• 3 Jokes That Make People Instantly Like You
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    3 Jokes That Make People Instantly Like You

    Ellen Degeneres is one of the most likeable hosts on television and it’s largely due to the types of the jokes she makes. Almost every host is funny but Ellen’s style of comedy has a way of it instantly endearing her guests to her. With… Where will you raise the boy? (laughs) You are funny, Ellen. So today we’re going to talk about the most common types of jokes that Ellen makes, how you can use those jokes to get people to immediately like you, and some habits that you can work on to generally be funnier and more positive throughout your day. So let’s start with the obvious —…

  • Trump at The Bush Funeral – Here’s What REALLY Happened
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    Trump at The Bush Funeral – Here’s What REALLY Happened

    Now, I’m no investigative journalist, but we’re gonna get to the bottom of this “Trump Busch funeral fiasco” right now. I’m gonna take you through three different pieces of video footage from three separate news stations. The “Ginger Inspector Gadget,” is gonna piece the whole thing together for you because you know as well as I, what happens when you go to a news channel? Well, they try to convince you that the guy who’s party they’re behind is right and everyone else is wrong but not me I’m a social scientist I have no political bias I have one goal to teach you what’s going on socially so you…

  • Why Jimmy Fallon Seems Fake
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    Why Jimmy Fallon Seems Fake

    Jimmy Fallon hosts the most watched late-night show on television and in an industry where most games, stunts and celebrities are interchangeable, that says a lot about his likability. But Jimmy is not universally adored. A glance at the YouTube comments section shows that some people find him fake and specifically, they think that his laugh is fake. …students, he filled his mouth with artificial blood and he spun back around again he started spitting blood all over the classroom floor all over the students’ textbooks. His tongue was sticking out like a cobra. (Jimmy laughs) In this video, we’re going to explore the thing that might make Jimmy come…