Super Mario Smash Block Challenge ft. Game Grumps

– Hey guys, we are on the set
of Buddy System season two and in our absence, it’s time for another special guest host. – And today that guest host is one of our most requested hosts for
the Good Mythical Summer, Game Grumps, enjoy the show. – Today we smash, Mario style. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat funky music) – Good mythical summer. – Hi, my name is Arin and
this is my friend, Dan. When we’re not hosting
Good Mythical Summer, we’re doing our own gameplay
stuff on Game Grumps. That was the way I
formulated that sentence. – Yeah, you said it very carefully. – Yes, absolutely.
– Very carefully. – Our friends Rhett and
Link asked us to do this and we were super excited to
do it because we love them and you might think that
because we play video games for a living, we’re good
at them and we know a lot about them, but that’s not true. – No so. You may think that because
of my big Mario hat that’s where I, my big
Mario hot, my big Mario hat, that’s where I’m hiding
my ginormous brain. (crew laughs) Not so, in fact, I have a
mark on my head from it. – Yes, it’s just (laughs) – Anyway, let’s play some
Mario games, shall we? – Well we’re not gonna play them, we’re gonna test our Mario trivia. – That’s the same thing. – Let’s do it. – [Both] It’s the Super
Mario Smash Block Challenge. – Wahoo, it’s a-me, Mario! – And also it’s a me, Luigi. – Okay, maybe put a little effort into it. – Mario, tell us how this is gonna work. – Well we’re gonna be asking each other Mario-related questions.
(laughs) – Okay super, and then there will be weird stuff in the boxes. There will be either
coins or a Mario-related disgusting mess, and
depending on whether we get the questions right or wrong. Wait, I’m not explaining
this right, explain it. – If you get the question right, then you get to choose which
block that you stand under. – That’s what I said. (crew laughs) Let’s do it! – Wahoo! – [Both] Round one. – Well, Luigi, here is the first question. – I can’t wait. – Question one, the character
Mario that we all know and love wasn’t always known as Mario. Before that, the red
overall-wearing mustached man went by the following names,
Jumpman, Mr. Video, and A. Fix It Guy, B.
Middle-Aged Guy, C. Mr. Guy, and D. Potentially Offensive
Italian Stereotype Guy. – Oh (laughs) uh, um, Fix It Guy? – Wrong, the answer
was B. Middle-Aged Guy. – It is not, really?
– Heck yeah. – He was known as Middle-Aged Guy? – Yeah, because his
original name was Osan, which in Japanese means middle aged guy. – Oh, of course, I should have known. (crew laughs) – Well I get to choose your fate now. – Aw man. – You get that one and
I get this one, yahoo. – Okay, this will be fun. – I hope the card doesn’t get ruined. I guess I’ll just stick that there. – Prepare. Prepare the punching. – Okay, uh, three, two, one. (they groan) – I got the coins!
– I didn’t get the coins. (crew laughs) I didn’t get the coins. – Yippee. – It’s eggs. I got the eggs. – You got the eggs. And the song. – [Both] Round two. – Welcome back, it’s a-me, Luigi. Just want you to see what
happened to my back here. It’s good. – Mama mia. (groans) Wasn’t that fun, Luigi? (crew laughs) – All right, Super Mario
Brothers two was actually repurposed from a Japanese
game called (grumbles) oh I can’t talk in this
mustache, ah, okay. Super Mario Brothers two was
actually repurposed from a Japanese game called Doki Doki Panic. It underwent several changes
for its release in America, including giving the
characters larger heads to prevent them from A.
getting into places in the game they were not supposed to go, B. Potential character
copyright infringements C. Appearing too lifelike, D. Not looking enough
like James Van Der Beek. Hm, that’s a problem. – I’m going to go with
copyright infringement. – Okay, you’re wrong! – Wahoo. – It was A. Getting
into places in the game they were not supposed to go. Okay, uh. I want you to get in
this one, the egg pool. – You got it, brother Luigi. – Here we go, what could go wrong? Every day is a blessing. – One, two, three, go. Coins! – What is that, oatmeal? (Arin and crew laugh) Oh, it’s so cold. – Wahoo! – It’s ice cream, I think it’s ice cream. – [Stevie] It’s a Starbucks Frappuccino. – Oh god. – [Stevie] Star bucks, get it? – Now you will be invincible. – It’s an actual nightmare. (crew laughs) – Oh my shoes got a little eggy. (crew laughs) – [Both] Round three. – Wahoo, isn’t this fun, Luigi? – Welcome back to Everything
Sucks, round three. – I have another question for you, Luigi. – Please, do it. – Did you know that
Princess Peach and Bowser were not always mortal enemies? A scene in the Japanese version
of the 1992 Super Mario Kart shows the princess and
Bowser doing what together? A. Hugging and kissing B. Chugging bottles of champagne C. Celebratory dancing, or D. Poppers. (laughing) – Um, no, they wouldn’t
have had them making out lizard-style, I’m gonna say C. – Celebratory dancing? – Celebratory dancing. – That is incorrect. It’s B. Chugging bottles of champagne. – Wow. – It was cut for the American version. – I mean, that doesn’t
mean they’re friends. You drink with people you
hate all the time. (laughs) Oh wait wait wait wait. Okay, it’s in all the places. – Well I get to choose. Hmm, which one am I gonna choose? I’m gonna go with you take this one, and I’ll take that one. – I swear to god. – Oh boy. – Here we go. – Are you ready, Luigi? – Yes, of course I am,
how could it get worse? – Three, two, one, jump! Another coins. – Am I a cake? What are you guys making here? (crew laughs) – Luigi, isn’t this fun? That’s because Princess
Peach makes a cake. – [Both] Round four. – Wahoo, this sure is fun. Oh gross, I got some coins stuck on me. Ew. (crew laughs) – The 1993 Super Mario
Brothers movie starring Bob Hoskins and John
Leguizamo was unique in that it was the very first film that a, god, I hate your face right now. A. Had a promotional website B. Featured an entirely CGI character C. Was based on a video game D. I made out to. (crew laughs) – An entirely CGI character. – Wrong, it was based on a video game. Fun fact, both Bob
Hoskins and John Leguizamo admitted this movie was the
biggest regret of their careers. I know how they feel. (crew laughs) Take that one.
– This one? – Get in that one. – Okay. Ooh boy. Can’t wait for those coins. Here we go. Three, two, one, jump. I got the coins. Hooray for Mario. Wahoo. (crew laughs)
(Dan cries) – Well, this sure has been an adventure, hasn’t it, Luigi? (laughs) – I’m filled with so much hate. I need this hate out of my body. – Just like the real Luigi. Thanks for liking and
commenting and subscribing. You know what time it is. – You know what time, oh, it’s mushrooms. That’s what this is. – I’m Jordan.
– I’m Brandon. – And we’re at a Cleveland Indians game. – [Both] And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Hello, it is now 45 minutes later because that’s how long
it took for me to get all of the things out of all my places. – Dan, I’m so sorry for your mess, and so the Good Mythical Crew
got us some delicious treats. – Aww, I can’t wait to eat this. – For us to snack on with our eyes. (they laugh) – Thank you, that’s adorable. I’ll go right to Starbucks and
dunk this in a Frappuccino. Just for reality purposes. – Oh what’s this? Oh look at this, Link’s peculiarly perfect peanut peppermint, is this lip balm? – Where do I put that? (laughs) I mean, I trust Link. – You can put it anywhere. – He’s a good man, but okay,
let’s put it on right now. Oh, it is lip balm. – This is lip balm, right? – I hope it’s lip balm. – Okay, it’s not butt balm, I’m not gonna? – It might be butt balm. Okay, ooh, that’s nice actually. – Ooh, very pleasant.
– Well done, Link. – And we got t-shirts. This is mine and you can get yours. – Okay, thanks. I love it. – Yay.
– Oh, this is so nice. – Thanks for giving us these shirts. It’s like I’m wearing it. – I mean, almost, yeah, let’s just, okay. How do we look? Oh that’s so cool. Oh and there’s a squirrel
with a, no, is it a squirrel? With a mouse with a hat with a antlers? – We got hats. – We got hats, we got oh, oh that’s a tight flat brim. Hold on, I might have to, okay. Hold on, I’ll quarter turn
it for maximum bro-ness. – Keep the stickers on. – Thanks, you look great. – Thanks, you too. – Thank you so much to
Rhett and Link for having us because we love you guys
and this was super fun. And gross, it was fun and gross. – Excellent. If you want to check out our stuff, you can go to Game Grumps,
that’s where we play video games, Dan and I. – Yeah, and I’m in a band
called Ninja Sex Party. I’m the singer and you can
check that out on YouTube, and Arin and I are in another
band called Star Bomb. So we do things. You proud of me now, Dad? – Oh, and as is tradition.
– Oh right. – We’re gonna spin the wheel. Do you want to do the honors? – No, you can, your hand’s
already all up on it. (crew laughs)
– Cool, here we go. – That was quite a spin,
we’re gonna be here all day. – I didn’t want it to,
oh we got Gifticality. What is that, Dan, read it for us. – It means, wow, there’s
a lot of words on here. We’re donating $1,000
to the Trevor Project to aid in their mission to
provide crisis intervention and suicide prevention services
to LGBTQ and young people. Please join us in giving
at That’s awesome. – That’s great, that’s not us, right? (crew laughs) – [Rhett] Click on the
left to watch our show after the show, Good Mythical More. – [Link] Click on the right to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning. – [Rhett] And make sure to
check out our new channel, This Is Mythical, by clicking
the video at the bottom. – [Link] Thanks for
being your mythical best.

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