SUITBOY – New Indian Superhero | Mr India | Sci-Fi Web Series | Episode 03
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SUITBOY – New Indian Superhero | Mr India | Sci-Fi Web Series | Episode 03

My name is Ayush and I am a superhero ! Our planet lost it’s MOON 5 years ago and planet B also got vanished as well. the fate led us to some people who had another plans for our planet. those strange people came in our world with the threat of a battle and I became a part of this battle unwillingly ! I was given a suit made out of last invisible cell of planet B so that I could stop Milaan & everybody else who tries to harm our planet! ” I AM SUITBOY” ! aaahhhhhhhh…… The story is nice but I don’t wish to believe you ! Ayush: what? do I look like any film director ? why don’t you take me serious? why don’t you take me serious? (speaking in hindi for NAARI) you might have written many stories of other people but I won’t let you write mine ! $$ song playing $$ Ayush: think one more time Ankit no no no !! No no No ! God please save me ! are you sure Ankit ? No No No No No No No !!! aaaaaaaa……. ! Just go….. ! aaaahhh ! Jump… Jump… I’m jumping…..Just wait ! charu ! be careful !! now you see…I told you Charu is your biggest weakness Ayush: don’t you dare to say that.. ! I’ve seen in the films that LOVE often becomes a superhero’s wekaness ! whether be it Charu’s love or your dad’s ! what do you think? who loves you more? what kind of question is this? Offcourse my dad. who are you and what are you doing here? |Unknown man: I was just seeing how you two were testing this suit..It seems Zaal hasn’t told you anything ! How do you know him? tell me otherwise I’ll kill you ! you can’t do anything ! Look my son is here ! papa ! papa who are these people?? They are from a big music company ! and they were looking for you ! | Ayush: who told you this? They told me ! meet them and make your dream come true. Ok ! Your dad told us that you are really a good singer ! Ayush: really? Yeah ! Infact he told us that how hard you are working for your music video ! and how you help women and get their purse back ! Who really both of you are? you don’t need to know about us It doesn’t matter ! So, where is it? what? I don’t know what are you talking about? SUIT ! where is it? how do you know about the suit? KID ! listen to me very carefully.. that suit is not a toy ! Give that suit to us without asking any question if you don’t…. | Ayush: If I don’t? so when are we making your album? oh you can start it from today. | Man:we have some work today so we will start it from tomorrow. it is much better. Ok sir …we should leave now ! I think you should spend more time with him. we know him well Ayush ..If they really want to leave then drop them at the gate this is not our fight ! give that suit to us. Never ! I know you have met zaal and he has motivated you so much that you really believe that the suit will be used to destroy your planet. is this truth or not? Man: what do you think? can a small thing can destroy your planet? just believe what you see and you can see us ! one who can’t be even seen how can he save your father ? Both: I am sorry ! you just scared me you should not have done that. ain’t you getting late? I’ve just come…do you want me to leave? no I didn’t mean that. | Charu: I am just kidding. charu hmmm.. I wanted to tell you something what??? I like you so much oh really? what “oh really”? | do I have to reply? I also like you …just for now what do you mean? Ayush we need to talk. we don’t have time and come here Can I borrow your man for a minute. who are you? | Girl: I am Zelio and I am here to talk to you about that suit Zaal has sent me. Just mentain the distance cuz I’m having a moment with my girlfriend and when I get time I’ll talk to you in any emergency. what? first he gave me that suit..I have stucked in such problems and people have reached my home who threatened me to give that suit to them else they will kill my father. They went to your home? You know them? | Zelio: yes…those people belong to war mode satelite X of planet B One Second ! Charu..I don’t know about all this..It is all strange and I don’t want you to be in any trouble…can you….. go home? ok fine ! You are not angry? no…whay would I be angry? she is not such hot nor she is cool she doesn’t have even good hairs as I have and she doesn’t love you more than me woah..! you love me? Ok bye ……! so what were you saying? : zelio: they are the bad guys ! and you? i know youu have many questions in your mind bt we don’t have time for that. I have to talk to Zaal ! You can’t ! | Ayush: why? He can talk to me when he wishes to but when I need him the most he is silent like Manmohan Singh(A political leader) You know Manmohan Singh? You too know about Manmohan Singh? | Zelio: Yeah but I doubt how do you know about Earth 1 may be that is the reason Zaal gave that suit to you ! Zaal did not gave that suit to me…It just came across my way Do you think…Zaal the genius wouls have given that suit to a child to save his planet and that too unknowingly?……haha i have to talk to him you can’t I just said why? | Zelio: cuz he is dead.. i know but still he can talk to me what you talk about are “pre-recordings” Pre-recordings? You can hear those pre-recordings ! why would have he do that? Did he know that I will hear those recordings one day? Zaal the genius…as I said ! it means that it was not a coincidence that the suit came to me It was a pre-planned conspiracy Zaal never does anything with no purpose he definitely had a purpose behind all this but right now we need to know that how do yo know about Manmohan Singh? | Ayush: I’ll never tell you about this This is my secret stay away from it. hello ….hello..Ayush please save me..a demon has entered my house and he is asking for that suit. i am very scared..he is throwing everything here and there…please save me please come fast aaaaaaaaa…….only I know how I get rid him…… .who is she? I”ll tell you later.. .where is he? I do not trust you? are you looking for me? why did you kill him? because I had to ! | Ayush : why? what did you think? should we have handed him over to police? Obviously ! your world is not ready to face such kind of people. so trust me cuz I’m here to save you and your father were yo in a party? yes dad ! I cooked food for you it is in the plate …eat that Code 37 will kill him Sir ! code 37? it’s enough I am coming ! Hello ! somebody there? It is done for the day ! is it some kind of F.M that yo are playing playing and just playing I can’t make up my mind to believe this I doubt…that he is the one? Ok ! were you speaking truth about your planet? do you really not have any Moon? Yes! then It’s fine I’ll free you tomorrow I mean I will free you from everything Why not today? it is time to be morning and your story hasn’t completed yet so start from where you left !

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