• How to Import Google Sheets Data to WordPress Automatically
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    How to Import Google Sheets Data to WordPress Automatically

    Ninja Tables version 3.0 has come up with some amazing features that will definitely blow your mind. Now, you can import your Google Sheet tables directly into Ninja Tables. And whenever your Google Sheets data changes, it will be automatically reflected in Ninja Tables too… But how? For demonstration purpose, We have created a Google Sheet data chart here. Let’s import it to Ninja Tables. To make this happen, Go to Ninja Tables from your WordPress dashboard sidebar, Click on ‘add table’ from the top right corner. A pop-up window will appear. Select ‘connect Google Sheets’ from the sidebar. Give your table a name. It can be either your Google…

  • How to create a Table with NinjaTables – The No.1 Responsive WordPress table Plugin
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    How to create a Table with NinjaTables – The No.1 Responsive WordPress table Plugin

    Creating Tables is boring, right? But not anymore! Ninja tables, the number one WordPress responsive table plugin will make it easy and exciting for you. In this tutorial, we are going to create a table with Ninja tables plugin. To create a table, go to your WordPress dashboard. Then, Navigate to Ninja Tables from the sidebar and click “All Tables”. If you don’t have Ninja tables installed, or if you don’t know how to install it, No worries! There is an ‘installation tutorial’ link given in this video description. Ok, now Click ‘create your first table.’ Give your table a title. Put some description if you want to. Click on…

  • Adding Data to an ASP.NET Core Website | ASP.NET Core 101 [3 of 13]
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    Adding Data to an ASP.NET Core Website | ASP.NET Core 101 [3 of 13]

    >>Hey, we’re making an ASP.NET website in this ASP.NET 101 series, and we did a Hello World.>>Yes.>>I’m feeling pretty successful already.>>That’s pretty great. Self-esteem.>>Self-esteem is an all time high.>>Yes.>>Let’s add some data to our website. Now, when we last left our heroes, we had made the Contoso Crafts website. It’s a local website, and all we did at this point was we successfully changed that code.>>Where are the crafts?>>That’s cool. We have no crafts, that’s a problem. We also have no database.>>Not good.>>So data comes in lots of different forms. We could make a database, we could find a website that would give us database.>>Well. What is a database? Database…

  • Gary Flake: is Pivot a turning point for web exploration?
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    Gary Flake: is Pivot a turning point for web exploration?

    If I can leave you with one big idea today, it’s that the whole of the data in which we consume is greater that the sum of the parts, and instead of thinking about information overload, what I’d like you to think about is how we can use information so that patterns pop and we can see trends that would otherwise be invisible. So what we’re looking at right here is a typical mortality chart organized by age. This tool that I’m using here is a little experiment. It’s called Pivot, and with Pivot what I can do is I can choose to filter in one particular cause of deaths…

  • Jonathan Harris: The Web’s secret stories
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    Jonathan Harris: The Web’s secret stories

    So I really consider myself a storyteller. But I don’t really tell stories in the usual way, in the sense that I don’t usually tell my own stories. Instead, I’m really interested in building tools that allow large numbers of other people to tell their stories, people all around the world. I do this because I think that people actually have a lot in common. I think people are very similar, but I also think that we have trouble seeing that. You know, as I look around the world I see a lot of gaps, and I think we all see a lot of gaps. And we define ourselves by…

  • EMC Data Domain Encryption Software
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    EMC Data Domain Encryption Software

    Hi – I’m Caitlin Gordon from the EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division. I’m here today to talk to you about the Data Domain Encryption software option, which enhance the security of backup and archive data that resides on Data Domain systems. Today’s we’ll discuss how DD Encryption provides secure data management, inline encryption as well as key management and integrity. EMC Data Domain Encryption software encrypts all incoming data to ensure it cannot be accessed without authenticating and decrypting it. It protects user data against theft of a Data Domain system, loss of the physical storage media during transit, and eliminates accidental exposure during the replacement of failed drives. DD…

  • What Is Edge Computing
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    What Is Edge Computing

    In order to understand what edge computing is all about, we need to first understand the role played by cloud computing in industry. In a typical plant, you’d have machines that are generating data and sending it to the cloud via a gateway that routes the data straight to a storage service or to an analytic software. The job of the analytic software would be to convert the data into something digestible by a real-time dashboard or a machine learning algorithm. In the case of machine learning, the algorithm is trained using the data, and out of that comes a model. A model that describes all things that the machine…

  • Inside the Web Server
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    Inside the Web Server

    How would it feel to be for a moment a part of the Internet infrastructure? To be inside a web server or rooter for example, dealing with thousands of data per second? Through cables, chips and electronic plates constantly moves millions of data. Web servers and other machines exactly knows, where request comes from and what to do with it. According to our command, data travel in a moment thousands of kilometers away. They shoot like shadows throught information “highways” and “streets”. In spite of incredible crush, every data know its exact destination. Data are in perpetual movement. But, when we look at an web server from outside, it is…