• Scary Internet Websites You Should Never Visit
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    Scary Internet Websites You Should Never Visit

    Going on the Internet can be an overwhelming experience, and there is a good reason why. A Netcraft Web Server Survey taken in January 2018 revealed that there are over 1.8 billion websites on the Internet. Of course, your purpose for going on the Internet narrows down the number of websites you will actually visit. Some people go on the Internet to look for employment, while others are online retailers or students trying to write a research paper. And then there are people who are looking for something different outside of the realm of the ordinary. What are some websites that can satisfy the need to see something bizarre, strange,…

  • What Websites are most Vulnerable to DDoS Attacks? – Hyve Managed Hosting Q&A
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    What Websites are most Vulnerable to DDoS Attacks? – Hyve Managed Hosting Q&A

    What websites are most vulnerable to DDoS attacks? In reality, anyone who hosts on the web are at risk of DDoS attacks. However in our experience we often see critical websites or applications being targeted as this holds more value to the owner. E-commerce, educational, financial, gambling, government and political websites are prone to attacks, due to the nature of the site. Cyber criminals who impose DDoS attacks are primarily trying to take down your services for a number of reasons. Depending on the size of the attack, the effects can vary from: slow network performance, denial of access to the website or application, increase spam emails received, or overwhelmed…

  • Which Industries are the main target for Ransomware Attacks? – Hyve Managed Hosting Q&A
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    Which Industries are the main target for Ransomware Attacks? – Hyve Managed Hosting Q&A

    What industries are the main target for ransomware attacks? Anyone can be a victim of ransomware attack. Some attackers may target their victims based on opportunity, while others will target organizations that are likely to pay fast due to the resilience of files or data. It is estimated that 45% of ransomware attacks target medical organizations, with the idea that if lives are at risk, the ransom is more likely to be paid.

  • Lizard Squad Attacks GTA 5 Online Servers & More! (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)
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    Lizard Squad Attacks GTA 5 Online Servers & More! (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)

    Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman and today we’re gonna be talking about Lizard Squad, that’s right the same hacking group who hacked PSN and Xbox live on Christmas and as of now it is still effecting gamers plus they are not stoping their attacks. And of course as of now you’ve probably listened to their interview with BBC Radio, if you haven’t I will include a link in the description and you might have seen the news on CNN and you probably saw the face of one of the Lizard Squad member. and you can tell they are not old, grand paaa’s looking, they are teenagers…

  • Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold Open The Show With A Bang! | Soul Train Awards ‘19
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    Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold Open The Show With A Bang! | Soul Train Awards ‘19

    ANNOUNCER: Starring your hosts for the evening, the legendary mothers from the iconic House of Celluleet and Menopausal, Ms. Tichina Arnold and Tisha Campbell. (cheering and applause) ♪ Here we go now, here we go now ♪ ♪ Get ready ♪ ♪ I can feel your body ♪ And our star judge fromPose,the illustrious mother of The House of Evangelista, Mj Rodriguez. (cheering and applause) ♪ Love to feel you throbbin’ ♪ ♪ Throb, throb ♪ Uh-uh! She’s an upstager! -Girl, if you don’t bring your ass. -Beat it! ♪ Throb, throb ♪ ♪ Throb ♪ ♪ Throb, throb, throb, throb, throb. ♪ And the category is… She’s single. She’s…

  • Map of Computer Science
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    Map of Computer Science

    We built computers to expand our brains. Originally scientists build computers to solve arithmetic, but they turned out to be incredibly useful for many other things as well: running the entire internet, lifelike graphics, artificial brains or simulating the Universe, but amazingly all of it boils down to just flipping zeros and ones. Computers have become smaller and more powerful at an incredible rate. There is more computing power in your cell phone then there was in the entire world in the mid 60s. And the entire Apollo moon landing could have been run on a couple of Nintendos. Computer science is the subject that studies what computers can do.…

  • Why do EU Players switch to NA Servers? | Overwatch
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    Why do EU Players switch to NA Servers? | Overwatch

    “YOU’RE RUNNING THE WRONG DIRECTION, MERCY!” “You guys got baited to the highest degree.” There is nothing quite as divisive in Overwatch as Competitive Play. We keep talking about optimal ways of approaching the system to make for the best gameplay experience possible, and to gain as much SR as we can, at the end of the day. One such discussion has been held since what feels like the dawn of its implementation: And it’s about whether or not taking the hit in ping is worth it, to have better competitive matches. Whether you want to switch from East to West Coast or go from Europe over the pond to…

  • Cloud Computing Architecture
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    Cloud Computing Architecture

    ah welcome to the course on cloud computing we will will continue our discussion on ah different aspects of the cloud computing today we will look at or we will start with cloud computing architecture right what are we will start with the basic introduction and we will go to more details in todays or subsequent lectures so if we look at these high level architectural approach or high level view of this things so what we have at the at the end of the things what we are looking for one is that from the ah user prospective or overall cloud computing it is we want to achieve some…

  • Cloud Computing – Overview (contd..)
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    Cloud Computing – Overview (contd..)

    hi so we will continue our discussion on overview of computing and evolution of ah cloud computing so where we end in the last talk is where we are talking about the distributed systems right so i believe that we are we are in this particular site or in this slide why we require these distributed system so as we were discussing so the nature of the application is one of the driving force ah performance is another major driving force like like why ah if the some of the some of the applications some of the requirements are computing intensive or some of the things can be data data…

  • Microsoft Education: Every Student Has a Voice
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    Microsoft Education: Every Student Has a Voice

    [MUSIC]>>We are all teachers. [MUSIC]>>We are all learners.>>We each learn in our own way.>>We’re designing an acid rain shield for Taj Mahal.>>We’re working on the science and archaeology behind Pompeii. [MUSIC]>>We are working on how we can save water and it was really cool.>>We are surgeons and climate scientists.>>We are architects and artists.>>We are anything and everything we want to be.>>I want to be an engineer and a poet.>>I want to be a lawyer to help other people see reality. [MUSIC]>>We all have our own challenges.>>Math is sometimes hard for me.>>I’m really bad at writing.>>Programs are challenging for me which I, sorry.>>But we find ways to make them opportunities.>>So, we…