• How to deploy automatically a new website with the GitHub Actions
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    How to deploy automatically a new website with the GitHub Actions

    Bonjour hi welcome to this new episode of cloud in five minutes I’m Frank Boucher and today I want to show you how to use the new github actions to deploy a brand new website in Azure [Message in French] so you heard about those new github actions and since you’re just starting a new project you would like to use it for building a CI CD and deploying your website in Azure that’s the video you need to get started so I will be using dotnet core because I’m comfortable with c-sharp but you can do it with no than many other framework as long as the code is…

  • Deploying and Exploring SQL Server on Linux
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    Deploying and Exploring SQL Server on Linux

    >>Hi. I’m Bob Ward, from Microsoft from the SQL engineering team. I’m here to show you today a brief demonstration of the deployment experience of SQL Server on Linux, and a brief tour of some of the tools we’ve built to connect to SQL Server on Linux. Now in front of you, is a popular tool called MobaXterm that I’m running on Windows. I’m using that to connect it into a secured shell to a Linux server running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. On Red Hat, the package manager’s called Yum and so we have an RPM package format that adheres the yum package manager. So the first step I’m going…

  • Create a .Net Core Docker Container and Deploy it to Azure
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    Create a .Net Core Docker Container and Deploy it to Azure

    Bonjour, Hi, welcome in another video of cloud in five minutes let me introduce myself I’m Frank Boucher Microsoft Azure MVP based in Montreal in Canada and today I will show you how to create a .Net Core application package it in a Docker container and deploy it in Azure in today’s demo I don’t want to use the big Visual Studio the Visual Studio IDE I want to use cross-platform tools or mostly terminals, Azure CLI and maybe Visual Studio code the first thing we need is to create our application so let’s do it so for that we’ll use the command dotnet so that net new MVC to…

  • Cloud-hosted environments
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    Cloud-hosted environments

    [MUSIC] Every standard Lifecycle Services implementation project for Dynamics 365 for Operations, includes support for two types of environments. Those hosted on a Microsoft Azure subscription, and those hosted on a customer’s own Azure subscription. In this video, we’ll focus on the second category, and we’ll refer to this category of environments as Cloud-hosted environments. Cloud-hosted environments can be deployed from either an implementation project, or from a partner project. In both cases, an Azure subscription is required. In your implementation project, click the Hamburger icon, and then click the Cloud-hosted Environments. If you’re in a partner project, click the Cloud-Hosted Environments tile. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll…