• Solving the Impossible in Quantum Field Theory | Space Time
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    Solving the Impossible in Quantum Field Theory | Space Time

    [MUSIC PLAYING] HOST: This episode is supported by Curiosity Stream. Quantum field theory is stunningly successful at describing the smallest scales of reality, but its equations are also stunningly complex. A lot of the genius in QFT’s development was in finding brilliant hacks to make these equations workable. The most famous of these are the incredible Feynman diagrams. [MUSIC PLAYING] The equations of quantum field theory allow us to calculate the behavior of subatomic particles by expressing them as vibrations in quantum fields. But even the most elegant and complete formulations of quantum field theory, like the Dirac equation or Feynman’s path integral, become impossibly complicated when we try to…

  • An interview with James Q. Wilson (1995) | THINK TANK
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    An interview with James Q. Wilson (1995) | THINK TANK

    Ben: Hello, I’m Ben Wattenberg. The President has delivered his State of the Union Address. On this special edition of “Think Tank,” we’ll talk with one of America’s truly eminent social scientists about how he sees the state of our union. James Q. Wilson on “Crime, Welfare, the Family, and America,” this week on “Think Tank.” Joining us today is James Q. Wilson, professor of Management and Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is the author of many books including “Crime and Human Nature,” “On Character,” and “The Moral Sense.” Professor Wilson is a former president of the American Political Science Association and a recipient of…

  • How to Create, Edit and Publish a WordPress Page
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    How to Create, Edit and Publish a WordPress Page

    – Hey guys, James here with Mtech Digital. Gonna show you something super simple today in WordPress, and that is simply editing, or publishing a page. (keys ticking) So today I’m gonna show you how to find a page, I’m gonna show you how to edit a page. I’m also gonna show you how to publish a page, or save it as a draft, or how to preview it before it goes live. Simple stuff, let’s go inside. To begin, as we log in to WordPress, I’m gonna take you to the side menu here where we’re gonna look at the pages tab. If I click on that it’s gonna…

  • 6 Gems and Minerals Much Rarer (and Cooler) Than Diamonds
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    6 Gems and Minerals Much Rarer (and Cooler) Than Diamonds

    Thanks to Skill Share for sponsoring this episode of SciShow As the pun goes, geology rocks — but it isn’t all about rocks. Because rocks are usually made of minerals, and minerals are just plain cool in their own right. They have a pretty specific definition, but for the most part, minerals are solid compounds and inorganic elements whose atoms form an orderly, repeating pattern. Geologists have managed to identify over 5000 types of them, and while there’s a huge range of abundances, more than half of those 5000 are so rare that they’re found in five or fewer places. Those rare minerals aren’t things like diamonds or sapphires, either…

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    The Dark Energy Survey Revealed New Origins of Stars in Our Galaxy

    For years now, astronomers have been looking at the sky to try and find dark energy — energy that mathematically should exist, but that we’re not sure how to detect, or where to find. To detect the undetectable, scientists build increasingly sensitive telescopes and point them at the sky to do a survey. And one of those had an unexpected side-effect… The Milky Way has billions of stars, the Dark Energy Survey just uncovered a bunch of them weren’t born here. Instead, they migrated to our shores and are now living their lives as productive members of our galactic society! We know this because in the hunt for dark energy,…

  • Speak like a leader | Simon Lancaster | TEDxVerona
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    Speak like a leader | Simon Lancaster | TEDxVerona

    Translator: Irina Lutsenko Reviewer: Ellen Maloney Speech writing must be one of the weirdest jobs in the world. No matter how carefully the words have been prepared, you are never quite sure how they are gonna be delivered. Yesterday, I was in London, and I was watching one of my clients, who is a big Australian businessman, deliver a speech that I’d written for him. I’d written for him this passage, kind of with Winston Churchill in mind, about how we’ve got to fight for our future, fight to protect our position, fight our competitors. And I’d forgotten about the Australian accent. And I watched from the back of the…

  • Can the states do It better? (1995) | THINK TANK
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    Can the states do It better? (1995) | THINK TANK

    Ben Wattenberg: Hello. I’m Ben Wattenberg. Here in Washington, lots of folks think that big government and big think tanks shape policy. But all across the country, state governments and state think tanks are tackling serious problems, sometimes with remarkable success. Joining us are some of the people who are shaking things up at state and regional think tanks. From California, Sally Pipes, president of the Pacific Research Institute; from Michigan, Joseph Overton, vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy; from Colorado, Phil Burgess, president of the Center for the New West; and from Massachusetts, James Peyser, executive director of the Pioneer Institute for Public Policy. The topic…

  • Futuristic Spy Tech Self-Destructs in Sunlight | SciShow News
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    Futuristic Spy Tech Self-Destructs in Sunlight | SciShow News

    [ ♪INTRO ] It’s basically right out of a spy movie: a glider swoops into enemy territory at night, lands with some sort of secret message or item, and then vanishes without a trace in the pink light of dawn. “Now where did this come from?” our unwitting villain says, bending down to pick it up… Okay, okay, I might be getting overexcited. But as of this week, a disappearing plane could really exist. At a meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers announced that they have created a material that vaporizes in sunlight. It’s all thanks to the incredible power of chemistry. The material is a polymer known as…

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    China’s Crazy Plan to Launch an Artificial Moon

    Guess what? China has announced plans to launch an “artificial moon” into our skies by 2020. And, as crazy as that sounds, it’s not actually the first time something like this has been attempted. But first. China’s new plan. As reported in China Daily, China plans to launch an “illumination satellite” into orbit above the city of Chengdu. Well actually, four illumination satellites. The first as a proof of concept in 2020 and the next three as the real deal in 2022. There aren’t a ton of details about the satellites themselves yet, like how big they are or what they will be made of, but we DO know they’ll…

  • Streaming Video at Alexander Street Press
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    Streaming Video at Alexander Street Press

    Streaming video is a powerful teaching tool. It allows students to learn and teachers to teach in ways not possible with text alone. “I think that streaming video has really opened up a whole new way of teaching.” With today’s students, streaming video is the key to keeping them engaged. Besides presentations such as Powerpoint lectures, 15 minutes of streaming video can help students learn, supporting what the teacher is demonstrating. “We have teaching sessions that are 50 minutes long, so really time is an issue.” “There is nothing to compare with the students’ own interpretation of, for instance, that writer’s performance, that writer’s persona, so that you understand the…