• How To Create A Website
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    How To Create A Website

    Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back to my channel. This is your girl Shawn and I’m back for another video. I’m super excited about this video because I’m gonna be sharing with you guys exactly how I created my very own website and how you can create your own website as well using Wix.com. So huge thank you to them for collaborating with me on this video. So whether you need a website for business or for pleasure, there are so many different functions and features to their website and they can actually help you to incorporate into your website. I’m actually gonna be grabbing my laptop in just a…

  • Zero to Website | Part 2: Digging Into Foundation’s Starter Package
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    Zero to Website | Part 2: Digging Into Foundation’s Starter Package

    Hi I’m Laurel and I’m a designer here at ZURB. Welcome to part 2 of our Zero to Website series. Now that you have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, how a website works and you have Foundation download onto your computer we’re going to go over the Foundation framework. If you missed last week’s lesson you can watch it right there. So, frameworks are great because they come with a boilerplate, a CSS reset, a grid and pre-built UI components. For this lesson we’ll go over the Foundation file structure, how to add pages, how to override our pre-made CSS and some great resources to help you code faster.…

  • Fastest Website Builder
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    Fastest Website Builder

    hey guys, so are you looking for the fastest way to build a website? well, with our website builder you can have your website up in 10 minutes or less so all you have to do to get started is actually pick a template that you like and it’ll get you going so you never have to write any code and if you wanna fix anything on a template are you have to do is click what you wanna fix and you can go ahead and fix it when you done fixing it just click Publish and your site is now live so if you wanna start for absolutely free…

  • How to build a website with Website Builder | GoDaddy
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    How to build a website with Website Builder | GoDaddy

    Hi welcome to go daddy: with website builder you can build your site and just a few easy steps website builder offers hundreds a beautiful website design so you’re sure to find one that’s just right for you. start by selecting a theme for your site then just enter your business name and contact information and we automatically tailor your website so customers can find and contact it’s simple to customize your site you can edit text change colors and fonts add and delete pages and easily add your own pictures or videos you can even add cool features to help you do business on the web and there you…

  • How To Build A Website In WordPress – Tutorial For Beginners [2020]
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    How To Build A Website In WordPress – Tutorial For Beginners [2020]

    Hey this is Jay and in this video I’m gonna show you how to make a website from scratch step by step by using WordPress, and you do not need to know any HTML or any other type of coding. This website will look incredible as if a professional designed it, it’ll work perfectly on any device – so desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. And you can do this for any type of business or niche. WordPress has become the top way for creating websites all over the world, since it lets you build your pages in just hours instead of weeks or months. And thanks to it, it has…

  • 17 Responsive Web Design Trends You NEED to know in 2017
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    17 Responsive Web Design Trends You NEED to know in 2017

    Hey everybody. Daniel here and we’ve got 17 Responsive Design Trends that’s going to shape your 2017 and well beyond. Designers working on web projects face a ton of challenges this year. They have to make products that work across a variety of devices, are engaging, and appeal to a global audience. Speaking of which, that audience is more tech savvy and design literate than ever before and expect a seamless experience on all of their devices. It’s more important than ever for designers to keep up with emerging solutions and patterns that solve common problems so they can keep their audiences engaged and provide a seamless experience. Over the…

  • How To Make a WordPress Website – AMAZING!
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    How To Make a WordPress Website – AMAZING!

    Hi, I’m Greg and if you want to make a website But are a little bit confused by all the information then you’re not alone I too once wanted to make a website But I wondered what everyone was talking in such a strange language about this thing called WordPress And why no one could explain the easiest things to me in simple? Layman’s terms well if you want to make a website This is the perfect video for you because not only are you gonna walk away with your own website creation? But you’re gonna walk away with the understanding of how it all works so whether when you…