• Official 3kliksphilip Servers
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    Official 3kliksphilip Servers

    I’ve bought servers in both Germany and Texas. This week they will be hosting Infernew and previous projects of my own, but in future weeks I will be hosting other people’s in the hope of making map testing easier and more rewarding. I did something similar yearrrssss ago and it was a great success and I’m hoping to build upon this, as well as to give future projects of my own a permanent home where they can be played. The locations were chosen because they’re kind of central so hopefully everybody can play with reasonable lag. I think that 16-man is a fair compromise for playtesting purposes. If you fancy…

  • Custom Map Hosting
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    Custom Map Hosting

    I got a LOT of map submissions for playtesting and really struggled to choose which should be hosted on the server, but I whittled it down to 6. 2 of these I consider decent, reliable defuse maps that simply require playtesting and tweaking. The other 4 are wildcards. You probably won’t see these in operations any time soon. They could be one-sided, or broken in some way. But there was something about these that I liked. Something that transported me back to when I first started playing and mapping for Counter-Strike. You know, like when you join a random server and have a casual game. Maps that you’ll suddenly remember…