• ¿Qué es realmente el Cloud?
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    ¿Qué es realmente el Cloud?

    Salutations, technology enthusiasts! Welcome back to my channel once more! I am Nate Gentile. And today we are going to discuss Cloud Computing. We are living one of the most interesting eras in human history. No doubt. Individuals like you and me never had as many superpowers as we do nowadays. Being able to talk with people in real time all across the planet, face to face, and for free. Being able to remember wonderful moments, thanks to that device in your pocket. 4K videos, HDR images processed by an artificial intelligence. Or even influencing entire communities using just 280 characters. Anyway, you get it, right? Possibilities that nowadays we…

  • Storage Migration Service and Windows Server 2008 | Windows Server Summit 2019
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    Storage Migration Service and Windows Server 2008 | Windows Server Summit 2019

    >>Hey folks, my name is Ned Pyle. Thanks for joining us here in Windows Server Summit for 2019. Today, I’m going to talk to you about the really big elephant in the room and that is Windows Server 2008. Everybody here probably has run 2008, probably has 2008 still, I know from talking to customers, from telemetry, from surveys, that it’s about maybe half of all servers left in the world of Windows, and that is tens upon tens of millions of servers are 2008, and that means for you, that we need to have some options for getting you modern. Because on January 14th, it’s all over for 2008.…

  • What is Oracle Integration Cloud Service?
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    What is Oracle Integration Cloud Service?

    [music] Software as a Service, or SaaS, adoption rates are increasing all the time. We’re using Cloud applications more and more. SaaS adoption is growing because SaaS is simple. It is orders of magnitude easier than deploying on premise software. But it’s also easier to create new silos. You need new SaaS applications to be integrated with your existing SaaS applications and your on-premise applications. Cloud integration should be as simple as SaaS. You need to integrate your applications in minutes not months. But so many companies have experienced cloud integration problems. 1 in 2 companies has abandoned the use of at least 1 departmental cloud app in the last…

  • In Focus | Cloud Computing
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    In Focus | Cloud Computing

    – Hello, I’m Maria Trujillo, and I’m coming to you from the LG Digital Studio at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies. In focus today, cloud computing. I’m joined today by David Shanker, senior vice president of Information Technology at JBG Smith. Welcome, David. – Thank you. – So, thank you for being with us. I have several questions for you. First, how do you find the right balance between adopting cutting-edge products or services, and security within the firm? – You still do your standard risk analysis. You would do the same thing regardless of whether it’s a cutting-edge product or a legacy product, whatever the platform may be.…

  • Invest in Cloud Computing
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    Invest in Cloud Computing

    By www.ProfitableInvestingTips.com Is it profitable to invest in cloud computing? The German software company, SAP, thought so and purchased SuccessFactors – SFSF for over $3 Billion USD. A couple of months ago Oracle – ORCL paid $1.4 billion USD for Right Now Technologies – RNOW. These companies choose to invest in cloud computing in order to widen the scope of services they offer their clients. However, it is not all clear that cloud computing is all that profitable. If you are an independent investor and you want to invest in cloud computing we offer a little background and, hopefully, useful insight. As always when investing in relatively new technology one…

  • Intel® Solutions for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) | Intel Software
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    Intel® Solutions for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) | Intel Software

    Hi. I’m Sujata from Intel. In this video, I introduce the high-level concepts, hardware and software solutions, and the business support Intel provides for the edge computing ecosystem. [MUSIC PLAYING] Edge computing is a growing industry initiative to bring compute, storage, and connectivity capabilities closer to the user. This leads to lower latency, with a higher, more efficient use of bandwidth and better security capabilities. Developers can implement edge computing today to improve user experience and provide more opportunities to address customer requirements and needs. Edge computing allows software applications and data sets to run at locations where it makes more sense from business, regulatory, or performance considerations. For example,…

  • Adaptavist Learn | Top 5 Differences Between Jira Server and Jira Cloud
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    Adaptavist Learn | Top 5 Differences Between Jira Server and Jira Cloud

    Gone are the days when Jira Cloud was a slightly out-of-date version of Jira Server. Cloud has grown up a lot in the past year and has left home to forge it’s own way in the world. So we thought we’d compile the top five differences Server users will encounter when switching platforms. In no particular order, here they are. The first thing you’ll likely ask when opening up Cloud is, “What happened to my menus?” In Cloud, the top ribbon has been completely replaced with a couple of side bars. It looks totally different at first, but when you dig a little deeper, you see that things aren’t totally…