Synology – OpenVPN Server instellen
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Synology – OpenVPN Server instellen

Welcome to Createchweb! How to install your Synology as OpenVPN Server?
(Make sure you followed as first the DDNS tutorial) Go to Package Center Type VPN Server in the searchbar Install the application VPN Server VPN Server is now installed.
Now start the application Go to OpenVPN Activate OpenVPN You see displayed port 1994.
Make sure it’s forwarded in your router. Following example will shows how the forwarding should be in your router.
Using a different port is possible. As you saw, I used internal IP address
This is the local IP address of my Synology. In the next section, I’ll show how you can determine the IP address of your Synology. Go to General Settings The local IP-adres of your Synology is displayed at “Network interface” If it’s good you’ve forwarded the port in your router.
We continue with the installation of the VPN Server. Change the protocol from UDP to TCP Acces clients to the local netwerk (LAN) and press “Apply” If it’s good you already did the port forwarding and you can press “OK” Export the config files You have now downloaded 3 files
– CA certificate
– OpenVPN file
– README file We must adjust the OpenVPN File.
Open it with “Notepad” As first we gonna replace the text “YOUR_SERVER_IP” for the DDNS name of your Synology. You can find this DDNS name as follows…. Replace this DDNS name for YOUR_SERVER_IP We see port 1194 again.
If you have not adjusted it, you can leave it.
Have you changed this? Then also adjust here. Remove the # symbol for redirect gateway Replace the text DNS_IP_ADDRESS for and remove the # symbol for DHCP-OPTION Change the value at reneg-sec from 0 to 3600 You’re finished adjusting the OpenVPN file.
Save it (Just save and not save as) Extract the zip file and save it somewhere Now open the saved folder and connect your Android device to your computer Copy the CA certificate and the OpenVPN file to the SD card of your Andriod Device. Install OpenVPN Connect app on your android device.
After you have imported the configuration files on the app, you can set up a VPN connection to your Synology! The credentials for the VPN connection are the same as the credentials of your Synology. Pay attention!
A VPN connection can be set up only from an external network.
So this means that your andriod device must not be connected to your home Wi-Fi! More information about
– VPN Server?
– OpenVPN Connect?
– Connecting Apple Device’s to OpenVPN?
– Connecting Andriod Device’s to OpenVPN? Visit!


  • Norman Tan

    Hello, thank you for your wonderful video. This is the best video o Synology and OpenVPN that i can find on internet and youtube. I have followed every step on your videos and I am still not able to connect after editing the config file. I would like to know (at video 5:09) why do we need to change the DNS_IP_Address to or should this be replaced by Synology External IP address or IP address?

    Thank you.

  • La Var Blalock

    Not sure if you still monitor this. Is there a way for me to allow access to my other network resources. Like I have the OpenVPN setup on my Synology device and i have the client installed on my laptop. I also have a server which is on the same network. IS there a way to allow me to access the same subnet that these devices are on. Instead of just the Synology NAS?

  • Jelle Ruben

    Dankzij deze video, heb ik een OpenVPN kunnen zetten, mijn Android telefoon kan ook mooi ermee verbinden. Nu kijken wat ik ermee kan doen.

  • Deepa Kaur

    Great video!! However i want to use this to backup to another synology device(oiffsite). So basically i did everything as in your video till modifying and saving the export file. But after this i do not know how to make the connection to the off site device….do i need to have these export files stored on that device and import it somewhere on that device? any help would be appreciated. thank you!!

  • Shree B

    Hello buddy, I dont know why but for some reasons i'm unable to setup DDNS. no matter what i give in the Hostname its throwing an error "Connection error. Please try again later." can you please help me how do i resolve this issue. thank you

  • marcel veldhuisen

    het hele verhaaltje klopt alleen bij mij krijg ik niet de notificatie dat de file gewijzigd is en of ik de wijziging wil bevestigen

  • Rocky S

    So can I use the connection with my nas in order to remotely connect with my desktop with RDP ? Thanks and a nice video !

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