• How can I tell Google that multiple domains are related?
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    How can I tell Google that multiple domains are related?

    Today’s question comes from Manchester in the United Kingdom. Adeel asks, “Is there any way Google identifies sister websites? For example, relationships between ebay.co.uk, and ebay.com. Does linking between one to the other– is that taken as paid or unnatural? And I’m talking strictly about good, genuine ccTLDs for businesses.” OK, so I’ll try to give you the best answer I can. But I’ll also talk about non-good, non-genuine ccTLD businesses. So it is the case that we try to interpret as best we can the relationships that there are on the web. At the same time, it’s very helpful if you can tell us a little bit about what…

  • Public Domain’s Biggest Hits
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    Public Domain’s Biggest Hits

    – You keep– every time you’re here I say, “When are we gonna hear new music?” And you tease us and you say, “I’m working on something.” And are you just stringing us along? – No, not at all. You know– what it is is that I just want to make sure it’s right, and–and when it’s right, I’ll–I’ll put something out. But I promise you, I didn’t forget where I came from. I still love hip hop, and I love music. And eventually I’ll get to it. – Okay. – Promise you. – ‘Cause I think, you know, we’re all ready for it. – I promise you, and it’ll…

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Register a .CA Domain for Your Website
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    5 Reasons Why You Should Register a .CA Domain for Your Website

    Five reasons you should choose a .ca. One, slap that maple leaf on your digital backpack and let’s go. A .ca immediately brands your website as 100% Canadian. Two, your .ca website is safe, secure, and trusted since 1998 and it’s managed by CIRA the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. Three, get found by Canadian customers online. Research shows that Canadians prefer to visit and shop on Canadian websites. Four, get the exact web address you want because it’s more likely to be available in a .ca rather than a .com. Five, when you buy a .ca domain you’re helping to fund innovative projects that give back to Canadian communities. So…

  • Four Tips for Picking the Perfect Domain Name
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    Four Tips for Picking the Perfect Domain Name

    Your domain name is more than just a way for customers to find you online, it’s an extension of your brand and can affect the success of your business. So here are 4 tips to help you pick the perfect domain name for your business. Be descriptive. Aside from your company’s name, descriptive words about what you do or where you’re located can make your site easier to discover for both customers and search engines. Keep it memorable. You don’t want your domain name to get too long, but it’s more important to make it memorable. Something like JacksPizzaBoston is on the longer side, but it makes perfect sense if…

  • The Value of Better Domain Names
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    The Value of Better Domain Names

    You know, I’ve heard it said that domain names have gone up faster than any other commodity known to man. To me, a domain name is the first step that people take when they’re starting a business, or have an invention or idea. In this day and age, that’s… that’s where it begins. The internet is growing, profoundly. Population on the planet is swelling, all these people are going to want to have an identity online. There is only so much “real estate”, or “land”, if you will, on the web, and there are only so many unique, meaningful identifiers, for people to describe themselves. There are a finite number…

  • Blockchain-Based Domains by PeerName
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    Blockchain-Based Domains by PeerName

    The current domain name system is fundamentally broken, and centrally managed by one organization (ICANN). The problem is, the current centralized domain system has led to unprecedented government surveillance, domain censoring websites seizing and relentless hacking on the Internet. So what’s the solution? Blockchain technology, the exact same tech behind Bitcoin. Blockchains are growing exponentially and changing many aspects of our life already- especially the domain name system, making it possible to register completely decentralized domain names. This technology makes it possible to create domains that can’t be seized, stopped or censored and fast tracked secure P2P communications. This technology is on very early stage and the registration of these…