This video will demonstrate how to utilize Bloombase to secure Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct disks Bloombase provides data-at-rest encryption by acting as storage firewall in between backend storage and Windows Server On Windows Server 2019, Bloombase EXE edition is locally installed and running This Windows Server is part of a cluster with a clustered Windows storage Storage Spaces Direct has been configured and will be secured by Bloombase Create and mount Storage Spaces Direct virtual disk Confirm that Storage Spaces Direct has been properly configured and ready to use Access Bloombase web management console Configure physical storage Select local for storage type and input Storage Spaces Direct virtual disk path…

  • Why the NSA Wants a Quantum Computer, with Brad Templeton
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    Why the NSA Wants a Quantum Computer, with Brad Templeton

    Most people know or remember from school that underneath it all reality is not based on billiard balls and things that match our experience in the physical world, but on a system called quantum mechanics. And the rules of quantum mechanics are rather strange and not very intuitive to us and so they don’t act like the higher level rules that we’ve built computers on so far. So there’s a bunch of research to study whether or not you can do things in quantum mechanics that perform computation in ways that we can’t do at the level of mechanical systems or electronic systems that we use. In particular it seems…

  • Synology – OpenVPN Server instellen
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    Synology – OpenVPN Server instellen

    Welcome to Createchweb! How to install your Synology as OpenVPN Server? (Make sure you followed as first the DDNS tutorial) Go to Package Center Type VPN Server in the searchbar Install the application VPN Server VPN Server is now installed. Now start the application Go to OpenVPN Activate OpenVPN You see displayed port 1994. Make sure it’s forwarded in your router. Following example will shows how the forwarding should be in your router. Using a different port is possible. As you saw, I used internal IP address This is the local IP address of my Synology. In the next section, I’ll show how you can determine the IP address…