• Dewaweb – Cloud Hosting Terbaik Indonesia (ISO 27001 Certified)
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    Dewaweb – Cloud Hosting Terbaik Indonesia (ISO 27001 Certified)

    On a quiet night, hundreds of customers are browsing your website to shop … Suddenly your website can’t be accessed! When you contact your hosting provider, you have to wait for hours. Finally, hundreds of customers just disappear! If only there were angels from the sky who could grant requests … Introducing… DEWAWEB! DEWAWEB is ready to help your website to always be secure, fast and reliable! How does it work? DEWAWEB puts your website on the fastest cloud servers with unlimited bandwidth … and protect your website from attacks by hackers, malware, and the risk of losing data by providing Cloud Backup for FREE. DEWAWEB service is also ISO…

  • Vultr VPS Vs Hostgator (Hosting Review) Which is the Best Hosting
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    Vultr VPS Vs Hostgator (Hosting Review) Which is the Best Hosting

    Hey guys! What’s going on over there? This is Kmsea from basicblogtalk.com. Welcome to my YouTube channel. In this video, I’m going review 2 hosting services. And… no 2 cloud hosting services. And as you see on the screen, the first hosting that we’re gonna talk about Hostgator cloud hosting. I used this hosting service for almost 2 years. As I could remember, my hosting contract will be expired in February. Next 3 months, maybe. Yeah.. and another hosting service is cloud vps hosting called Vultr. Guys! I did an review for this hosting service–Vultr vs DigitalOcean. You can find the link down there if you want to learn more…

  • Cloud Server & Storage Hosting Helps Small & Medium Businesses Save Money
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    Cloud Server & Storage Hosting Helps Small & Medium Businesses Save Money

    You know what it is like to be in demand from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. People need you. That is why your cloud needs to enable communication on a higher level. Your cloud gives you secure, reliable anywhere access to what you need when you need it. Your cloud automatically updates so you always have a latest software and applications allowing you to focus on the big picture. Your Cloud means getting more done without spending more than you need. Your Cloud keeps technology right where you want it. An asset, but never an obstacle, for you, keeping your business competitive is critical. You…

  • Fully Managed Colocation – Hyve Managed Hosting
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    Fully Managed Colocation – Hyve Managed Hosting

    At Hyve we provide customers with colocation on a global scale, spanning across multiple data centres in key locations worldwide. The benefit of working with Hyve is that you get one contact to manage all your data centre locations. We’ll provide you with key aspects such as ensuring that you have redundant network connectivity, power and cooling. We can either provide a lift and shift operation to migrate all your key infrastructure into our data centre, or we can order bespoke kit to rack within our data centres. In all cases, we ensure that customers have a resilient environment to house their IT infrastructure as well as providing them with…

  • HOSTING Employee Review – Best Place to Work
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    HOSTING Employee Review – Best Place to Work

    You’re not gonna believe this. 8 years ago I made one of the most important discoveries of my life. i discovered a world, a world where the culture within it works differently. A culture that focuses on what people do well. Then they take that strength, shape it into something great, and then provide it internally and externally for a WOW experience. A world that taught me how to embrace and love what I do. A culture that doesn’t run away from problems, but instead runs towards them, knowing they can defeat it with any durable solution. You don’t believe me, do you? [chuckles] You know, a man once said,…

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    Security Services at Hyve Managed Hosting

    Here at Hyve we’re security specialists. We offer a multi-layered approach which is designed to protect your business against attacks, but also against threats and vulnerabilities. Our security services fall into three categories: People, Operations and Technology Within any organisation, people are often viewed as the weakest link within the security chain. This is why all of Hyve staff must complete and pass an enhanced DBS security check. We also ensure that all staff have a really intensive program of information security training. Here at Hyve we can’t share our customers all of our security policies and procedures, it just wouldn’t be right. But what we can show them are…

  • Hostgator Cloud Hosting Tutorial 2019
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    Hostgator Cloud Hosting Tutorial 2019

    Hostgator Cloud Hosting Tutorial Hey guys, Bryan with WP Cupid Blog and today I’m going to be going over a Hostgator Cloud Hosting Tutorial on going over everything you need to know about Hostgator cloud hosting, the features of the cloud hosting and getting started and signed up with Hostgator cloud hosting. I’ll be providing you with a 45% off hosting promo code shortly. Make sure you subscribe to our channel as we are always posting new WordPress tutorial videos. In this video, I’m going to be going over the Hostgator cloud hosting plans, pricing, features, and getting started with Hostgator cloud hosting so you can start creating your site.…