• HostPapa Advanced Email
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    HostPapa Advanced Email

    Email plays a key role in connecting you and your business to your customers. Since it’s so vital to your online presence, you should put the effort in finding the right solution for you and make sure that as your business grows, your email grows with you. Running a business with a generic email address can look unprofessional. Your email address says a lot about your business, so you should create one that matches your brand. Make sure your email solution has the power and flexibility you need. Don’t let the connection to your customers get interrupted by restrictive sending limits or your email history be constrained by a tiny…

  • Cloud Computing Explained
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    Cloud Computing Explained

    ANNOUNCER: Computers and software are now a part of everyday life. We use email, set up websites, and some of us run our own businesses. We are able to use these services without having to host our own massive IT infrastructure, hiring tons of staff to operate it, spending a lot of money and getting mired in lengthy and complicated procurement processes. If you can do this easily, why can’t the government? The federal government has an extensive infrastructure, a broad user base in agencies with a variety of missions, and complex suites of applications. To address these challenges, the Federal CIO Council has charged the government to leverage cloud…

  • Configuring Mail Routing Rules for Selected Users of a Domain Hosted on G Suite
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    Configuring Mail Routing Rules for Selected Users of a Domain Hosted on G Suite

    Greetings from Mithi! Welcome to a series of self learning videos and understanding and using Vaultastic – The easiest and the most secured email archiving solution yet. This video explains the steps required to configure a mail routing rule, to archived mail transacted by selected users of your domain hosted on G Suite. Before configuring rules, make sure that you have provisioned all the users on the corresponding Vaultastic domain. If a user is not present on Vaultastic, email messages sent to or received from that user will not be archived on Vaultastic domain. Also make sure that you have configured a SMTP route to G-Suite to route mail to…

  • Office 365 Hosted Exchange vs. On-Premise Exchange: Best Business Email
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    Office 365 Hosted Exchange vs. On-Premise Exchange: Best Business Email

    Hey there, I’m Corey from Accent Computer Solutions, and this is Ask an I.T. Guy. Today we are going to talk about why companies are migrating to Microsoft hosted exchange for their e-mail. E-mail is quite possibly the most crucial aspect of your business. Think about how you communicate with clients, advertise, or even communicate with your own people internally. What would we do without e-mail? Where your e-mail resides could drastically affect how reliable your email is. The vast majority of businesses use Microsoft Exchange for their services. Microsoft Exchange offers two major choices to choose from: an in-house server or Office 365 Exchange. While both options provide reliable…