• Name Cheap, namecheap wordpress, namecheap hosting, cpanel
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    Name Cheap, namecheap wordpress, namecheap hosting, cpanel

    Name Cheap Hi and welcome back today, we’re going to show you how to get a custom domain How to locate a good domain name for yourself where you can buy a good domain name So that you can send people to your professional wwo domain comm website Inside I like to use is called Namecheap because it’s easy to use it has great support and it’s very affordable And we will be rolling with namecheap so that you can watch and follow all the steps. Should I be doing? okay, so let’s get started and Here, all you have to do is sign up for your account With namecheap…

  • What Is A Domain Name – ZoxHost
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    What Is A Domain Name – ZoxHost

    your Zoxhost hosting account supports unlimited domain names and to help you use them effectively each domain name can be assigned to one of several settings, if you’re just getting started with your Zoxhost account these different options can be confusing so in this video we explain the different settings so you know what they mean and how to use them first up your primary domain: this is what you might call your main domain name it’s the domain you use to log into your Zoxhost account and it’s what we use to identify your account when you call us. your primary domain is assigned to use the public HTML…

  • Who Owns Your Domain Name
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    Who Owns Your Domain Name

    Hi everyone! I’m Tricia Clements with www.muttbuts.com. And I wanna talk to you today about your business’s online identity, I’m working on a series of different videos and goes over several different items that are related to that. First thing that I wanna talk to you about is your domain name. It is the most important. And what I mean by domain name is your URL that you type in to the top of the browser that is basically like www.muttbuts.com, facebook.com any of those and you need to make sure that that you owned your domain. So…your domain is different than your host and that’s one of the things…

  • Domain.com | Online success is just a click away
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    Domain.com | Online success is just a click away

    Winning at life. Brought to you by Domain.com. Step 1: Be stuck in a dead-end job where you’re misunderstood. By everyone. Almost everyone. Step 2: Recognize your true calling. And Step 3: Start building your dream on Domain.com where you can turn a dream into reality with just a few clicks. Step 4: Share the win. How will you win this year? Domain.com

  • What Is a Domain Backorder? | Godaddy
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    What Is a Domain Backorder? | Godaddy

    Welcome to “What is domain backordering?” Imagine you’ve thought of the perfect domain name for your business, and you go to register it. You’re so excited! Then it happens. Your domain name isn’t available. Don’t worry, all may not be lost! Even though the name is registered to someone else, you may still be able to acquire it. How? If you’ve come to GoDaddy for a domain and it turns out it’s not available, you can buy a domain backorder. This means you still have a chance to get the domain through Go Daddy if the domain’s owner decides to let it go. When you buy a backorder on a…

  • Beware of scams in domain name registration
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    Beware of scams in domain name registration

    If you are going to buy… domain names…and if you are confused…eh…where you should buy… there are so many websites…I will recommend that you buy it from Google Domains. domains.google.com…because…they provide the best service… their nameservers are really high performance. I have tried…many services… many websites and companies where they sell domain names where you can register domain names…but… their…okay they will give you the domain name…they will say it is for 100 rupees… per year…but after one year they will charge you 1200 rupees or… 800 rupees per year…because the normal cost for a domain name is 800 to 1000 rupees per year…but these companies what… they do…is they…

  • How to Use a Personal Domain | GoDaddy
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    How to Use a Personal Domain | GoDaddy

    Welcome to “How to use a personal domain”. Have you ever done a domain search on your name, or a variation of your name, and discovered it’s available to own? You may be thinking, “Why would I want a domain for my name?” The answer is that it gives you a unique web address that helps you take control of your online identity. And that doesn’t mean creating a website, although if you should ever decide you want a website, you’ll already have a great domain for it. But until then, a personal domain has a number of uses. You can point it to your Facebook page, Twitter account, and…