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    setting up godaddy hosting

    This is Doctor Michael Haley with www.seowebmeeting.com and this is a quick video. We are going to go to your GoDaddy I’m assuming that you have already created an account at GoDaddy and have already purchased uh hosting. Hopefully the delux hosting and you have at least one domain name. So your at your GoDaddy Log in. and you’ll see you’ll be on the tab, on the “my account” tab. Well, don’t click on that but instead go all the way over here to where it says “hosting” Now, your’s will look something like this, but chances are it does not say “manage account”. I actually can not show you…

  • Hosting History
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    Hosting History

    *Music* D-Day’s success involved mixing several different cultures to accomplish the mission. 72 years later, the French continue to celebrate those relationships…around the dinner table. “Umm, it’s, I mean, it’s opened my eyes a lot. To like, all the French languages, the German languages, to see how other cultures act and interact with each other and to see how friendly we all can actually be with each other and everything like that. Like, just coming here is one thing; but when you meet and intereact with the families that do live here and had families from here, it makes it a whole lot different.” “The soldiers are far from their…

  • DHCP Explained – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
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    DHCP Explained – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

    hello everyone in this video we’re going to talk about DHCP or dynamic host configuration protocol now every computer or device on a network has to have an IP address for communication purposes an IP address is an identifier for a computer or device on a network and there are two ways that a computer can be assigned an IP address they could be done by using a static IP or a dynamic IP now a static IP is where a user assigns a computer or device with an IP address manually now this was the original method that was done in the beginning of networking so for each computer…

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    4 How to get a free domain. – Webhost Course for beginners.

    hello guys this is Ansab and you’re watching nerdy ansab YouTube channel so in this video I will tell you how to get a free domain for your hosting so as this is just a tutorial so I am going to use a free domain so yes I’m going to save my money over here yeah so let’s start so for this you need to go to a website called free NomCom FR e n o m dot c o and to center so what is this free gnome so free no you can see free and no fee them so it describes a registered a domain for free it…

  • GCP Computing Architectures – Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure #5
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    GCP Computing Architectures – Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure #5

    Virtualized data centers brought you Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS, and Platform as a Service, PaaS offerings. IaaS offerings provide raw compute, storage, and network organized in ways that are familiar from data centers. PaaS offerings, on the other hand, bind application code you write to libraries that give access to the infrastructure your application needs. That way, you can just focus on your application logic. In the IaaS model, you pay for what you allocate. In the PaaS model, you pay for what you use. Both sure beat the old way where you bought everything in advance based on lots of risky forecasting. As Cloud Computing has evolved, the…

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    What is a DMZ? (Demilitarized Zone)

    What is a DMZ? DMZ stands for a demilitarized Zone, so that’s what we’re going to talk about in this video now a DMZ is used to improve the security of an organization’s network by segregating devices such as Computers and servers on the opposite sides of a firewall, so it’s sort of like creating two separate networks So the question is why would you want to do this? And how does a DMZ accomplish this? So let’s do an example here So here we have a network that belongs to a company and this company has computers and servers That are behind a firewall and in this company we…

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    Monteagudo Seed System

    Hi, my name is Matías Monteagudo. I am the son of Óscar, a psychologist and, specially, an inventor. Invention has been my father’s passion for his entire life. He never had much resources, though. But that didn’t stop him from piling up his creations in the workshop. You know, some of those are like my siblings. And now we are giving this one for early adoption. We all need AgroTech to secure his food in a world dying of hunger. Think about those delicious veggies you enjoyed in your last meal. Many come in small packages. But sowing tiny seeds is no easy task. It requires heavy machinery that often…

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    How to swap/switch addon domain with primary domain(GoDaddy+WordPress)

    This is Yasir from WPHowKnow and in today’s video I will show you how to swap add-on domain with primary domain along with the websites and their data in 5 simple steps and I will also cover the points that are important while swapping the domains So let’s begin. I am already logged into my GoDaddy account here You can see two two means that I want to swap Both of these websites are running on WordPress. This domian yasirworkfolio is the primary domain and the domain WPHowKnow is the add-on domain. First, let’s see what is the content on our primary domain which is yasirworkfolio and here you can…

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    How to Add Your Website to Google Search (2018) | WordPress Google Search Console Tutorial

    In this video, we’ll show you how to add your website to Google Search. Once you’ve created a new website or blog and you’re ready to share it with the world, there’s a few simple things you need to do in order to make sure people can find it. This is what’s referred to as ‘indexing your website’ and in this video we’ll show you how to do it. So, let’s get to it. We’ve created an article that accompanies this video on the OHKLYN blog (the link will be in the description below). Here you’ll find the step by step instructions that you can follow along with, as well…

  • How your organization can benefit from hosting an ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunt
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    How your organization can benefit from hosting an ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunt

    [MUSIC] Looking for a proven, cost-effective way to engage your staff and boost the bottom line at your organization? Discover a trove of hidden energy savings and have fun doing it with an ENERGY STAR® Treasure Hunt! It’s simple. With help from ENERGY STAR, you can build a team of intrepid energy explorers to prospect for undiscovered cost savings in your facility. You’ll bring together facility staff and occupants, employees, specialists, and others— all aboard with a common goal— to fill the chest with energy gold! Once you discover how to make improvements, the savings can quickly add up. Making simple, low- and no-cost changes, like turning off unneeded lights…