• Jupyter on the web with Colab (AI Adventures)
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    Jupyter on the web with Colab (AI Adventures)

    Creating and maintaining a data science environment is no easy task.>From installing libraries to updating runtimes, it can be a real drain on both your time and productivity. What if I told you there was a tool that could make all of that go away so you can focus on the data science and machine learning? What might such a tool look like? Stay tuned to find out. ♪ (music) ♪ Welcome to AI Adventures, where we explore the art, science, and tools of machine learning. My name is Yufeng Guo, and on this episode, we’re going to take a look at how Colab can help you learn data science…

  • CM Web Software Solution
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    CM Web Software Solution

    CribMaster Web. No, not this. This. Not this. This. CribMaster, CribMaster Web. CM Web knows how many machines you need, where you need them, and helps you manage your inventory on the go. What’s still checked out? Almost out of masks? CM Web lets you know. You’re welcome. Safety glasses replace gloves in use this month. Not in the Paris branch, though. What’s happening there? Let’s make sure to calibrate that torque wrench on time. And let’s not spend half the afternoon looking for the only radius gauge in the plant. Who didn’t turn in that grinder? Clark. Ratcheting wrench? Clark. It’s always Clark. Tired of software installations and upgrade…

  • What’s new for Storage Spaces Direct | Windows Server Summit 2019
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    What’s new for Storage Spaces Direct | Windows Server Summit 2019

    >>Hi, and thanks for tuning in to this session all about what’s new in Storage Spaces Direct. I’m Cosmos, and I’m joined in studio today by Adi from the Storage Spaces Direct product team. Adi, thanks for being here.>>Thanks for having me.>>So tell us a little bit about what you work on.>>Yeah. So I’m a PM on Windows Server, and my job is to make sure that Windows Server is safe and reliable and that involves figuring out how to monitor issues, improving the health service, improving our diagnostics tool so that, in the end, troubleshooting is very easy and faster for you.>>So that’s a pretty important charter. I’m sure…

  • Future state of Windows Server | Windows Server Summit 2019
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    Future state of Windows Server | Windows Server Summit 2019

    >>Welcome everyone, my name is Jeff Woolsey, Principal Program Manager for Azure Stack HCI in Windows Server, and I’m joined today by.>>Vijay Kumar, I’m the Director of Product Marketing for Windows Server and I lead the Windows Server business. It’s great to be here. Let’s start by giving you an idea of what we have coming up today, we have an exciting morning ahead. We have things to talk about the product updates, we will talk to the experts, we will show you exciting demos, share customer stories, and we also have some contests and Q&A to mix it up. But first, over the last few months, we made some…

  • 25 ways to innovate with hyperconverged infrastructure | Windows Server Summit 2019
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    25 ways to innovate with hyperconverged infrastructure | Windows Server Summit 2019

    >>Hi, I’m Cosmos from the Core OS storage team. Let’s talk about hyperconverged infrastructure. HCI is rapidly becoming the way that organizations modernize on-premises infrastructure. By consolidating from proprietary dedicated storage arrays and network appliances to simply industry standards servers that bring their own software-defined storage and networking, organizations around the world are lowering costs, increasing performance, and simplifying their operations. In fact, according to research by the Enterprise Strategy Group, 54 percent of organizations with a matured datacenter modernization strategy, expect that deploying hyperconverged infrastructure will be among their most significant IT projects for the next 12 to 18 months. That’s not just aspirational talk, it’s already happening. According…

  • How to deploy automatically a new website with the GitHub Actions
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    How to deploy automatically a new website with the GitHub Actions

    Bonjour hi welcome to this new episode of cloud in five minutes I’m Frank Boucher and today I want to show you how to use the new github actions to deploy a brand new website in Azure [Message in French] so you heard about those new github actions and since you’re just starting a new project you would like to use it for building a CI CD and deploying your website in Azure that’s the video you need to get started so I will be using dotnet core because I’m comfortable with c-sharp but you can do it with no than many other framework as long as the code is…

  • Introducing cloud computing
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    Introducing cloud computing

    With the rise of big data and machine learning We can’t help but understand the most basic cloud computing services. But what exactly is the cloud? What is cloud computing? Next, I will introduce it briefly. First ,let me talk about Why does we call it a cloud? That’s because for years Developers and users of the Internet treat the Internet as a cloud and cloud computing refers to network computing. So why do we need cloud computing? At the beginning, the company wanted to store the data. but it requires computing power and a strong server the scale that big companies need is even more The maintenance and environment…