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    Azure Unblogged – Replace your file server with a serverless Azure file share!

    >>Hi, everyone. I’m here with Will Gries from the Azure Files team. So we’re traveling a lot with Ignite tour. So I get often asked by a lot of people about Azure File Sync. They think it’s a great tool, it helps them with their file servers, which they deploy around the world to replicate those and use the advantage of using the Cloud on the on-prem environment. So you’re working on Azure Files, is that correct?>>Yeah. The great thing about Azure File Sync and it really goes back to what we started with is this question of really trying to get to where the customer actually was with their…

  • Behind the Scenes: Uniting Evernote’s Apps
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    Behind the Scenes: Uniting Evernote’s Apps

    – Hi, I’m Ian Small, CEO of Evernote. And welcome back Behind the Scenes. In our last episode, we looked deep inside the cloud at some of the things we’re doing to improve the fundamental architecture and infrastructure that we’re using. Today, we’re going to do the same thing with the client, where we’re making fundamental changes in how we build our software. I’m here with Mike, who’s a senior member of the engineering team that’s undertaking that project. So Mike, why don’t you tell us about some of the challenges you’re taking on. – So right now, we have five clients running five completely different code bases. – So…

  • What’s it like to work at Amazon Web Services? Meet our AWS Managed Services team.
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    What’s it like to work at Amazon Web Services? Meet our AWS Managed Services team.

    When i joined the team and it was very young, we were pre-launch. There still, was quite a big splash knowing that we’re entering into managed services spaces. Seeing the feedback the tweets it was great to know that we have that visibility across the industry. We’re managing a AWS services on behalf of our customers so we get really fantastic insight and breadth and depth with all the AWS services that our customers use. Some of the world’s you know biggest brands largest enterprise customers that, we get to work with have committed themselves to moving to the cloud quickly. And they’re looking to, AWS and AMS to help…

  • Big Data on Amazon Web Services
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    Big Data on Amazon Web Services

    Being able to understand your business on a deeper level, based on all of your data and driving strategic decisions in real-time, is the essence of making Big Data work for you. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and worldwide public institutions, Amazon Web Services customers are running Big Data solutions in the cloud to gain actionable insights from their business data. Such as creating personalized medicine based on patient genetic information, delivering customized content to millions of users concurrently, or analyzing billions of financial transactions daily. AWS provides a self-service model, where you can have on demand availability of compute, networking and storage capacity at the speed of a…

  • Odoo Website & eCommerce (Tour)
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    Odoo Website & eCommerce (Tour)

    It’s easy to create beautiful and professional websites with Odoo. First, I select a theme from the Odoo theme store. Then, with a simple drag-and-drop, I create a stunning website – and all of that without the hassle of a traditional website builder. It’s incredibly smooth. Plus, my website visitors have a seamless web experience, no matter the device they use. Above all, I have great marketing tools. I’m impressed at how easy it is to attract web visitors. My website has a better ranking on search engines, thanks to the search engine optimization tool. I have a modern eCommerce website for my company, with full featured product pages and…

  • Future state of Windows Server | Windows Server Summit 2019
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    Future state of Windows Server | Windows Server Summit 2019

    >>Welcome everyone, my name is Jeff Woolsey, Principal Program Manager for Azure Stack HCI in Windows Server, and I’m joined today by.>>Vijay Kumar, I’m the Director of Product Marketing for Windows Server and I lead the Windows Server business. It’s great to be here. Let’s start by giving you an idea of what we have coming up today, we have an exciting morning ahead. We have things to talk about the product updates, we will talk to the experts, we will show you exciting demos, share customer stories, and we also have some contests and Q&A to mix it up. But first, over the last few months, we made some…