• Why Severe Winter STILL Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming
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    Why Severe Winter STILL Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming

    Sometimes it’s cold out. In fact, this 2017-18 winter is breaking RECORDS for how cold it’s been! The last year has seen over 10 and a half thousand low temperature records broken. Prompting many to ask, is global warming even real? I CAN SEE MY BREATH! If you’re one of the many who question global warming during the winter, you’re not alone. Remember when this happened? Snow?! How can we have a warm globe and ALSO have snow!? The difference is… and let me speak plainly here. WEATHER IS NOT CLIMATE. Or, put another way, weather is MOOD climate is PERSONALITY. You could tweet your hashtag current mood, but that’s…

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    We’re Using Stem Cells to Reverse Baldness and It’s Actually Working

    Some very hairy mice are bringing us another step closer to un-LOCKing a way to regenerate a full head of hair. Did somebody say a pun?! About 50% of men and 25% of women experience at least partial hair loss by the age of 50, whether due to age, medical treatments, or disease. Current options for those looking to reverse this loss include things like medications that may slow hair loss and transplants from hair follicles elsewhere on the body. But neither have the often desired effect of restoring a thick and full volume of hair. Researchers have been optimizing techniques for culturing “hair follicle germs” in a dish for…

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    The Dark Energy Survey Revealed New Origins of Stars in Our Galaxy

    For years now, astronomers have been looking at the sky to try and find dark energy — energy that mathematically should exist, but that we’re not sure how to detect, or where to find. To detect the undetectable, scientists build increasingly sensitive telescopes and point them at the sky to do a survey. And one of those had an unexpected side-effect… The Milky Way has billions of stars, the Dark Energy Survey just uncovered a bunch of them weren’t born here. Instead, they migrated to our shores and are now living their lives as productive members of our galactic society! We know this because in the hunt for dark energy,…

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    Your Skin Cells Could Make a Baby, Will This Be the End of Infertility?

    We all know where babies come from. An egg is fertilized by sperm and the resulting zygote needs to be implanted in a uterus so it can grow and divide. The key here is the union of the gametes: sperm and egg. This means same-sex partners, or partners who are unable to provide gametes themselves, need to rely on donors. But what if that wasn’t the case? What if we could just generate gametes from the partners? Soon, we might be able to. The method is called in-vitro gametogenesis. It involves converting adult cells into lab-made eggs and sperm cells that can combine to create a zygote. This could pave…

  • How To Win An Argument
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    How To Win An Argument

    I’m about to tell you how to win an argument, but before I break into psychology and debate tactics, why not try my personal winning strategy that actually got me this job. [crying] Hey master debaters, I’m Jules for Dnews, and… you’re wrong. I’m sorry about that, but you’re simply incorrect. I challenge you to prove me otherwise. Argue your point, change my opinion. Chances are, you can’t. Not because I’m alone in a studio and screen all my phone calls, but because, according to neuroscience, it’s really difficult to win an argument. That is, if you define winning an argument as “effective persuasion”. It turns out arguing and persuading…

  • China’s Superintense Laser Could Create Matter From Energy
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    China’s Superintense Laser Could Create Matter From Energy

    E=mc2, energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. We’ve demonstrated this to dramatic effect with nuclear bombs, converting a little mass into a lot of energy, but we’ve never done it the other way around and turned energy into mass. At least we haven’t done it… yet. When you think high energy, where does your mind go? That’s right, to Trace. But after that, probably lasers. And lasers are getting extremely powerful. The current record-holding laser resides in China, at the Shanghai Superintense Ultrafast Laser Facility. In 2016 it set the bar at 5.3 million billion Watts of power, or 5.3 Petawatts. Even though that’s a…

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    The James Webb Space Telescope Is Delayed (Again)! What Is Happening?

    The James Webb Space Telescope being developed by NASA is set to be one the most exciting space observatories ever developed!, with totally novel technologies and instruments that will give us new insights into our universe. But unfortunately, its completion and launch has been delayed. Again. What’s goin’ on? The initial completion window for the James Webb Space Telescope, or JWST, was supposed to be between 2007 and 2011. There were some pretty severe budget and schedule issues, resulting in a 2011 overhaul of the project that set a new completion date for October of 2018. That turned out to be a little too optimistic, so they pushed it back…

  • Will We Ever Time Travel? Scientists Say ‘No’ Based on This New Discovery
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    Will We Ever Time Travel? Scientists Say ‘No’ Based on This New Discovery

    So, this is probably what you think of when you picture an atom, right? The thing is, the central part of this model is just plain inaccurate. Scientists recently found the nucleus of some atoms don’t look like this at all, and it’s causing a ruckus because well, this newfound shape straight up shouldn’t exist. When you learned about atoms in school, you probably learned about a couple of different models– and one thing was likely always the same- the nucleus was spherical. But it turns out that might’ve been too simple. Atomic nuclei are made up of protons and neutrons that are held together by the Strong Nuclear Force…

  • You’re Too Clean, and It’s Messing With Your Immune System
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    You’re Too Clean, and It’s Messing With Your Immune System

    Washing your hands may be the best way to keep from getting sick, but in some ways, DIRT does a body good. We’ve all been taught that dirt is bad for us. In my Grandmother’s house “Cleanliness was next to Godliness” and everything was scrubbed clean and disinfected, but now with new research on the superpowers of the microbiome it may be time to rethink our relationship with filth. You may think dirt and soil are interchangeable, (they are both a grainy collection of minerals, oils, water, and organic matter.) BUT soil stays in your backyard while dirt is what follows you back into your house. BOTH have microbes. Germ…

  • We’re STILL Not Saying It’s Aliens, But Tabby’s Star Is Getting Weirder
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    We’re STILL Not Saying It’s Aliens, But Tabby’s Star Is Getting Weirder

    KIC 8462852 probably sounds like a string of random letters and numbers to you but I’m willing to bet if you’ve watched this channel long enough, you’ve heard it before. It’s the name of a star, also known as Tabby’s Star, and it set the internet ablaze a couple years back when it dimmed in ways nobody could really explain, unless you pinned it on aliens building massive structures to power their civilization. Since then though we haven’t seen the star’s light fade, and so public interest in it did. But in April of 2017 light levels started dropping again, giving astronomers new clues to come up with new ideas.…