• Study Computing at RGU
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    Study Computing at RGU

    I’m Elidh I’m ready to graduate from the school of computing and digital media at Robert Gordon University I am ready to invent, to engage, to transform. But I’m also ready to lead, ready to create, ready to innovate. I am ready to change our tomorrow.

  • Minecrafts BEST SERVER??!!
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    Minecrafts BEST SERVER??!!

    Where are we? Welcome to Trovical! You are looking for a new exciting server? Yes we are! You guys know that you don’t have any pants on right? Oh… Let’s start your adventure! Factions Explore Make a Faction Make a Base Creative Let your fantasy be free Show others your epic builds. SkyBlock Choose Custom Islands Play with your friends Expand your island and make a farm Minigames Epic Maps Awesome Cosmetics And this is just the Beginning Have fun now mc.trovical.com

  • A Designer’s Story: Conforming vs Individuality I InvisionApp Pablo Stanley | Awwwards Amsterdam
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    A Designer’s Story: Conforming vs Individuality I InvisionApp Pablo Stanley | Awwwards Amsterdam

    Hola, hello Amsterdam, goedemorgen, yeah did I say right? dank je for being here that’s that’s as much Dutch I have better have for you today hola that’s in Spanish you you woke up early and you you know how hard that is I mean you you have so many distractions you have Netflix you have online shopping you have the red dress district and you have also a beautiful city so but you’re here and and to watch me so thank you dank je for being here so whenever I give talks or workshops I do them I usually give like a practical useful actionable stuff and hard skills…

  • Minecraft C418-Alpha (The Minecraft Story)
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    Minecraft C418-Alpha (The Minecraft Story)

    Story by JCB Spawning for the first time ever learning the basics of the game Some friends join you shortly after Make crafting table and you begin to try to survive the first night Make Small House planning all the things you want to do when morning comes The morning comes and you get to explore Find the Focus Find Cave search for ore until the next day. Found Diamond Find Focus By Map home is now a large house Explore House Enderman Ender pearl Get Ready For Goto The Nether For Blaze rod Find The Blaze Get the blaze rod Kill Wither Beacon Find The end portal Use Ender…