• Microsoft Edge Web Showcase: Yuwa
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    Microsoft Edge Web Showcase: Yuwa

    (calm instrumental music) When girls don’t know their worth it’s a very dangerous place. Jharkhand is a dangerous place to be a girl. (somber instrumental music) But when girls know their worth, they are limitless. We’re constantly trying to help these girls to find their worth and value in their voice. Right from the beginning, when a girl comes into the program, girls are coming together through football in communities. We’ve built these great spaces where it’s cool to be an ambitious girl. (somber instrumental music) Now we’ve got an opportunity to really build something great, which is going to help a generation of girls, not just discover their self-worth,…

  • Microsoft Edge Web Showcase: SEQUENCE Collection
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    Microsoft Edge Web Showcase: SEQUENCE Collection

    [MUSIC] I grew up in El Salvador during the Civil War. And my family experienced violence firsthand. I worked in fashion, and I always knew that I was gonna go back and make a difference. I started my business in 2011. And I really wanted to disrupt the cycle of violence. I employ young men who were at risk of joining gangs in El Salvador. For us, it was really important to be able to bring the consumer into our world, and be able to give them the experience, and really the feeling and mission behind what we do. At the point of retail, the story and all the work,…

  • Microsoft Edge Web Showcase: Virgin Galactic
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    Microsoft Edge Web Showcase: Virgin Galactic

    >>Spaceflight is important to humanity. What we’re doing is transforming access to space. The reason why we’re doing that is to have positive effects on earth.>>Our business is about opening space. It is a sense of discovery, a sense of exploration of the unknown. We need to take this message about optimism for the future. We need to take it to all corners of the earth.>>This is developing an approach that will touch all and over time be available to more and more and that has untold benefits.>>Inspire people to do amazing things with their lives, to be able to think that there are no limits, there are no boundaries.…

  • Smart IoT Singapore 19: The Journey to the Edge
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    Smart IoT Singapore 19: The Journey to the Edge

    So the edge conversation into 2019 is really exploding because the kinds of insights that are needed are very important and the number of sheer devices is just growing as we go into 2020 we’re looking at 20 billion devices worldwide that’s like you know 1 in 4 devices for every person and cloud computing is very mature but we’re now seeing a edge AI, edge vision computing and edge analytics growing as well so 2019 seems the right time to place some of these bets. So the race to the edge will affect both cloud providers and IOT providers so looking from the outside in buyers of these services…

  • Intel® Solutions for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) | Intel Software
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    Intel® Solutions for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) | Intel Software

    Hi. I’m Sujata from Intel. In this video, I introduce the high-level concepts, hardware and software solutions, and the business support Intel provides for the edge computing ecosystem. [MUSIC PLAYING] Edge computing is a growing industry initiative to bring compute, storage, and connectivity capabilities closer to the user. This leads to lower latency, with a higher, more efficient use of bandwidth and better security capabilities. Developers can implement edge computing today to improve user experience and provide more opportunities to address customer requirements and needs. Edge computing allows software applications and data sets to run at locations where it makes more sense from business, regulatory, or performance considerations. For example,…

  • GRiSP – Edge Computing and Lasp
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    GRiSP – Edge Computing and Lasp

    Both nodes receive an identical task : record pressure and temperature through their sensors But since tasks are distributed, nodes will detect already existing ones and execute them directly The results are available Each node can see local and replicated states from remote nodes A task is sent to a node asking it to compute statistics based on all replicated data Mean, Variance and Covariance of pressure measurements in hPa and temperatures in °C

  • IBM Edge Computing in two minutes
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    IBM Edge Computing in two minutes

    Rob: So, I’m Rob High. I’m the IBM Fellow Vice President and CTO for IBM Edge Computing. Off Camera: So, I want to start with a question on Edge – so, why edge and why edge now? Rob: So, imagine that you’re a manufacturer, and one of things that you’re trying to deal with is the potential cost for outages in your production line the cost that might occur if any of your equipment goes down and stops the production process. Or imagine that you’re a bank and you’ve got hundreds of ATMs distributed across the city and part of your responsibility is to monitor the use of those ATMs…

  • Edge Computing and Akraino | Intel Software
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    Edge Computing and Akraino | Intel Software

    Hi. I’m Sujata. In this video, I give an overview of industry initiatives to develop a common set of software stacks for the edge. I also cover how open source initiatives, like Akraino contribute to this goal. Edge is all about squeezing the best performance for your app from the network by placing the resources close to where they’re needed. Data is growing. And the demand for low latency, high bandwidth network functions is also increasing. Applications need to be able to keep up with user demands in real time. Fixed function devices, like programmable logic controllers, industrial gateways, or human machine interfaces are becoming software defined workloads and are…

  • The IBM Power System AC922 server will give your enterprise the edge
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    The IBM Power System AC922 server will give your enterprise the edge

    This is the cutting edge. This is the IBM Power System AC922. This is not your ordinary server. This is faster than a cheetah strapped to a racecar that’s strapped to a rocket that’s strapped to an even bigger rocket. The cutting edge has a built-in accelerator that uses GPUs to crush the heaviest data loads. And with the NVIDIA™ NV link, PCIe Gen4, and OpenCAPI it could deliver 6 to 9.5 times the bandwidth to those accelerators. The cutting edge is a supercomputer with Power AC922 that has A.I. processing speeds of 300 PetaFlops and on the way to exascale. That’s about 300 quadrillion calculations per second. The cutting…

  • Saving Lives with Edge Computing and Autonomous Cars
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    Saving Lives with Edge Computing and Autonomous Cars

    Dave thanks for having us in your car today. Oh yeah, absolutely. This is very suitable for our topic on edge processing and connected automobiles. Yeah, that’s right. You know, a lot of people when they think of edge processing, they think of smartphones, or maybe IoT systems, or maybe a cell tower, but actually a lot of edge processing goes on in our automobiles today. Interesting.. but how would that work in an automobile? Well, so in addition to just running the operation of the vehicle, the engine controls, and things of that sort, edge processing is responsible for a lot of the safety features in cars now. So…