• Element hierarchy, nesting, and style cascading – Web design tutorial
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    Element hierarchy, nesting, and style cascading – Web design tutorial

    Hierarchy is one of those funny words which came from the Germans. Literally translated from 15th-century text, it means: “website levels.” In our Webflow projects, we’ll talk about hierarchy in three ways: 1. How objects nest inside of one another and become parents, children, siblings. 2. How text styling passes down through this hierarchy. …and 3. How the size of parent elements and child elements can affect one another. Let’s start with nesting. Nesting is simply placing one object inside another. So if we have a section in our project and inside that we add a Heading, that Heading has now been placed or nested inside the section. We can…

  • Gappsy – WordPress Feature Overview [SUBTITLES]
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    Gappsy – WordPress Feature Overview [SUBTITLES]

    Today, we are going to check out the “WordPress v2” feature It allows you to retrieve Posts and Pages from your wordpress First, you have to set it up Enter your WordPress URL Set a Title & Subtitle, if you want to “Group all queries into a single list” is a display setting By default, all the queries content (Posts & Pages) are displayed in one list However, you can untick this setting to display the queries into “categories” We are going to uncheck this setting later Then you can set the sorting order Finally, insert a cover, and choose to display it, or not I’m going to use a…

  • Wie erstelle ich ein Web-based Training?
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    Wie erstelle ich ein Web-based Training?

    Hello everyone. Today I am going to tell you about the parts of a good web based training Both CBTs and WBTs belong to the so-called e-learnings. E-learnings are a digital form of learning. CBTs and WBTs have certain characteristics. They are interactive, that means the learner has different interactive options that can be used autonomously. This starts with flipping through pages, includes clicking on interactive buttons and can also mean complex interactions, exercises and simulations. Additionally, the content can be learned at one’s own speed and can be repeated several times. E-learnings are multimedia solutions, that means that different kinds of media such as videos, audio files, podcasts, texts,…

  • Web Browser Push Notifications using OneSignal for PrestaShop
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    Web Browser Push Notifications using OneSignal for PrestaShop

    To install the module, go to the Modules section. Click on “Upload a Module”, and look for your zip file with the Web Browser Push Notifications using OneSignal module. We wait while the module is installed. Proceed to configure the module. To configure the module, we need to obtain the required information from OneSignal in the Settings tab. You need the App ID, REST API Key and Apple Safari Web ID from OneSignal’s platform. After creating an account in OneSignal and logging in, we created a new App. We add a name to our app. Click the Create button. Choose Web Push. Click on the Next button. Choose the Custom…

  • WordPress Tutorial: How to Change Your Post or Page Visibility Settings
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    WordPress Tutorial: How to Change Your Post or Page Visibility Settings

    Hi and welcome to WordPress.com. This video will show you how to change the visibility settings on your posts or pages. Visibility in the status module is used to set who can read the post. You can access the setting under Status when you’re editing a post or a page. You can set it to Public for everyone to see, Private for editors and administrators, or you can Password Protect it. Private posts are not visible in the reader, feeds, or in any search. A post can be private without being password protected. For more information about post or page visibility, and privacy settings, Visit the WordPress.com support site.

  • A web 3.0 website creation demo
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    A web 3.0 website creation demo

    Editor is available at https://core.wrioos.com/create Covers and offers (ads). Work as big banners. May contain text and links. Can use any 3rd party images. We support over 1800 domains: social media, blogs, photo stocks, etc. Text can contain links. Publishing on our own server… The page in key:value machine-readable format. Parsing is no longer needed. Secure (read only mode), minimum HTML markup. A regular page is

  • Set up the Chat X WordPress Chat Box Plugin
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    Set up the Chat X WordPress Chat Box Plugin

    Hello this is going to be a tutorial on Setting up a client chat box on your WordPress website the plugin I am going to be using is the Chat X plug-in found on Code Canyon. So if you don’t know what a chat box is they have an example here it’s down the corner there this little box here usually says I’m online and it’s an easy way for you to for your clients to contact you and talk to you directly providing Live support or just live questions on a product for your for your customers. So let’s get into it the first thing you’re going to need…

  • Splitwise Online Tutorial | Know A App/Website by #InfoBox | How does #splitwise app work?
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    Splitwise Online Tutorial | Know A App/Website by #InfoBox | How does #splitwise app work?

    hello friends my name is Faisal and welcome to infobox in this section, we are going to introduce a new segment called Know a Website or App we are going to check an app called splitwise which will be familiar with many of you but like I just want to explain this for those who are not familiar with this(app). So splitwise is basically a free tool which you can share your expenses with your friends or families relatives of anyone which you are working together or living together we can keep track of our expenses when you are shared something with your friends colleagues or if you’re going for…

  • cpanel intro
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    cpanel intro

    bjbj A Brief Introduction to Using cPanel Duration: 8 mins 01 sec In this video, we’re going to take a look at cPanel, and I hope this video will help you to get more familiar with your cPanel account, and also to use some of the critical important functions in a cPanel account. So this is how a typical cPanel account will look like. In this example, the version of cPanel is cPanel Accelerated. But you may also find other versions of cPanel, but overall, this is the generic look of a cPanel account. Now, you can only access your cPanel account if you have already got web hosting and…