• Mengatur File Manager DirectAdmin | DirectAdmin Control Panel Tutorial
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    Mengatur File Manager DirectAdmin | DirectAdmin Control Panel Tutorial

    Hi, Sahabat Qwords. welcome back with me Tasha on Qwords’s Tutorial In this tutorial we will explain about how to manage file at Directadmin’s file manager So, for those of you who are curious please stay tuned and check it out sahabat Qwords, as we know, we need a Hosting to make a website and to manage those files on the Hosting, we need a software that can help us to manage email, website data, FTP, subdomain, database, etc, it’s called control panel Hosting Qwords provides control panel Hosting named DirectAdmin what are the advantages of DirectAdmin? First, more affordable price Second, it’s a light control panel Hosting Third, has…

  • Top 10 Tech News – October 2019 – Hyve Managed Hosting
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    Top 10 Tech News – October 2019 – Hyve Managed Hosting

    Hello, I’m your host Mariana, and welcome to the Top 10 Tech News of the Month. iPhone attacks that lasted two years Sustained hacks and malicious software have been implanted on iPhones over the course of two years, through the use of websites implanting software onto your phone to gather personal information, including contacts, images and GPS location data. Facebook recognition Facebook is to start using facial recognition to send alerts when a user’s face is detected in a photo. This has raised privacy concerns and negative backlash. Is brain to computer communications a possibility? A survey by the Royal Society has urged the UK government to launch a national…

  • Cloud Hosting: Self-Healing, High Availability
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    Cloud Hosting: Self-Healing, High Availability

    Meet Seb and Dave, They both used to run very successful online websites, business was booming and everything was great. So great that their Shared hosting services were starting to struggle and they both needed to upgrade to a dedicated server. Seb went for FirstServ’s Self Healing Cloud solution. Dave laughed and said he could get it cheaper if he went for a VPS solution with a larger multi- national. Sebs option gives him a guaranteed amount of CPU, RAM and Storage Daves option gives him an amount of CPU, RAM and Storage too, albeit not guaranteed, but thats ok right..? and his provider assures him there is plenty of…

  • Safestore Testimonial – Hyve Managed Hosting
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    Safestore Testimonial – Hyve Managed Hosting

    I’m Phil Fryer head of IT at Safestore. Safestore offers self-storage to our personal and business customers from 120 stores throughout the UK. When I joined Safestore over 12 years ago, the internet was quite a small part of our business, we had only maybe 25% of our inquiries came via the web, but nowadays that’s in excess of 80%, so our website is exceedingly important to Safestore. Finding a good quality hosting supplier is exceedingly difficult. To find one that you can get a hold of when you’ve got problems, and to be able to troubleshoot when there are issues. Historically, we had a very small boutique supplier, which…

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    Creditplus Testimonial – Hyve Managed Hosting

    Hello, I’m Sam Bond and I’m Head of Technology here at Creditplus. Creditplus is a trading name of Which Deal Limited and we provide finance solutions to both dealers and customers, and partners. Cloud hosting is very important to us, it’s the foundations with which we build on and that’s how we’re able to serve thousands of customers uninterrupted. As Creditplus continue to grow we were really looking for a partner who could technically advise us but actually become an extension of the team. Working with Hyve was an absolute delight. They were able to understand our current situation, understand our business, recommend the solution that was right for us…

  • Cloud Server & Storage Hosting — Making IT Admin Lives Easier
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    Cloud Server & Storage Hosting — Making IT Admin Lives Easier

    You never expected your job to be easy, people rely on you. The systems you maintain allow them to do their jobs. That is why you hold yourself to the highest standards. That is why your Cloud needs to do more than just store stuff. Your Cloud is in for music or documents. Your Cloud empowers getting work done via state of the art software and apps that make security worries a thing of the past. Your Cloud provides reliable infrastructure so you can step back and see the big picture. Your Cloud freeze you from the grunt work and allows you to focus on strategy while maintaining a real…

  • Bukaloka.com – Testimonial untuk Dewaweb Cloud Hosting – (cc English)
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    Bukaloka.com – Testimonial untuk Dewaweb Cloud Hosting – (cc English)

    I am from Bukaloka.com, Aditya Santana. Bukaloka.com is a new startup from Bali and we are a new player in the marketplace industry that has a mission to help small medium businesses (UKM) in Indonesia to succeed online. We have been using Dewaweb since 2015. My review from my own experiences is Dewaweb provides excellent services. Their Ninja Support are always reliable, delivers fast responses, very kind, friendly, helpful, funny, and even come to visit us in Bali. All in all, Dewaweb service is totally perfect and flawless! Now my first impression when I tried to order my first domain and hosting was the fast response. So whenever I had…

  • Testimonial Medichecks – Hyve Managed Hosting
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    Testimonial Medichecks – Hyve Managed Hosting

    Hi, my name’s Alistair Hall, I’m the Chief Operating Officer and founder here at Medichecks. Medichecks provide health screening and blood testing to individuals and corporate clients. Medichecks started approximately about 17 years ago. Back in the day, the business was nowhere near as big as what it is today, so the cost of the business, of having the website down for half a day or whatever, it was probably neither here nor there. But if the same situation was to occur now, it would cost us an awful lot of money. It took me a while to get onto a cloud because I was a bit unsure, could you…

  • Docker hosting, easy migration to Hyve Managed Hosting solution
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    Docker hosting, easy migration to Hyve Managed Hosting solution

    Hi my name is Jack. I’m from Hyve Managed Hosting, and today we’re gonna be talking about Docker. Docker is an application containerisation system that is used to run multiple apps in the same server. It performs OS level virtualisation to run software packages called containers, which are used to package and deploy programs. We deploy containers for users and manage application stacks from development to production environments. We host Docker on our high-performance Enterprise Cloud to ensure that your system runs at peak performance and resilience at all times. We use super fast 3PAR SANs and HPE BladeSystem servers to host intense workloads, such as heavy database transactions and…