• Caching – Web Development
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    Caching – Web Development

    Caching refers to storing the result of an operation so that future request return faster. Basically, if you do something once you know whether it’s a database query or rendering some HTML or you know, anything that might be slow. You store the results so you don’t have to do the computation a second time instead you can reference the previous result. So, when do we cache? We cache things when the underlying computation is slow, when the underlying computation will run multiple times. When the output of said computation is the same for a particular input, so that we know you know, we don’t have to recompute it every…

  • Importing MySQL databases and tables using phpMyAdmin
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    Importing MySQL databases and tables using phpMyAdmin

    In this tutorial we’re going to take a look at how to import mySQL databases and tables using phpMyAdmin. We’re also going to assume that you have already logged into phpMyAdmin and are ready to begin. Click on one of the databases is now. Notice that there are no tables in this database. On the right hand side, we have several tabs. One of these tabs is the “import” tab . Let’s click on that now. Under the import tab you have several options primarily, take a look at the “Browse your computer:” option which lets us browse for any file that we wish to upload. Let’s upload this database…

  • How to move host using Cpanel (control panel software)
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    How to move host using Cpanel (control panel software)

    welcome guys to another tutorial from the GD review this tutorial is going to be basically how to migrate your hosting to a new host so it’s basically from cPanel to cPanel if you don’t you see Perl then you need to refer to your host and to find out how to migrate across to a new new provider but this is going to be a quick video for you on how to move servers includes SSL all your files being backed up and moved to a new house ok so what’s actually involved in that is fire restoration so basically fire restoration so backing up the files from your…

  • App Server Scaling – Web Development
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    App Server Scaling – Web Development

    Okay so uh,we’ve taking a fair amount of load off our database. Now if we were to go through that whole solution, we’d only be doing database right and we’d very rarely be doing a database read at all. And this is a big improvement over doing a database read on every page view. So let’s go back to what our request does. And every request remember we, we process the request. You know, this was HTTP, URLs and all that stuff. We did the DB query, the database query. We collated the results, which for you know, ASCII Chan or the blog is, there’s not really much involved in…

  • How to Find Your SQL Server Instances (Server Name) and Versions
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    How to Find Your SQL Server Instances (Server Name) and Versions

    Hi. I’d like to just quickly show you how to determine what versions of SQL Server you have on your machine. In the control panel, you can always type in “SQL Server” in the search box. And you can get a list of the different SQL Server installations. But this isn’t entirely the whole story. What I’d like to do instead, once you know that you have some type of SQL Server on your machine, is go to the “Start Menu”, click “All Programs”, go to “SQL Server 2008 R2”. Then open up “Configuration Tools”, and launch the “SQL Server Configuration Manager”. When the SQL Server Configuration Manager comes up,…

  • Installed SQL Server?…Now What? (Getting Started)
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    Installed SQL Server?…Now What? (Getting Started)

    Hi. I’m Jason Roth. In the last video we installed SQL Server 2008 R2. If you’re new to SQL Server, you may be thinking, “Now What?” In this video I’ll show you how to create your first database. We’ll then install a sample AdventureWorks database. And we’ll conclude by importing a spreadsheet into a database. This is not a video on database design, but it should give you some invaluable hands-on experience with the tools. And you can immediately begin using SQL Server. It all starts with a tool called SQL Server Management Studio. On the “Start Menu”, click “All Programs”, expand “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2”, and then start…

  • Cookie Domains – Web Development
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    Cookie Domains – Web Development

    So as we saw in the demos, the cookies can have extra parameters, not just the value. So, let me, let me draw anoth, an, an example cookie for you. Here’s a, here’s an example set cookie header for setting this cookie, whose name is name, nice and confusing. Whose value is Steve. And now we’ve added a couple extra parameters. We’ve got semicolon to end the value. We’ve added this domain parameter. And this is what domain this cookie is relevant to. So in this case, it is relevant to www.reddit.com and this is the path that it’s relevant to. So the path is easier to explain. basically, you…

  • App Server Architecture – Web Development
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    App Server Architecture – Web Development

    Behind HAProxy we actually get into the meat of Reddit’s infrastructure. We had a bunch of app servers. These are physical machines that are running Python programs like you’ve been working on in this class. When I left I think we had maybe 20 of these. It wasn’t that many. How many do you guys have now?>>180. Okay. That’s pretty significant. They went from 20 when Reddit was a big site to 180 when Reddit became a huge site. Now, these are running Python. They’re using a web framework that I talked about previously in this unit called Pylons. Do you guys still use Pylons?>>Yes. This handled just about every…

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    Getting Started with T-SQL Queries using SQL Server Management Studio

    Hi. I’m Jason Roth. In the previous videos, we installed SQL Server 2008 and began using SQL Server Management Studio. In this video, I’m going to show you how to write basic database queries in SQL Server 2008. I’m also going to provide some tips and tricks along the way. Let’s start by launching SSMS. On the “Start Menu”, expand “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2”, and then click “SQL Server Management Studio”. Type the name of your SQL Server instance, and then click Connect. In our first video, “What is a Relational Database?”, we introduced a fictional database that contained experiment data. This database has three tables: Experiements, Runs, and…

  • Streaming Video at Alexander Street Press
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    Streaming Video at Alexander Street Press

    Streaming video is a powerful teaching tool. It allows students to learn and teachers to teach in ways not possible with text alone. “I think that streaming video has really opened up a whole new way of teaching.” With today’s students, streaming video is the key to keeping them engaged. Besides presentations such as Powerpoint lectures, 15 minutes of streaming video can help students learn, supporting what the teacher is demonstrating. “We have teaching sessions that are 50 minutes long, so really time is an issue.” “There is nothing to compare with the students’ own interpretation of, for instance, that writer’s performance, that writer’s persona, so that you understand the…