• Apache Web Server
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    Apache Web Server

    Before we continue I would like to briefly describe the Apache Web Server. It’s a popular open source web server, and it’s one of the technologies that in the flash paper the author’s compare against. My intent is not to give a detailed lecture on Apache. That’s beyond the scope of the course, but instead I wanted to give you enough about the architecture of Apache, and how it compares to the models that we discussed in the class. And also the other way around, to understand how these discussions in class, are reflected in real world designs.>From a very high level, the software architecture of Apache looks like this.…

  • How to install Apache Web Server on Windows 10
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    How to install Apache Web Server on Windows 10

    Hello everybody. In this video, we gonna learn how to install apache server on Windows 10 operating system. The first thing we gonna do is to download apache server. open up web browser in google search box, type apache server we will see the first result here is httpd.apache.org we can visit the page we will use version 2.4.27 This is the latest version of stable release when this video was created click download from here click files for Microsoft Windows we can use binaries from apache haus or binaries from apache lounge at this time, we will use binaries of the apache server from apache lounge click apache lounge…

  • Virtual Host + Apache httpd server + Tomcat + mod_jk connector
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    Virtual Host + Apache httpd server + Tomcat + mod_jk connector

    Hi in this screencast. We’ll see them how to implement the virtual host in apache forever with the Tomcat Now suppose we want [to] see the [virtual] question tomcat see my all the videos how we implement the virtual host and Target So what do we issue with the old one we should host in [Duncan] suppose we have Definite which will host in Target all website are located in single missions So suppose you have the big organization each organization want to maintain the server in one that’s being maintained the fifth setting one server But well Tomcat virtual office in town kid. We need [to] maintain all in…

  • How to Run a Web Server from a Docker Container? Yes, I Know IT ! Ep 16
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    How to Run a Web Server from a Docker Container? Yes, I Know IT ! Ep 16

    Docker, Images, Containers… all that to run an HTTP server? Seems complicated, isn’t it? In a previous video, we’ve installed Docker. Today, you will start playing with a couple of containers in order to gain a better understanding of the concepts behind Docker. And for that, we will see how to run an Apache HTTP web server from a container. The first step is to search if we can find a readily available image for the software we need. By searching on the Docker hub I found that official image, we can download using the “docker pull” command: At this point, you have the docker image for the Apache HTTP…

  • Install Wamp Server 3 and Fix Problem Complete Tutorial – 2016
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    Install Wamp Server 3 and Fix Problem Complete Tutorial – 2016

    How to install the latest version of wamp server and solving any error you might face first off to avoid any installation error, you must download visual c++ redistributable for visual studio 2015 click on download download the setup file that is suited for your system type to know what is your system type right click on Computer icon select properties my system type is 64 bit so, I have to download the setup file for 64 bit click on next open the setup file you just download it check the box, I agree to the license terms and conditions and click on Install the installation is finished, close this…

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    The Future of War, and How It Affects YOU (Multi-Domain Operations) – Smarter Every Day 211

    – Hey it me, Destin. This is hard to explain. So lemme just start here. Everyone has a unique world view, and that world view is shaped by different perspectives. Perspectives are shaped by how you choose to spend your time. For the past 15 years, I have been a federal employee, specifically something called a Department of Defense civil servant and as part of that, I took an oath to defend the Constitution against all threats foreign and domestic and I’ve been using math and science to do just that. I’ve been doing that in the role of something called a Missile Flight Test Engineer for the Army Test…

  • Connect to localhost apache from another device in the same lan
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    Connect to localhost apache from another device in the same lan

    Welcome all in this video we will talk about how to your localhost from other device at the same lan LAN this used to test your site on other devices ok let’s start this my localhost page i use wamp server its not important what the server application and here i make some test site i name it “mysite” var dump server now if we try to connect from other device we need to IP Network Adapter status details here your ip if you want to connect from an other device you have to use this IP Enter this ip in the url link in the browser ok i will…