• .NET Conf 2019 Teaser
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    .NET Conf 2019 Teaser

    >>On this episode of ON.NET we’re going to cover all things.NET Conf with.>>Beth Massi. [MUSIC]>>Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of ON.NET. I am not Richard Lander. I’m [inaudible] , and today we’re here with Beth Massi.>>Hey, Gomez, is great to have you interviewing me.>>We want to have the women who actually produce.NET Conf, talking about.NET Conf.>>Exactly. I mean we are behind the scenes of this entire show, right?>>Yeah.>>So we want to get ON.NET here and give you guys a little sneak peek of what we’re planning.>>So let’s start at the beginning, what year are we on right now for.NET Conf How many years have we done this.>>This will…