• Web Search: Crash Course AI #17
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    Web Search: Crash Course AI #17

    Hi, I’m Jabril and welcome to Crash Course AI! There used to be a time when a group of friends at dinner could ask a question like “is a hot dog a sandwich?” and it would turn into a basic shouting match with lots of gesturing and hypothetical examples. But now, we have access to a LOT of human knowledge in the palm of our hands… so our friends can look up memes and dictionary definitions and pictures of sandwiches to prove that none of them have a connected bun like hot dogs (disappointed). Search engines are a huge part of modern life. They help us access information, find directions…

  • ASP.NET Tutorial – 07 – Web Controls
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    ASP.NET Tutorial – 07 – Web Controls

    The web server controls are similar to the HTML controls in many ways, however they may represent more complex elements, instead of mapping directly to existing HTML tags. To see a list of them we can bring up the Toolbox in Visual Studio and expand the standard controls. As we can see ASP.NET has a large number of web controls available. To add one we can simply drag and drop the control where we want it placed. Double clicking also works to position it wherever the caret is located. Although this list do contain some rich controls such as the calendar, it seems as first glance that many of the…

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    hey guys today I’ll be sharing the best websites to watch for free I left all the sites in the bottom if you know a good website I haven’t mentioned feel free to share it in the comments so more people could find out about it alright so head over to your browser the first website is called name some of you may have heard about this website lots of people on YouTube tend to be sponsored by it to promote the website itself marketing tactics it allows you to watch for free and although there are some ads on the website there isn’t a lot of them so here’s…

  • Public hearing: Education and learning, Townsville – November 2019 – Day 2
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    Public hearing: Education and learning, Townsville – November 2019 – Day 2

    COMMISSIONER SACKVILLE: Yes, Dr Mellifont. DR MELLIFONT: Yes. COMMISSIONER SACKVILLE: Just something I would like to say. I want to make a statement about privacy and confidentiality and then give a brief explanation as to why these matters are not as straightforward as might be thought. The statement is as follows: the Royal Commission understands that some people might be worried or concerned about use or disclosure of their information or identity if they make a submission to the Royal Commission. If you ask us to, the Royal Commission can and will protect the confidentiality of your identity and/or information in your submission for the duration of the Royal Commission.…

  • Enhancing Web 2.0 Accessibility Via AxsJAX: A Tutorial at Google – Charles L….
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    Enhancing Web 2.0 Accessibility Via AxsJAX: A Tutorial at Google – Charles L….

    woman: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the latest instance in the Open Source Developers at Google Speaker Series. Our speaker series is designed to help the public understand more about what some of the open sourcers here at Google are doing in their time here at Google. And I am pleased this evening to introduce Charles Chen and T.V. Raman, both of whom share an office here and work on accessibility issues, and these gentlemen tonight will be discussing enhancing Web 2.0 accessibility via AxsJAX. Gentlemen, take it away. Raman: Thank you, Leslie. [applause] Thanks for coming, everyone. It’s a Monday evening. We really appreciate you showing up…

  • IDEA Website | Overview
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    IDEA Website | Overview

    Welcome to the Department of Education’s Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or I-D-E-A, website. The purpose of this video is to take you through the I-D-E-A website, explain some of the website’s features, and help you locate information and resources that are of use to you. We designed the I-D-E-A website to provide you easier and more intuitive access to federal resources related to the care and education of—and supports and services for—infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities. On the homepage, you will find: a search box that enables you to search the entire I-D-E-A website; ways to connect with the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, or…

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    How to secure Online Exam Management with Remote Proctoring Mechanism

    Do you want to conduct online assessment for the remote candidate located across multiple locations? Do you want to ensure that there is a highest form of security associated with online exams? So while candidates are attempting online exams, you need to have Auto proctoring mechanism for Auto exam invigilation process. So today I am going to explain you about proctoring services which are very useful to conduct remote exam invigilation process while conducting online exams across multiple locations. So stay tuned. So first scenario is related to image proctoring. So imagine if a candidate is attempting online exam from any location and image proctoring is a mechanism, which is…