• Cloud Conversations: A Developer’s Playground
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    Cloud Conversations: A Developer’s Playground

    Let’s talk about the Oracle developer playground. What is it? How did it get started? And what do you do with it? Developers playground is kind of like the name says it’s a playground where developers can go and like look at what we are doing in the cloud. The different things Oracle is trying out, different products. We also have a lot of customers in there who, partners etc., that are trying to show off the different things they’re doing as well. So, it’s basically, as a developer, we love code, and so we want to go and actually look at how things work and break stuff down a…

  • Why is Hybrid Cloud better than Multi Cloud? – Hyve Managed Hosting
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    Why is Hybrid Cloud better than Multi Cloud? – Hyve Managed Hosting

    Hi, I’m Graham from Hyve Managed Hosting. I’d like to talk today about multi-clouds and hybrid clouds. A multi-cloud, is where one company will use different clouds, different suppliers, to run all of their projects. This will mean different configurations, different settings, different pricing plans, multiple invoices. A hybrid cloud, is a mixture of physical infrastructure, public and private clouds, provided by one supplier. So the public cloud would be great for your test and your development servers, with their scalability and power requirements. Your data, your sensitive information, that gets locked away on a private cloud. So a hybrid cloud is one cloud, one provider, one invoice. Here at…

  • PaaS Explained
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    PaaS Explained

    Hi, I’m Tessa Rodes and I’m a designer on IBM Cloud and today we’re going to talk about Platform as a Service, and it’s hard to define Platform as a Service without talking about its neighbors, Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, and Software as a Service, or SaaS. So, let’s start with the foundation here with IaaS. IaaS is a set of compute, networking, and storage resources that have been virtualized by a vendor so that a user can access and configure them any way they want. In design we have a concept of talking about users called personas, and the persona for IaaS is a System Admin, or…

  • Security of Cloud Computing
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    Security of Cloud Computing

    hi and welcome in this video I will discuss various concepts related to cloud computing including its characteristics, its service models and deployment models and various security issues related to cloud computing Before moving further please turn on subtitles for this video and do subscribe my channel for similar videos In cloud computing, the storage and the processing is not performed locally on the system rather it is performed over the network therefore cloud computing is also known as internet based computing or remote virtualization because the actual hardware or infrastructure is virtualized from the user so computing is performed in the cloud therefore the complexity of this computing is…

  • Should Windows Server 2008 Users Migrate to Azure Cloud or Upgrade to Windows Server 2019?
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    Should Windows Server 2008 Users Migrate to Azure Cloud or Upgrade to Windows Server 2019?

    20,000,000 Servers worldwide are still running Windows Server 2008, and there’s a deadline that’s getting dangerously close. Support ends for Windows Server 2008 on January 14th 2020. So customers are facing some big decisions and weighing the various options. Option #1: Do nothing. Delete every email from Microsoft. That’s tempting, but not wise. 3rd Party app vendors can’t fix bugs if the underlying operating system is no longer supported. So most ISV’s will drop support for 2008 once Microsoft drops support in January. If your applications stop working, and you can’t get support, that’s a big problem. But there’s another problem that could actually cripple your organization… These old systems…

  • ¿Qué es realmente el Cloud?
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    ¿Qué es realmente el Cloud?

    Salutations, technology enthusiasts! Welcome back to my channel once more! I am Nate Gentile. And today we are going to discuss Cloud Computing. We are living one of the most interesting eras in human history. No doubt. Individuals like you and me never had as many superpowers as we do nowadays. Being able to talk with people in real time all across the planet, face to face, and for free. Being able to remember wonderful moments, thanks to that device in your pocket. 4K videos, HDR images processed by an artificial intelligence. Or even influencing entire communities using just 280 characters. Anyway, you get it, right? Possibilities that nowadays we…