• Web Accessibility Matters: Assistive Technologies Drive Innovation
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    Web Accessibility Matters: Assistive Technologies Drive Innovation

    There’s been more people liberated in all the history of civilization by information technology in the last 35 years then all the wars and revolutions in human history. And now I’d like to show you what some of those technologies are because we have such a panorama of human ingenuity going on that are bridging the challenges and making it possible for people with a variety of challenges or disabilities or even temporary impairments to be able to perceive and participate in ways that simply weren’t possible before. Living in a digital age means that everything’s now digitized it means that things that — words ideas innovations — that couldn’t…

  • Chapter 9, part 2: Web
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    Chapter 9, part 2: Web

    Welcome to this series of videos on accessibility requirements for public procurement of ICT products and services in Europe, the EN 301 549 standard. This is the second part of video 9. It’s sponsored by Microsoft and produced by Funka. My name is Susanna Laurin, I’m an accessibility expert with a long experience in standardisation. This video covers the second part of chapter 9 in the EN standard. If you haven’t watched the first part of video 9, you should do that first. 9.2.15 Keyboard is based on WCAG 2.0 Success Criterion 2.1.1 Keyboard. The user should be able to interact with the interface in his or her preferred way.…

  • Create accessible navigation from scratch with WordPress – WPCampus 2018 – WordPress in Higher Ed
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    Create accessible navigation from scratch with WordPress – WPCampus 2018 – WordPress in Higher Ed

    – [Brian] All right, I have 10 o’clock, so let’s get started. Welcome our speaker this morning, Adam. Adam Berkowitz is a web developer for the University of Connecticut’s Office of the University of Communications. In his position there, Adam has taken an active role in the area of web accessibility. So, thanks very much, Adam. – [Adam] All right. Good morning, everyone. Thank you for coming and being here today. Before we get started, I just wanna say one small thing for the people who are sitting kinda far back. Hi, good morning. You may wish to follow the slides through that link there. Some of the code examples,…

  • Accessibility updates in OneDrive for Business on the web
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    Accessibility updates in OneDrive for Business on the web

    (machine startup) (music) If you’re interested in file access and sharing improvements in Office 365 for people with disabilities. (Accessibility updates for OneDrive for Business) In the next few minutes, I’ll give you an overview of the latest updates in OneDrive for Business. (Accessibility updates for OneDrive for Business) I’ll show you the work our team is doing to offer an enhanced experience when using screen reader and keyboard to navigate through files in OneDrive for Business on the web. (Melissa Torres, Program Mgr., OneDrive) Many features and commands are available directly by using the keyboard. Using the Tab Key, you can move between the main portions of the page…

  • Webinar: New Bookshare Features Make Your Job Easier
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    Webinar: New Bookshare Features Make Your Job Easier

    Welcome everyone to the webinar today called new Bookshare features make your job easier. We’re excited to share some great new features with you. Before we do that, though. I’m going to jump into just some very basic information about Bookshare for anyone who’s brand new. Just a couple quick slides and then we’ll get into the new features. I’m Christine Jones, Associate Director of US education here at Benetech, which is the parent company of Bookshare, and joining me today and helping out ith answering questions in the chat is my colleague Lara Rondberg. And so feel free to enter any questions or comments that you have in the…

  • Accessible 360 – Web & App Accessibility Consulting
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    Accessible 360 – Web & App Accessibility Consulting

    Customer service. How can I help you? Hi. First time shopping your website, and I can’t seem to check out. Just head to the upper left-hand corner of the screen- Actually… I’m blind. Oh! …I didn’t know. [laughs] It’s alright. Anyway, I’d love to shop your store, but I guess your website isn’t accessible to those of us with a disability. Accessible? Accessible websites make it easy for a visually impaired person, like me, to be able to shop and buy things on the site. It’s pretty important. We spend twice as much time online. And one in five Americans have a disability. Whether that’s physical, cognitive, or a hearing and visual impairment. One in five Americans have a disability And that can make interacting with your website or your mobile apps difficult. If they can’t complete a purchase, you’re missing out on that business We’re really excited to have our audit team lead by accessibility engineer Aaron Cannon. Everyday I get to go to work and make the world a better place. I understand what it’s like to be a user with a disability. I understand what makes a site not only technically accessible, but also a pleasure to use. We work with you to bring your site up to the level of accessibility compliance that’s appropriate.…

  • Creating an accessible web (AD)
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    Creating an accessible web (AD)

    Ultimately, we’re all responsible in making the Web accessible to everyone. You shouldn’t have any kind of barrier to you if you’re trying to access important information. Well, in terms of accessibility, there’s two sides of the coin that need to be addressed. One is to make sure that consumers have all of the tools they need, like a screen reader, onscreen keyboard, onscreen alerts, but in order for those technologies to work, you have to design the Web and the web pages and web materials in a particular way. WOMAN: I find making payments on the internet really difficult. Often there’s sections that I’ve missed to fill in or…

  • What Is The Dark Web?
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    What Is The Dark Web?

    Facebook recently unveiled a second URL for their site that can only be accessed through TOR, which is a software that allows users to log-in anonymously from nearly anywhere on the planet – even in countries where Facebook is heavily monitored or blocked. This makes Facebook the first major web company to offer a platform on the dark web. So, what is the dark web and why did Facebook join it? First off, it’s important to understand that the internet is vast and constantly growing, and the majority of our daily usage only scratches the surface. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines only show about 4% of the data available…

  • Web Accessibility Perspectives: Video Captions
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    Web Accessibility Perspectives: Video Captions

    Video isn’t just about pictures, it’s also about sound. Without the audio you would have to guess what this film is about. Frustrating, isn’t it? Not knowing what’s going on. That’s the situation for everyone who can’t hear. Captions make videos accessible. Which is also handy for people who want to watch video in loud environments. Or where you need to be very, very quiet. Web accessibility: Essential for some, useful for all.