SUN in Aries in Vedic Astrology
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SUN in Aries in Vedic Astrology

in this video we are going to start a
brand new series on planets through science in this video we are going to
cover planets Sun through the sign of Aries so keep watching namaste and welcome to Pramanik Astrology channel i’m your host Prasad Mahajani help you raise your
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some in aries before we talk about sun in the sign of Aries I highly recommend
you to go and watch a couple of videos from my youtube channel first one is the
Russia videos wherein we have discussed about the Russia’s in depth I’ll put a
link into the description section and I will also share the video on the
community tab and one more video I will recommend is Russia’s versus houses it
will help you to understand more about Russia’s and houses in this video we are
going to talk about Sun in Aries but before that let’s talk about what is Sun the first thing which comes to my mind
when I think of Sun is light sun is one of the most important planet sun is the
planet which gives light and what happens when you have a light on
something you can see the things so vision can be seen with the planet Sun
Sun also signifies your vitality and health Sun also signifies your consciousness
Sun is the significance of the soul so your consciousness your
self-consciousness your avoid awareness about the self can pretty much can be
seen with the Sun Sun also signifies your stability and reliability sun is
the planet of leadership region and when we say region it is the reason about the
things which you can see and also about the visibility visibility as in when you
are walking on the street you can see the Sun when it’s noon everybody can see
the Sun it’s visible right it is the visibility that is the fame can also be
seen with Sun reliability stability frame Authority and Sun is also the
significant for the career what you do in this lifetime can also be pretty much
summed up with Sun now let’s talk about the Russia’s what are the Russia’s the
first thing which really comes to our mind is the word Russia the word Russia
literally means the quantity of something and in this case it is the
quantity of the vergis and what is the zodiac sign zodiac signs of Russia’s are
nothing but the 18 degrees patch of the ecliptic path wearing we can see the
different zones astronomy Kelly science is nothing but the ecliptic path and the
18 degrees around that ecliptic path is an Aries sign a design is ruled by Mars
we always talk about Russia’s when we talk about Russia’s there are few things
we have to consider you have to look for the ruler of the Rashi we have to look
for the gender of the Rashi we have to look for the element of the Rashi
and we also have to look for the classification of the Rashi like Aries
is ruled by Mars he is a fire element sign and it is a cardinal sign and Aries
is a male sign okay Aries is ruled by Mars we can imagine
the qualities of Mars Mars is one of the individualistic planet who likes to work
independently on his own Mars is strong brave competitive fierce
individualistic and enterprising Mars also signifies the blood Mars is all
about your head and all these significations can be seen with the
Aries Aries is the first sign rule by the Mars Mars rule two signs in the
zodiac one is Aries and the other one is Scorpio a design is all about the head
if you look at the kalpesh image kal purush is the time personified image of
the zodiacs so kal purush areas represent the head and what is the
significance of the head the first significance of the head is most
important organs glands and all the important things are in head inspiration
is one of the things which comes out of hell you see a lot of things around you
all the things you can see around yourself where once a thought and now
they have become the things so this process of creation is pretty much
anything it is like to start things like to take the initiative and create
something the next significant of the Aries is Aries is a fire element sign we
talked about the creativity fire animal sign is extremely creative life is
created out of fire so Ailey’s signify anything which is created Aries has that
inspiration and has that energy to create something next alias Cardinals
and four other cardinal signs in his cancer Libra and Capricorn are the
cardinal signs the significance of the cardinal sign is they bring in change
what kind of change each cardinal sign has its own way of bringing in the
change Aries will bring in the change with new idea cancer will bring in the
change with the new feelings Libra will bring in the change with the atmosphere
and the Capricorn will bring in the change with the work
so each Russia has its own element of bringing in the change but all these for
Russia’s bring in the change today we are talking about the Aries which brings
in the change through its new ideas when we have new idea we can create something
out of it but on the downside these people the Aries dominant people have
the problem of Plenty like they have the energy and they have the new ideas and
thoughts and inspiration if they have it for too many things they cannot create
anything they have to focus themselves and try to create something concrete
rather than running behind so many ideas let us talk about Sun in Aries what
happens when you have Sun in the sign of Aries Sun feels most resonated frequency
with Aries that’s why it gets exalted and for the first few degrees like for
for first three degrees 20 minutes this Sun gets over Gautama and around 12 to
13 degrees it goes into its own namana the liana mantra
so these two are the important points for the Aries son but apart from eight
Harrison is exalted son is individualistic stable and reliable
planet and he likes the creative energy of the Aries so these people bring in
the change and create something and they create something concrete because Sun is
about the stability they don’t like two things which will perish they will
create something memorable son when is in the Aries next person individualistic
the self-consciousness of the person with the Sun in Aries is to the next
level because Aries is self director sign because it is into the four stars
because it is all about the head portion so it is well directed and now we have
the planet which signifies the soul coming in here which makes them even
more directed but on the downside it can turn out into an ego but these people do
have a well directed energy for the creation next Sun in the Aries next
person non-cooperative like these people are so self-reliant
that they don’t need partners they don’t feel the need for the partners Sun in
Aries when Sun is into the sign of Aries it makes the person authoritative the
planet of the authority comes into the house of initiation
so this makes person authoritative when Sun comes into the sign of Aries it
makes the person’s self conscious Aries sign
well directed on his own on its own it is the head portion so it has its own
sense of direction now the planet of clarity comes in here
so these people are clear about who they are these people have a clear
consciousness these people have a clear self image as who they really are
and this makes them stand out and that’s why it is sun is exalted here because
the signification of the Sun the consciousness the self consciousness is
getting the clarity here these people have a great capacity to take the right
decisions when I say right they have the conviction they have the innate sense of
that consciousness which makes them help the right decisions Sun in the Aries
makes person a dominant personality it can be good at times or it can be
annoying to others at times on the negative or a downside this can also
mean ego or not listening to others this can also be seen with displacement so
yes this was Sun in Aries but this is not all these are just a few
significations of these two planets you can you can you can just study their
interpretations and can come up with your own interpretations so yes this was
Sun in the Aries as much as I could hold grasp and share with you guys if you
have any suggestion as to what kind of content you want me to add in the
planets through science series please comment down below I read all the
comments and I replied to on the Psalter comments what to watch next if you are
new to Vedic Astrology go to my YouTube page go to my playlist
and start exploring the playlist and start exploring the fascinating world of
Vedic Astrology but I would recommend you to start your
journey with how to get started into Vedic Astrology
or you can start your journey it the rising signs and ascendant
sending you tons of positive energies sending you high vibrations see you in
the next videos love and peace


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  • Prithvi Ganesh

    For Aries asedent β™ˆ
    Naturally sun is behaving like exalted beecuse I'm Aries asedent I'm fell like that
    because I like to develop my ego and confidence within my self

  • Late Night ASMR - Meditation

    Good day, what if Aries Sun is lord of the 8th. How would sun mahadasha be in regards to that Sun? Any tips? Thank you

  • Aritra Roy

    I have Sun in Aswini Nakshatra of Aries at 6Β°32' in 11th house. It's loosely conjunct with Jupiter in Bharani, at around 19Β°.πŸ˜€

  • Aritra Roy

    Very true. It seems my 11th house is way too much activated, having Atmakaraka (Mars), AmatyaKaraka(Saturn), Sun, Jupiter. My energies are way too diversified and that has been the reason for my failures till date, especially in my current Saturn Mahadasha. It's hard to focus on one thing at a time. Meditation and spirituality came into my life at an early age and that kindda gets me forward. The important thing is – whatever happens, I never lose hope or become pessimistic. [ I suffered Saturn-Saturn dasha, combined with Sade Sati at the age of 13. That was the toughest time ever.]

  • Marion Dorsey

    But according to Vedic astrology, I am a Pisces β™“…But I am no 🐟FISH!!😑 Yet, I am NOTHING like a full-fledged 🐏 RAM…😟

  • Jin Jan

    Very true…I can relate to your description of sun in Aries.
    Self-esteem matters the most to me despite being shattered by life over and over again.
    Trying to reach your core, layer by layer is Astrology. How can we achieve Spirituality without knowing our soul.
    Please try to include a segment for explaining planets through houses in all signs for all ascendants.πŸ™πŸ»

  • reshu paliwal

    πŸ™ Great video! This is only video or you have started the series " planets in Rashi"βœŒοΈπŸ‘πŸ™‡

  • Divine Feminine

    I have sun in 10th house of aries along with mercury.. I am new to your channel..It is going to be tiresome for me as i have to check all of your videos from now On. πŸ˜„ its my first time seeing someone to be so logical with vedic is like you are describing vedic science.. Love your videos..
    Now i have a question- is there any significance if birth star lord is same as weekday of birth?! For example having revati as birthstar and being born on wednesday..

  • zz zz

    Me and my husband both aries sun πŸ˜† Only thing we do is going gym and playing video games 🀣 Great video as always !!!!!

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