• Webinar: New Bookshare Features Make Your Job Easier
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    Webinar: New Bookshare Features Make Your Job Easier

    Welcome everyone to the webinar today called new Bookshare features make your job easier. We’re excited to share some great new features with you. Before we do that, though. I’m going to jump into just some very basic information about Bookshare for anyone who’s brand new. Just a couple quick slides and then we’ll get into the new features. I’m Christine Jones, Associate Director of US education here at Benetech, which is the parent company of Bookshare, and joining me today and helping out ith answering questions in the chat is my colleague Lara Rondberg. And so feel free to enter any questions or comments that you have in the…

  • TextAid: web reading
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    TextAid: web reading

    Use the web reading functionality in TextAid to listen to any website. Follow the instructions, and drag the link to TextAid web reader tool to your bookmarks bar. Once on a website you’d like to listen to, click the TextAid web reader bookmark. The Listen button will appear on the page. Select the text you want to listen to, then click ‘Listen.’ ‘Speech synthesis is the artificial production of human speech.’ ‘A computer system used for this purpose is called a speech computer or speech synthesizer.’ What do users think? Hannu says, ‘I use TextAid for long magazine articles, research reports, and also books. It is often easier to listen…

  • Will Accessibility Rain on Your Cloud Computing Parade (1 of 4)
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    Will Accessibility Rain on Your Cloud Computing Parade (1 of 4)

    Hello and welcome to the session titled “Will Accessibility Rain on Your Cloud Computing Parade?” My name is Elizabeth Woodward and I’ll be presenting to you today. I’m a senior software engineer and an inventor working with IBM Research’s Human Ability and Accessibility Center and our mission is to make sure that our software and hardware and anything really that we deliver is accessible and usable by people of all abilities. The way that I became involved in cloud computing was that I saw this growing wonderful opportunity to be able to leverage cloud computing to provide a variety of personalization services to people of all abilities and to meet…